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Heald College / Fraud and cheating

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Last August I called heald to get some information about their Medical Assisting Program. I spoke with Michael Hendricks who later became my admission counselor. During our meeting I informed that I am going to be transferring to City College of San Francisco, so I asked him if credits are transferable. He said it is and i should not worry because Heald is an accredited school. So after talking to him about my goals and plans he wanted me to take the placement test and get started right away because he said that theres a class that will be starting in a week. So I went ahead and signed up. I finished one quarter and decided to transfer to City College in spring. Last week (First week of December) I went to city college of SF to register for Spring and I brought my transcript from heald with me. I went to the matriculation office and found out that they do not accept credits from Heald College. I contacted Heald right away and complained. I was transfered to the President. I spoke to the president of san francisco campus and he said he was going to investigate the problem. He said to write him a letter and put all my complaints in the letter. So I did and sent it last thursday. Monday, I didn't get any call from them. So I called tuesday to follow up, and the president was in a meeting so I left a message n his voicemail. No response. I called again today (wed) and again president was in a meeting so I left another message and the receptionist took my email address. Check my email an hour ago and I got a letter from president. he said that I signed a disclosure form that had the info about credit transfers. I wrote him another email about that disclosure form. I said that the admission counselor told me to initial it and he said that 'the information in this form (handed me the doc) is what we just went over. So I didn't bother to read all of the info in the form. I didn't want them to get away with this because I've been misinformed, took out loans to pay for class that I don't even need because I'm going to have to retake all the class again. All in all it is the admission counselors fault for giving me wrong information. So far I'm still fighting to get my refund and I will not let them step on me.


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  23rd of Feb, 2009
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Heald set you up with student loans and put you in to many classes, when you are not up to doing that much work. The person Kelly in Hayward got loans for my girl friend who had no job or way of ever paying the loans. Which I just found one statement for over $6, 000. She could not complete the first classes so they changed her to accounting classes which she had problems with.
They did tell her she could work at Heald part time or they would help her find her part time work. Well it never happened and now she still has no job and the punks want to be paid even though they did not do what they said they would.

  23rd of Feb, 2009
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  9th of Mar, 2009
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Heald is full of false promises. I recently graduated from the Medical Billing and Coding program and only 2 of the students were hired and that is because they were hired from their intern sites. The rest of us DO NOT HAVE JOBS to pay back student loans. The only emails I have received from Heald is for job positions for such as counselling for mens addictions who are in prison, bouncer positions in bars, clerical postions with 2-3 years experience, check cashing places and every thing but medical billing. Oh, and if a position does come open, they won't hire you unless you know Spanish (of course, Heald does not teach Spanish). My prayers go out to all of you that have been victimized by Heald and hopefully we will be blessed with better jobs soon and Heald out of business.
  6th of May, 2009
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I can' t tell you how much I despise Heald! I went there for my Associates in Computer Science Degree (BullS*!t). Did I learn about computers...sure, did I get a piece of paper that says I have a degree. . . yes, is it good for anything...uh NOPE!

The job placement is a joke, the degree is not real, but the amount you have to pay back is. I would say if you are ever planning on transferring to a new school, sorry(stay away from Heald). If you think they will help you get a job that you could not get without going to Heald, your wrong (stay away from Heald). If you just want to increase your knowledge, meet a few new friends, and pay a lot of money to do it, Heald is for you.

Oh and I Graduated in 1999, was (fulltime) jobless for 2 years, then finally got a real paying job usign the skills I learned well after I graduated. Wanted to take my degree to another school and they laughed at me. Starting from scratch
  28th of May, 2009
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Blah, Blah, Blah. Ignorance, ignorance, ignorance. Thats what I and any educated, inteligent person just read. Accountability- an obligation or willingness to accept responsibility or to account for one's actions.

