HealGrief / Healgrief and is a fraud… do not donate!

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Healgrief is a fraudulent organization posting as a non-profit. This organization has gone through many name changes but their scam is still the same. They collect your “donation” with a false promise of using it to help people. Instead, they pocket all your money.

They prey on people who want to help others heal with grief. This is a sad and pathetic way to cheat people out of their money.

HealGrief had many different names before and got shut down multiple times. They are now operating as Once this site gets shut down, they will move on to another name and proceed with cheating people out of their money.

Do your own research!

There are many reputable non-profit donation companies out there, this is not one of them! Don’t be fooled, these guys are fake. Donate your money elsewhere.

Nov 18, 2016

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