Heald College - San Jose / bad at reading the situation of their students

i am in a graduating student but heald college dropped me without a good reason. at first i was fixing all the papers i needed for my extern but their adviser for this doesn't know how to read our (students) medical records she still a little notes from our physicians. after this she put me in a place to do my extern but they did not call me when to get my interview ans such.i waited for their call but nothing received. i tried calling them instead but they told me to call me back later but nothing received too. My other classmates already their interviews and they already started. i got pissed off. i got a planned that when doing my extern and going to school and have at work at the same time. i applied to another job that have grave yard. finally, they called me and on the spot they told to start already working at swing shift. for this i sacrifice my school by not attending my classes (not yet started my extern). i have many billsto pay for and im independent i dont have any family that will help me with my expenses. but this tupid and inconsiderate school dropped me without understanding my reasons. obviously they didn't experience such thing like struggling. they destroyed my school records and needed to delay my graduation. these people dont know how to listen to their students especially having a hard time struggling. student services sucks and their advisor for extern. it sucks. i recommended my friends to go here but they pissed meoff so i won't let them enter this school. inconsiderate people. how's your pocket doing huh???? i only absent for four days and you even counted the 10 days that i dont have classes even the sturdays and sundays? are we going pay for that too?huh?!!huh??!!!we are the one should dropped our classes its our money not yours... i have good grades and YOU MESSED WITH IT!!! JERKS!!!


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