  6th of Jun, 2009
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The first thing my advisor told me was that they do not promise jobs and that no college can. Now that I just graduated from SJSU, I have to say he was right. Nobody at State has handed me a job. Hard work and realistic exectations go a long way. I have several interviews and all of the exerience from my job that I got because of Heald. I would encourage anyone interested in getting an AA degree to go to Heald. I had a great exerience.
  6th of Jul, 2009
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I am in my 4th quarter at heald i told them that I wanted my AA when i first went to talk to an advisor they did not say that I would need to go an extra 2 quarters to get my AA. For the amount of time I would be going is that it would take to go to a regular college. so now I am getting my AAS and paying over 4, 000 a quarter so now I guess i have to stick it out and pay more then i intended so i can get my AA and they say all the credits can be transfered, but i dont know if i believe that. I advise anyone to NOT go to heald college.
  5th of Aug, 2009
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While Heald is an accredited college it is not on the same "level" as a junior college. I went to Heald back in 1994-1996 and classmates would complain that none of the credits earned at Heald were transferrable. I'm not happy with Heald right now because of their sucky career placement program. Lifetime career help MY ###!!!
  12th of Aug, 2009
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I agree, taking the time to investigate the school and talk with people who have graduated from there is sound but in the end, you have to make a choice about your education and so I did with Heald. The placement counselor said Heald grads make upwards of $35, 000 a year starting pay (1996 dollars and was fine since I was making about $23, 000 at the time) and that they are in demand all throughout the electronics and computer technology field. I graduated from there in 1996 with not the best grades but above average. They said they would help me find a job using that degree I slaved for, all while working full time the whole time as well, but they never did. They did set up some interviews but one of the companies they sent me to was going out of business which made no sense and another address they sent me to did not exist. Of the rest of the interviews I was told politely that my degree from Heald really didn't mean much and if I didn't have experience to go hand in hand with the paper in the fancy blue booklet that I was out of luck. I have worked in the electronics industry and am employed now but only due to never giving up but a lot of temp jobs later and about 13 years to be exact I finally land a great job. Unfortunately I have paid little on the $15, 000 the school cost due to the low wages I have only been able to grab hold of and now I owe $25, 000 which on the graduated program I am on to pay back means I will have paid $58, 000 on and be age 61 when I finish. So all in all, even when you do your best to be informed about the school you can still make a grave error. Don't go to Heald. It will likely cost you more than you ever realized. As for the guy screaming ignorance and accountability don't come off like you're perfect there buddy, ...I'm sure if the truth were known you'd have some interesting skeletons to parade around.
  23rd of Aug, 2009
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Heald is not respected. Don't waste your time or money. As for the accountability guy I bet you ten to one he or she works for heald. I hope the students they con bring a class action law suit against them and win. HEALD IS A SCAM.
  5th of Oct, 2009
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Heald is definitely a scam. The SF office particularly! I took two courses and the instructor couldn't find the time to post our grades or return graded assignments. Then they kept over charging me for classes I wasn't even taking. I was part time and they kept loading up my schedule with full time classes saying their computer system couldn't create part time schedules and they had to manually change them once you come in. Yeah right. Now months after I rolled all my loans up, they are saying I some how owe more money. Talk about FRAUD! If they don't correct this I plan on suing. I've had enough and regret all my time and wasted money with this fraudulent organization. Don't waste your time. Either go to a junior college or go to Univ of Phoenix.
  4th of Nov, 2009
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Heald is a fine school and the degree is VERY real, and they are fully accredited. If their accreditation is a joke then so are the Ivy leagues. The issue you run into is the fact alot of other schools find out you went to a private school and make the assumption that the school has bogus accreditation as most private schools do. All this without taking a look into the accreditation. Alot of employers make the same assumption.

Another thing that has to be considered is the fact of the job market in your area for your degree. If there are no jobs available and you get your degree in that field, they are not magically going to be jobs opening up, that's just fantasy. The job postings that are being given to the above person are for in class students, not for graduates, you need to go to career services and talk to the head of the department about it.

Take a little responsibility and quit pissing and whining because of the public school pussies who whine that you went to a private school, and who have personal issues with private schools.
  25th of Nov, 2009
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Just about a day ago I got the call from Heald College requesting General Information from the internet. When he did call, he said just that first...So you're requesting general information, what would you like to know?

Whenever a school representative calls you, aren't they suppose to reel you in and make their school sound awesome from the rest?! Anyway..

I asked some of the questions I knew I wanted to know off the bat, but then ran out of things to ask...

Aren't you suppose be expressive about your school????

So I asked him, ''Can you tell me things in general about your school????" Knowing I couldn't get him talking unless I made him.

So...I told him I'm interesting in majoring in Dental Assisting and told him so. Then he says it certified by the dfkjdfhd National Board. I got the National Board part and knew what he was talking about. So I asked, " So you're certified by the Dental Assisting National Board (DANB)???" Which is like recognized in 30 states! Then he says...

'Something about National Board...I don't know'.

What the ### does this tell me. YOU DON'T KNOW WHAT THE ### YOU'RE DOING CRAIG PANKOW!!!

Why the hell are you an Admissions Advisor?!

