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These people are such a rip-off. I ordered a product from them on November 1. On November 3, my account was charged the $49.95 (the amount of the product) and the money was taken from my bank accout. Weeks went by and I never heard anything from them.

I would try to call, but no luck ever getting through. On November 30, I contacted them by email to explain its been about a month and I have received absolutely nothing. They emailed me back to say that my prdouct would be shipped immediately.

I check my bank account and notice that this company has charged me $99.90!!! They have charged me double the amount for what reason I have no idea. I have no idea how they justify this or why they did this.

I am now out of $99.90 on TOP of the $49.95 that I previously spent, which they kept by the way. I'm out $150 and never even got my product! What's worst, is that I didn't have that extra money in my account, so my bank account is overdrawn for reasons not my fault. Those who have Bank of America know that I will now be charged $37.00 for every single day my account is overdrawn. I'm going to end up out of hundreds of dollars all because of these idiots! As you can imagine, I have emailed them some very nasty emails, have not heard back just yet.

Please DO NOT order from these people! They are scammers!

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  • Qw
      19th of Mar, 2009
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    I wish I would have looked up this information before I made a stupid order!

  • Ad
      4th of Apr, 2009
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    anybody willing to lodge a complaint against

  • Tb
      10th of Jul, 2009
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    I had orderd from this company as well. It was a trial for me to see if the product really did work. It has not done anything it said it would bu have me on the toilet for days!!! (sorry so graphic) This company has charged my account for $99.95 for somethng they were not authorized to do. I have tried calling them and nver any response. I now have to go fight with my bank and try to clear this up and have them refund my money back to me in addition get a new card now because this company has my card number and may perhaps try and charge me again.

    I am a sinlge mother with 2 children and can not afford company's to take advantage and steal my money from me. PLEASE PLEASE do not order from this company! they are rip offs and thieves!!!

  • Jr
      4th of Aug, 2009
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    Stay away, they sell your info and then put small added charges to your bill and call it insurance.

  • Ba
      29th of Oct, 2009
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    I never ordered anything from them and now there are 5 charges from my DEBIT account all related to pills. One of them is from The others are listed as Nutralogy, Slimquick, Vianda and Presumably they are all related, though I do not know how they got my information, as I have never ordered from any such places. I had to cancel my debit accounts and file information with the bank. Any guesses as to how they got my bank account information? Anyone else experience this having never ordered from such places?

  • Am
      2nd of Dec, 2009
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    I completely agree with what has been said and have been scammed by Heathbuy myself. I initially saw a customer review which said they had done a free trial for teeth whitening with this company and the way to get the best results was to use two teeth whitening products at the same time, one called ALTA WHITE and the other called IDOL WHITE. The reviewer said that she only paid for shipping and handling costs. I did the same thing and intially was charged the shipping and handling which amounted to about 12 Euros. The Idol white product arrived ok but the other product (which should have been Alta White) was something else instead called Teeth Whiten Tips! Then at the end of the month I got a shock, they also took 80 Euros per product from my account, thus a total of 160 Euros without my authorisation!!! THIS IS AN OUT AND OUT SCAM. I managed to contact the company in the end, which was very difficult because they only open Pacific Standard Time and not Greenwich Mean Time. (I am in Europe as you will have probably already guessed). I told them I did not appreciate the way they did business and I wanted a full refund. They told me this was not possible and offered me a refund of half the charges on each product. They said it would take about 3 days to process back to my account. Six days later I still have not received any such refund. I've since been anxiously reading further reviews on this company and have learned in some cases they take further unauthorised amounts. I have therefore cancelled my card like quick!! and have contacted my bank. As I used a VISA debit card I may have some protection, apparently you can do something up to 180 days after any transaction if you are unhappy. I am reporting the company to the police here in Spain. I am also going to report them to Trading Standards in the UK (Because I received my package from the UK office. I am then going to tell my bank to pursue this for me. If anyone else has had this happen to them YOU MUST complain. These people are con merchants and need to be stopped.

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