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I sent HBO NOW this email about 2 weeks ago.
'First, in this email you state that "We recently sent you an email regarding your HBO NOW inquiry". This is a false statement. This email is the first I've received.

On two separate occasions at least a week apart I've contacted HBO NOW. You have not been able to resolved my inability to use the fast forward or reverse functions on my Amazon Fire Stick. I have three Fire Sticks. FF/FR doesn't work with any HBO program. It used to. What happened? Do I need to create a Twitter account #whydoesn'tffworkinhbonow?"

The response was "Hi Ken,

Thank you for contacting HBO NOW Customer Support.

I apologize for the experience you received. I would be happy to assist you. It is my understanding that the FF and FR is not working on your three Amazon Fire Sticks. We have talked to you on the phone twice and given you the steps to resolve the issue but was unable to fix it. It seems to be an issue with our app. To better assist you, we will need to get some information from you to get this ticket escalated to our technical team who will work to getting this problem fixed. We will need the following information:
IP Address
HBO NOW App Version
Location (City/State)
Operating System
Once we have all necessary information this ticket will be escalated. For your reference the ticket number is [protected]. Feel free to call to find out the status of your ticket progress.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Tarpon Springs, FLIf you have any additional questions, please don’t hesitate to reply to this email or call us at 1-855-9-HBONOW [protected]).
Thank you,
Tim K.
HBO NOW Customer Support"
I responded:
"Hello Tim K (HBO NOW) Customer Support,
I contacted your technical support and supplied the information you requested. When the problem wasn't resolved I contacted Amazon Fire Stick tech help.
They too contacted HBO NOW customer support. Still the problem persist. What's worst is that HBO NOW support has failed to reach out to me with the exception of this original email.
I do not believe that HBO NOW cares about my problem and is hoping I'll just go away. Therefore I will. Please cancel my subscription to HBO NOW. I will watch Hulu instead. I started a subscription last night."
To which you responded:
"Hi Ken,
Thank you for reaching out to HBO NOW.
I apologize for inconvenience, As a valued HBO NOW customer, we’re sorry to see you go. By leaving now, you’ll be missing out on some great new shows, including: The new epic drama Westworld, our new daily news special Vice News Tonight, along with three brand new comedies, Insecure, Divorce, and High Maintenance. HBO NOW also offers the biggest and latest movies, specials and more.
We hope you’ll reconsider, but if you wish to continue with your cancellation, please follow the steps below to cancel your HBO NOW subscription with Amazon:..."
So it's true, HBO doesn't care enough to resolve the problem or explain why it's happening.
I haven't cancel yet. I want to see if HBO can resolve this problem.
Ken Andersen

May 05, 2017

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