You are really not an engaging Advisor. Not personal about my plans. Don't offer advice! A representative who called me from Remington College was just awesome the way he threw information about his school to me.
I'd really like to know since you don't even know what your Dental Assisting program is certified from.
  13th of Dec, 2009
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just from reading these reviews i feel sick, i almost feel like crying. My dumbass want it to drop out on the third day of school, and they talk me out of it. Now in my second quarter i realize heald accepts anybody that wants a fast way out with a degree i mean anybody! I hate going every day having to think all the money i will have to pay. Just three days ago i went to talk to my advisor and once again she gave me a talk about staying. she told me to just finish it, that i was not ready to pay off a loan. (oh yes even if you were to drop out and never get a degree you still have to pay!) i'm doing criminal justice and honestly yes you want a degree fast but you don't learn ### so you might as well stay in a city college where you actually learn! i'm debating if i should stay and finish or just drop out and pay off the 9, 000 plus. ### i really screwed myself over. sounds nice when you first go in, but you need to experience your days in heald to realize F*CK YOU SURE F****D YOURSELF OVER! dam i regret it!
  2nd of Jan, 2010
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I graduated in '97 from the San Jose campus. I did well there. I worked hard and went to all the job fairs. I got hired by INTEL before I graduated, making good money. $50, 000 plus overtime. Went to Lucent Tech and made more later. Now I own my own business. Things are good and I can tell you from my own experience, that you are what you make of it. My classmates all landed jobs too. O and by the way, the people that did fail while I was there were the ones who missed classes and expected something for nothing. I hate whiners.
  5th of Apr, 2010
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I am a student who has visited heald, i am not attending yet however. tomorrow i have an apt to assess, apply, and talk to financial aid...but after reading some reviews, i am kinda scared. i want someone to reply who is honest and has good advice for me. i thought the school sounded AMAZING, but it appears some of you have thought so too and it did not go well for you. but than some of you say it was a great experience. just dont know what to believe and only want what is best. i would like to get my degree in medical assisting and get it fast, and hopefully be able to move up from there. please help if you have any answers. i am currently enrolled in a city college and hope that classes are transferable.
  5th of Apr, 2010
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Sorry, I don't know much about the medical assistance field but if you can afford Heald and plan to really apply yourself I see know reason why you cant succeed. You have to check with the office about transfer units. When I went to Heald the tech boom was upon us and those of us who worked hard did well. Good Luck
  20th of Apr, 2010
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I'm a recent graduate of the Honolulu Campus, and I agree with some things here, but not all. In terms of cost I do feel Heald rips off their students. Thankfully, while there I busted my ### chasing scholarships and my $38k worth of student loans is now down to $1900.00. Though I received a letter from Heald saying they refunded $1300.00 to those loans but the bank says it never got the refund. In Honolulu Heald is accredited by WASC, the Western Association of Schools and Colleges, and I was able to successfully transfer most of my credits to another university for their undergraduate program. Just because a school is accredited does not mean another school will take their credits. Which is one thing I disliked about Heald, as I have an AA in Philosophy from a Community College, and Heald wouldn't take anything.

In regards to the instructors, I think they are a mixed bag. I'd only say five of the teachers at the Honolulu Campus are worth attending class for. Many of them aren't worth a tenth of the cost of tuition. One teacher, didn't even cover the subject, and rambled on and on about the drugs he did in college, and made derogatory remarks about native Americans. Apparently the complaints come in repeatedly every term yet he still has a job. One of the I.T. instructors was even worse. When A student asks a question the instructor should NOT be looking through the book for 10 minutes to answer that. One of the deans is probably the worse by far. He always talks about how he grew up poor, and talks a big show, but in the end only hooks up students who come from his old neighborhood.

As for the better instructors: there was one I.T. instructor who was entirely hands on, we rarely opened the book, and when he did lecture, he spoke about theory, and made his own labs, homework assignments, and exams to test and apply what we learned. I had one general education instructor who is a published magazine author, who took notice of students abilities and adjusted the curriculum to challenge me and other more advanced students, and went with the Heald mandated one for everyone else, and yes other students complained at first until they found out I was doing three times the assignments they were. I had one accounting instructor who's day job was as a CPA for the Department of Defense, he also used more a practical than book based approach.

Heald is like any other school, a mixed bag, you get out what you put in. AS far as their career services department, I think that they need to get their act together. No one in that office agrees with each other, even about how a student's final resume should look.
  20th of Apr, 2010
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Message for davidzb: Heald is expensive but they have more to offer. They have free tutoring (when available, thats been a problem for me), free learning center (very good), awesome teachers (except one), but their over-all support is poor. I recently ran into some problems to the point I was ready to quit it all. I complained to various people, even their corporate offices in SF. No resolution. No one really cared if I quit or not. That hurt.

However, I completed my quarter with all A's and I honestly feel smarter (coming from an old mans point of view). As far as transferrable credits; it is up to the college you are transferring to that accepts those credits. Recently I called Diablo Valley College to inquire about transfering my credits, she told me that they do accept Heald credits but they will need to see a transcript first. Honestly, I'm glad I chose Heald but I anticipate future problems with the academics.

Oh, FYI, dont do their online courses. LOTS of work... Chris
  20th of Apr, 2010
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Oh I forgot to mention. Be prepared for extreemly warm classrooms (too hot for me) and dressing up in professional wear (ties once a week). I hate wearing ties.

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