Henry Rodriguez State Farmunethical, negligent, thief

La Jan 31, 2015 Santa Clarita CA Review updated:

This review is for Henry Rodriguez himself and how he runs his business. Note there are a several wonderful, caring, honest, trustworthy agents on staff. Henry is not one of them.

Henry is a THIEF. Plain and simple. He is unethical and dedicates his time solely to how deeply he can hurt his clients and just how badly he can trick them. Henry has zero integrity. He is a liar, a ###, the lowest of the low. His intelligence is questionable...has anyone else noticed the typos and grammatical errors in his "About Us" or his idiotic scripted responses to complaints on this Yelp page?!

Henry personally stole $1274.44 from me on 1/6. Perhaps he wanted to get himself a new big screen TV in time for the Super Bowl. I'm not sure why he felt that he could get away with stealing from me. Newsflash Henry, you can't! After 4 weeks of patiently waiting for Henry to do the right thing and return the money, I am now forced to take this into my own hands. On 1/30 I spent the majority of the afternoon on the phone in vain with Henry, supervisors and representatives from State Farm's billing department. I was insisting that my money be returned immediately, that very same day, so that I could avoid going into overdraft, feed my family and pay rent this weekend. I was told repeatedly that this could not happen. I had received a refund check for $177.62 the week prior and was told that additional refund checks had been mailed out to me on Monday. It was Friday and I had yet to receive anything. I was basically being told to just shut up and wait for the remaining $1098.

Henry called me back around 4:00 pm, without any of the supervisors on the line this time. He first congratulated me on putting up such a good fight, which I found odd. I shouldn't have to fight in the first place and what, he thought I would just sit back and forget about the $1098 he still owed me?! He then proceeded to make a deal with me: I would wait until my mail was delivered the following morning, just to be sure that no refund check arrived. If by noon on Saturday I still hadn't received anything, Henry would personally go to the bank and deposit $1098 into my account, so that I could pay my bills this weekend. Henry insisted that I had to keep this to myself, that he would get fired if anyone found out about the deal we were making. Henry made a big show of how much he cares and how badly he was trying to help me, he gave me his personal cell phone number and told me to text and call him if I ever need anything. We agreed that I would contact him at noon the following day if the check didn't arrive and he needed to go to the bank. I am a woman of my word and I expected Henry to be a man of his word. BIG MISTAKE.

I received nothing in the mail this morning and immediately called Henry at 12:03 to let him know. He didn't pick up. I texted him to let him know. He didn't answer. I tried calling again, again his cell went to voice mail. I then called his office and was told he doesn't work Saturdays. I called his cell repeatedly for an hour. I could tell he was there because, perfect example of the dimwit he is, half the time he would reject the call after a few rings, instead of letting it ring all the way to voice mail.

At this point I decided to dial 1-800-STATE FARM from my home phone to report Henry. Upon discovering that one of their agents has owed me over $1, 000 for 4 weeks, the supervisor I spoke with was immediately shocked and apologized profusely on behalf of State Farm. When I continued my story, explaining how the situation had been mishandled to date and mentioning the lack of integrity, lying and shady "deals" being made the supervisor was thoroughly appalled and disgusted. He was taking notes to file a complaint on my behalf just as Henry called my cell phone at 1:37 pm. I told the supervisor that it was Henry and I wanted to answer. I could barely even say "hello", Henry immediately started screaming at me and accusing me of harassing him, informing me that he no longer wanted to deal with me and that I needed to approach State Farm customer service directly from now on. I let Henry know that he was on speaker phone and that the State Farm supervisor who I was currently speaking with and who would be filing the complaint against him could hear everything he was saying. A few seconds of silence Henry hung up, like the coward he is.

Henry has breached State Farm code of conduct and his actions are unforgivable. He should have his license and franchise privileges revoked, and should be in no way, shape or form associated with an honest and legitimate company like State Farm. State Farm's code of conduct states: "At State Farm, not only do we do what is legal, but we also do what is right." THERE IS NOTHING LEGAL NOR RIGHT ABOUT HENRY AND THE WAY HE CONDUCTS BUSINESS.

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  • Af
      Jun 02, 2015

    You do not say why the money was taken, the reason or the purpose or why the money should be returned. Without more information no one could tell what is really going on.

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  • Ja
      Jun 03, 2015

    This agent is unethical. He has allowed his workers to do Cheek swabs (DNA) to get Life Insurance Policies. In other words, people are getting life insurance policies without the swabbing of their own cheek and then the signatures are being forged. In addition, he also uses a grades template to change grades for good student discounts. If you kids worked hard in school to receive good grades, they are getting the same discount as kid that will potentially not graduate due to poor grades. He simply changes the grades with a template. He is both a liar and a thief. He continues to be under investigation for all of the unethical things he has done in that office. ZERO INTEGRITY!!! State Farm knows all this and this agent still works for them. Shame on State Farm!

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