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GT Xpress 101 / It was a mistake!

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I ordered the GT Express 101 from the infomercial on TV. When I hung up the phone, I knew I had made a mistake. I was kept on the phone approx. 10 minutes by a recording. You will never talk to a real person. The whole transaction takes place with a recording. They give you a high pressure sales pitch and you are not able to ask questions. They continue to ask if you want all kinds of different products, which I didn't. I tried to order only one of these electric cookers but I now find out They only come in twos. And, of course you pay $14.95 S & H for the extra one that is "free." When I finally reached someone at their headquarters, they told me they could not cancel my order until 72 hours after the order was placed; that I would not be in the system till them. However, they could send me an email telling me my order was processed and I still don't know how much this "mistake" has cost me. They would not let me cancel the order. I spoke with someone there today and told them the problems I incurred and would send the product back when it arrives. I usually don't buy from infomercials, and let this be a warning for you not to buy from this company either.

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  • Ca
      2nd of Jul, 2007
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    I ordered the GT Express 101 on May 31, 2007. It was a buy one get one free deal and for the advertised price of $39.90+$14.95 for S/H each split up in 2 easy payments. Needless to say, my credit card was billed $103.00 on June 11th but no product. I called the customer service line and was told they were closed even though it was during normal business hours. After numerous times trying, I finally reach a rep in the Philippines who stated that my order had been shipped therefore I cannot cancel. They could not explain why I was billed so much and told me not to except the package when it arrived. It is now June 22 and I have yet to see this wonderful machine. I was told it was shipped on June 7th and after I stated it doesn't take 2 weeks to ship from Oh to Il she was speechless. She then told me It arrived at my post office on June 11th. My local post office cannot locate the package. I am definitely going to report GT MEDIA or GT MERCHANDING LLC amongst the other names they go by to the Better Business Bureau and the Attorney General. This is a total SCAM. I've definitely learned my lesson... when it looks too good to be true... it's usually not!!

  • Ke
      6th of Aug, 2007
    +1 Votes

    I've read similar complaints on line and have not had this experience. I ordered mine on line today and then after reading these, I panicked and immediately called customer service. I was on hold for no more than a minute and the rep was not from the phillipines. On the other hand, I did read several positive comments. So, I'm going to have to see.

    Did you ask the rep for the tracking number when she then told you it arrived at my post office on June 11th. If she couldn't provide one, then something is wrong. Also, with my credit card company I can dispute charges and they refund the charges - can you do that?

  • Al
      16th of Apr, 2008
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    I ordered the GT Xpress 101 on March 23, 2008. It arrived April 9. I've used it 3 times since I received it and it is already "broken". The coating in the pockets of the GT Xpress is coming off. I've never used anything harsh to clean it, just water and paper towels and only the plastic utensil it comes with to cook. I called the customer service and they told me I could receive a new one as a replacement, however I live in Canada and had to pay customs on the product and I don't want to have to again. So, I told the customer representative I wanted a refund. She told me that I would have to send it back to them at my cost. I couldn't believe it! Any reputable company that has a reputable product will absorb the cost of returns. (Of course if the product is any good the returns would be a minimum.) Another rep told my husband that the damage was caused by misuse. Well, if misuse is following the products recommended use and care then that alone represents the quality of the product. I would not recommend this product to anyone. I'm not going to return it since it'll cost me more in S&H in the long run then the actual product itself. I suppose I'll consider this experience for the future. I will certainly never buy this product again, or anything else this company trys to sell.

  • Lo
      24th of May, 2008
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    thank you for this info about the surface of the machine. I too live in Canada and was wondering what the shipping and handling costs would be.

  • Ch
      11th of Jun, 2008
    +1 Votes

    A recording gave you a high pressure sales pitch????? What were you smoking?

  • Ke
      20th of Jun, 2008
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    Oh man, I'm nervous! i ordered this thing (well, 2 of them..) from the infomercial the other day, and as each day passes I realize it was a mistake. I hated the recording and I guess i just ordered it because i was already on the phone for 20 minutes trying to order it, but when the recording told me it was as much as it was, i freaked out, yet still ordered it! I'm stupid!

    Hopefully this thing works like magic.. and if not i'm going to cancel

  • Jo
      13th of Jul, 2008
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    Close call for me!! I'm so glad I happen to come across the above complaints. I was about to purchase the GT Xpress 101 from the TV Infomercial. Then I decided to see if I could purchase one on eBay. I almost took advantage of a Buy-it-Now purchase on ebay, but something told me to check the Internet for customer satisfaction comments. Even if the product is presumably good, there's too many negative comments regarding their customer service and the item itself, that I'm staying away from this item. If I were YOU, I'd think twice about purchasing the GT Xpress 101!! There's quite a few available for sale on eBay that were probably used at least once and the seller is trying to get rid of it due to their disappointment. Thank you all for providing your comments and personal grief!!

  • Tr
      14th of Aug, 2008
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    08/14/08 I have had the GTXPress 101 for a week and was really looking forward to it. I "took advantage" of the special buy one, get one offer, and the recipe book subscription offer. I have used the GTXPress 3 times and the coating came off in a large section sticking to dinner; grilled Salmon on one side, and tater tots on the other. Please don't laugh, I was trying to use items on hand that were in limited quantities. Well, I was tempted to brush off the black flakes of appliance coating, but thought maybe that wouldn't be safe. I tossed dinner, and fired up the grill and had my salmon dinner bbq style. I did phone the Customer Service number and a very helpful/cheerful person asked me for the code number on the back and stated that the coating certainly should not come off if I am using spray-on cooking oil as required (I did use the spray-on cooking oil top and bottom). So I am being sent another GTXPress at no charge. I did cancel my recipe book subscription - this just might not be a fluke. Right? If it does happen again, I'll look at one of those little hot sandwich makers from another manufacturer and do some improvising. Happy cooking!

