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Hippo Roofing / Terrible experience

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I have not had my roof fixed by Hippo Roofing but am a vendor who can't get paid. I went to their offices today (a rainy day) and had the displeasure of having a conversation with the owners to collect a past due invoice. I started off the conversation by saying that rainy weather is bad for his type of business (all of his newly graphically wrapped vehicles were parked in the driveways) they proceeded to tell me that they love days like this, means roofs leak and he can make yet more money on the roofs that he or other roofing companies failed to fix or replace correctly.

The proceeded to argue about an invoice that was extremely late. I would not do business with this dishonest, business if they were the last roofing company left standing.

A burned Vendor/glad I was not a customer!

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  1st of Oct, 2010
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What type of items do you sell, produce or service in? I believe if you own a roofing company, the only work you could possibly do would be umm roofing? I know this company personally and at business level. I also own a roofing company in the South Florida area, from my own experience(OVER 11 Years) NO ONE CALLS WHEN IT DOESNT RAIN!!, especially in this economy. However, once we get heavy rainfalls, the customers we have given quotes in the past- call to have their roofs done ASAP.
If you are a pissed off vendor just state you are a pist off vendor because after all that is all that it sounds like from My Point of View.
  26th of Apr, 2013
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Hippo Roofing Bill/ William L. Stillwell, Wanda Stillwell, William Brian Stillwell

Federal Bureau of Prisons

William/Bill = Shows Name, Register#, Current age, Release Date


Wanda = Shows Name, Register#, Current age, Release Date


Wisconsin Circuit Court System
Trull vs Stillwell


  26th of Apr, 2013
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Don't get burned like we did. They served their time but didn't learn their lesson.

Morgan County couple indicted in case involving insurance fraud
Indianapolis Star - Indianapolis, Ind.
Author. Kim L. Hooper
Date- Mar 16, 1996
Section- Metro
Mar 16, 1996
MARTINSVILLE, Ind. - A federal grand jury has indicted a
well-regarded Morgan County couple in connection with an alleged
scheme to defraud lending and financial institutions outside the
state of more than $115, 000.
William L. Stillwell, 50, and Wanda J. Stillwell, 49, were
charged this week on a single count of wire fraud.
The couple has a preliminary hearing scheduled for March 28
before U.S. District Court Judge Sarah Evans Barker in
Indianapolis. If convicted, each could receive maximum sentences of
five years imprisonment and a $250, 000 fine.
The wire fraud charge, which follows an FBI investigation,
stems from the couple's use of fax machines to handle their
business transactions.
The Stillwells, of 2980 Red Fox Court West in Martinsville, are
co-owners and operators of W.I. James & Sons Insurance Agency Inc.,
560 E. Morgan St.
They were purchasing the business under contract from William
I. James Jr., whose father founded the agency 56 years ago.
Federal authorities allege that the couple used the
Martinsville insurance company to bilk several finance companies -
all outside of Indiana - by falsifying business accounts and
insurance policies from October 1993 to July 1995.
According to the indictment, a large portion of the Stillwells'
business involved obtaining insurance coverage for commercial
Like most insurance policies, premiums were due as soon as the
coverage was obtained.
Because of the large amount of insurance purchased, clients
frequently sought financing to make premium payments - similar to
financing a car.
Clients made down payments on the premiums, and the finance
company sent the balance due to the insurer, the Stillwells.
The finance company's loan was secured by another down payment
by the client and - in the case of a client who defaulted - any
paid up premiums, said assistant U.S. attorney Kathleen M. Sweeney.
The indictment says the Stillwells also helped clients obtain
financing to pay premiums. Finance companies sent loans to the
Stillwells, but rather than deposit the funds into an account from
which insurers normally pay claims, the Stillwells allegedly
pocketed the funds, the indictment said.
The indictment also alleges the Stillwells created accounts for
bogus clients who applied to legitimate finance companies for loans
to pay insurance premiums.
The couple would keep the loan funds the same way they would
keep them for legitimate clients, the indictment said.
The bogus accounts contained false information, such as
customer names, addresses, phone numbers and detailed policy matter
on the financing agreements, the indictment says.
One account, listed as Lincoln Construction, carried a Muncie
street address that was traced to an area of student housing near
Ball State University that has no commercial businesses.
The telephone number provided for Lincoln Construction was
William Stillwell's pager number, Sweeney said.
The couple allegedly obtained more than $116, 090 by creating 25
fraudulent account agreements.
People who know the couple expressed shock after learning about
the criminal federal indictment. William Stillwell is described as
a community and civic leader and a booster of local business.
Callers Friday to the Morgan Street insurance office were
greeted by an answering machine message that advised, "We will be
closed until Monday morning at 9 a.m."
"It's very much a surprise, " said Bill Cunningham, a
Martinsville Rotary Club member. Stillwell resigned from the club
Employees at Terrell Trucking Co. in Mooresville also were
interested in the Stillwells' legal plight.
That's because owner Dan Terrell filed a civil lawsuit against
the couple, seeking about $62, 000 after he canceled an insurance
policy he purchased from their agency.
The $62, 000 represents Terrell's down payment on the insurance.
Terrell became suspicious when he canceled his policy and the
Stillwells did not return the down payment even though the funds
had been released by the finance company, said Vickie Sparks, an
accounts payable clerk for Terrell Trucking.
"After we turned him (William Stillwell) in to the state
insurance board, we learned that a lot of other people had turned
him in, " Sparks said.
A Morgan Superior Court judge continued the civil lawsuit
hearing to April 2 after the couple failed to show up for a
previous court hearing.

Must Research the people behind any company. BBB is not enough, Hippo Roofing
  2nd of Sep, 2013
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We had a cedar shake roof put on by Hippo. The next thing I know...we have a lien filed against us by the supplier of the shakes, as Hippo had not paid them. Calls to Hippo result in promises and vows to take care of this matter, that we should not be concerned. etc. I called the county clerks office, the lien is still there...for over $900.00, and my neighbor, who also used Hippo, also has a lien on her property. This is all very distressing...if you want these problems, by all means, use Hippo.
  1st of May, 2014
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OMG!! I hope they paid the supplier of the lousy roof they put on our house. The fact they are criminals is not a surprise. It explains why we can't get the roof repaired, we paid for a new metal roof, but the poor installation has become a real problem and the Stillwells are unresponsive, since last September 2013. We have called and waited many, many times, but they are4 a no show. We arer so screwed. I think I will put a sign in our yard "VICTIM OF HIPPO ROOFING" They will probably file bankruptcy if enough folks, vendors and homeo9wners, go after them. I'm afraid we are victims.
  3rd of Jun, 2014
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It continues! Now, we have electrical damage and leaks have damaged our home inside. We can't get Hippo/Bill Stillwell(
per your site) a convicted Felon) or his workers to give us our money back or pay for the damage to be fixed. Leaky roof and $, 000. more in repairs caused by his "employees".. I have sent emails to Angie's list ( since he uses their Logo, but they don't have him on their list to do so. Sent all the proof to them. BBB can't get them to do what they should. Maybe the IRS will! How can these people be allowed to move here and continue to rip folks off?

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