HIDEvolution / Fraud, unethical behavior

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Bought a gaming laptop from HIDevolution a few years back. It was the worst product quality and customer service experience I have had in my entire life. The $3500+ unit had to be sent back overseas to the US at least 4 times for service/repair, and always came back with a defect that ended up ruining the computer and all the information inside it. On top of these 4 times I had to wipe and restore windows by myself at least 5 times to try prevent/delay the inevitable failure of some component or software and it being shipped away for a couple weeks. The customer service spoke friendly, but did absolutely nothing to help and I even had to pay the shipping for repair a couple times. Do yourself a flavor and don't take the risk, buy from a larger more recognized reseller. I would have sued HIDevolution if I lived in the US. I would have been happier if they sent me a functional gameboy instead.

Nov 30, 2016

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