Green Tree Servicing / No statements

IL, United States

Green Tree Servicing took over our loan from Bank of America, and has been a nightmare since.
I was laid off just before the loan buyout, and had been in contact with Green Tree since the day after i was laid off.
I wanted to know what I can do with the situation. it took 2 weeks plus to get an answer. They started a HASP modified loan application. After almost 3 months of getting the paperwork ironed out, we were denied. Through this time, they said no payments were necessary. Of course, after denial, they had a different story, and started charging late fees from day one. I now am working again, and have accelerated my payments to now be on time with my mortgage. This whole time, we have not received a monthly statement, unless we call and have one faxed to my wifes work. We are now looking to refinance, just to get away from this lender.
If you are doing research on this company in regards to a loan, RUN AWAY !

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