  • Ra
      9th of Sep, 2008
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    GT Xpress 101 - Defective product?
    United States

    I fell for this! I bought one for me and the "free" one was for a gift. I plugged mine in, put Pillsbury cinnamon rolls in both cups, turned around to get a plate out of the cupboard, turned back around and smoke was pouring out. The smoke was thick and black -- turning the outside edge of the cooker a nice copper color! Called the company -- told them I wanted to return them. They offered to refund the additional 14.95 I paid for the "free" -- told them no, I wanted all my money back and that I would call my credit card company and tell them. I also stated that there was a federal agency that dealt with recalls for safety issues and I would call them! The person I spoke to then raised the amount they would refund me to 20.00. She finally gave me an authorization number to use to return it.

  • Fa
      22nd of Nov, 2008
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    Check it out at Target. Only 29.95 and no S & H fees.

  • Ri
      23rd of Nov, 2008
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    product works great but teflon started peeling off from about 3rd use

  • Ke
      1st of Dec, 2008
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    been 4 to 5 mo.still havent recieved my order but they charged my credit card pdq.

  • Bo
      22nd of Dec, 2008
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    Right after I purchased the GT Express I decided to cancel my order. I was told the customer service office was closed and I needed to call back but still could not get through. I decided to ship the merchandise back when it arrived. My biggest complaint is the outrageous fees they charge for shipping; $14.95 plus $14.95 for the unit that was "free". When I returned the merchandise using their enclosed return label, I was charged an additional $14.95 for shipping the return. Bottom line: I payed $90.00 originally and received $40.00 back. They kept $50.00 for shipping and handling. I will never purchase anything from this company again.

  • An
      28th of Dec, 2008
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    PEOPLE WHAT HAVE YOU LEARNED??? YOU NEVER BUY THINGS FROM AN INFOMERCIAL... Ever since i found this website every infomercial or commercial i see i check it out...This grill thingy looks awesome and now that i have seen that a lot of people have had a problem with it i can't see myself buy one. GET A FOREMAN GRILL it works just the same.

  • Be
      15th of Feb, 2009
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    Have had my unit since just before Christmas. Bought it at our local Kohls for $29.00. For the most part the unit works as advertised. Mine is starting to get a few spots where the black is coming off. I use only the spatula that it came with and do spray with oil. I'm getting ready to call their customer service and see what they'll do for me.

  • Di
      20th of Feb, 2009
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    GT Xpress - Scam and cheating
    GT Xpress
    United States

    I tried to cancel this item 10 min. after I ordered and was told that I had to wait 24 hours to be in the system. Called back the next day at 7 am pst. Was told already shipped and I could refuse pkg. or they would give me a credit of 14.95..I told them I wanted a full refund including S&H because they talked me into something I didn't want. I was told this would be done. The next three calls I made they told me I would get credit for item only. Long story short the S&H is more than the product would have cost me, and they will not give me credit. I am filing a complaint with my credit card co. and BBB.

  • Ti
      13th of Mar, 2009
    0 Votes

    Waitng on the phone for such a long time isn't a pleasent experience and I have to say I hate the recording systerm. But I order the GT Express at

  • La
      9th of May, 2009
    0 Votes

    i was about to order one my self but know, no way jose. thanks for every one posting their complaints i will never buy anything that comes from this companys.

  • Mr
      7th of Jul, 2009
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    I ordered mine about 3 years ago. Tried to order online, but due to a then recent change in my zip code their on-line payment stuff wouldn't work correctly. So I called them. Ughh. Got someone who yacked my ears off and asked me to buy everything under the sun in-addition-to this item. He asked so many questions my cell phone battery died before the order finalized. He had my number by then, but never called me back to finish it. I manage customer service at my job and would never think to not call back if the call dropped. Anyway, I then went online again and ordered it using my old zip code, which worked. 2 weeks later I get two units. Then two weeks later another two units. I said to myself, "what the heck -- Christmas presents."

    I open one box and begin using one of them and I must say I really do like the way they work. There is nothing like these out there -- and I do have a Forman grill as well, which is fine for what it does.

    Fast-forward a couple months and, what's this? Black flakes coming off into my food? Dohh! POC! So into the trash it went. I swore I would never call these guys again, so I said to myself "live an learn."

    After a year I decide to try a second unit out. Maybe the first one was just a bad unit. The second one lasted about 3 weeks -- being V E R Y careful to not scratch the surface. Then I tried a third unit. It lasted almost 2 months before the coating failed. I was feeling really good about that one -- then was let down. : ( The 4th unit still sits in the box new. Trying to decide what to do with it. Save it for rare occasions?

    So, in all, it is a pretty good idea that someone who knows something about applying non-stick finishes ought to reinvent and make a good product. But in light of my experience I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND - NOT- buying these. Maybe they'll get the hint and do something about it.

  • Na
      22nd of Jul, 2009
    0 Votes

    I wish I had found this site before buying mine as I was having all the same issues with my GT until i said to heck with it and threw them out. I then proceeded to email the company and explain about the bubbling/peeling teflon and they so generously offered to replace the machines free of charge for the minimal charge of 14.95 ea. machine for shipping... scratching head... Im thinking to myself why should I pay shipping on 2 machines that i have already paid shipping for, machines that turned out to be crap... they should cover these 100%. So I just get off the phone with the company and the girl is trying to tell me that because I bought them in 2008 and it is now 2009 (i still bought them less than 365 days ago) I now have to pay new shipping charges... scratching head again... I know they are full of it and I am now online with the BBB and I would suggest that everyone else do the same and have this "business" be held accountable for their bad business practices or be shut down.

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