HBO / australian game of thrones distribution

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

HBO has now chosen to distribute Game of Thrones content solely through expensive Foxtel premium cable television, effectively ending legitimate pay on demand access to this content without advertisements.

As a consumer not only wanting to pay for quality content by denied access to the content through affordable advertisement free means, as was previously available for the last 3 seasons, I feel disgusted that HBO would chose prevent all Australians the means of seeing this content in this way, despite the international communities access to the content in the desired way.

Australian fans of quality television are often labelled as pirates of copyright content by use of illegal downloading of their favourite content. When I'm actively trying to persuade members of my community to not download the content illegally, but rather pay for the privilege of quality content, this latest tactic is not only counter productive but also offensive to those of us who play by the rules.

Apr 15, 2014

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