Hoffman Fuelunfair Pricing schemes

The customer service department has been rude, threatening, and abusive with me in my efforts to renegotiate my contract that has been a variable pricing plan with a capped rate. I contracted in August and then renogiated in November paying a 150 dollar "fee" for the new contract with a lower cap. So far all deliveries have been charged to me at my ceiling rate which is substantially higher than today's prevailing rate in the market. They would not fill my tank last year in April stating that I would have to wait until the new contract cycle which begins in June at a new contracted rate that was substantially higher. Every customer service representative has been rude and uncomfortable in our discussions regarding their pricing schemes. I keep hearing the song, just walk away Renee in my head every time I think about my attempts at justice with this company. Oh well, on to finding a new oil company that's reputable. I am thinking that is a difficult commodity in this day and age.

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