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I just got off the phone now following a complaint I had with Hoffman. When I signed my contract with Hoffman, I bought the Gold Plan for $250/year to provide "insurance" for my furnace should something break. Over the weekend I had water pouring out of a pipe in the furnace. When I called for service, I was told I would be billed $250/hour, so I put a bucket under the pipe and kept emptying it until Monday. I called first thing Monday morning and was told they couldn't tell me what time they could get there, so I ended up having to take the entire day off to wait for them. When the repairman arrived he informed me that the parts aren't covered because they are considered plumbing. I was billed $125 for an hour of service, plus $260 in parts, plus tax...totalling $408.

When I looked up the parts myself, I found I could have bought them at my local hardware store for $140. I called to complain about the lack of coverage and the overpriced parts, and was told by the manager that I could have called a plumber at the time I had a problem. I called them because they are my service provider and I had a service plan with them. Nice service!

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  • Cp
      Oct 27, 2010

    It's unfortunate you are not satisfied with the service. But Our service agreement clearly states "plumbing parts are not covered under this agreement". Our gold service plan does cover 37 heating related parts and labor for those parts. Ofcourse you could find the parts cheaper going to home depot, but putting them in yourself, what if something else happened? We garuntee our work. The company also cannot service a customer at a loss either. The labor rate is the same a plumber would charge as well. Due to the nature of our business we cannot give times as to when we will be at a customers house as every service call is different. If you want you can email me I can look at the bill for you and see what I can do. [protected] ---Cristina

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  • Do
      Jan 08, 2016

    I had a similar issue, When I was sold there so called "Gold Plan" I was ensured I would receive same service I was receiving with current Oil company, though on the two occasions i needed service I called first thing in the morning to report I had no heat I was told they were backed up and would get there by end of day which was 5 PM, the first time and 5:20 the second time. When I practically begged for a quicker turn around like I was promised and as my old company provided I was told 'it's not that easy" . Other companies actually do find this easy or are actually good enough at it that it appears that way to their customers. Maybe your teams need to take a lesson from them. I will be returning as their customer once this useless contract is up.

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