Goher Yaqoob / Non - resident / us citizen account

Hi, this is my second complain in row, , first mr vinod of king faisal branch sharjah and now meghal patel of burjaman business tower, , seems like mr megal patal and vinod are friends, , because when i met mr megal to open and account, , , even before to start the application he said if compliance say no this account will not be open, , i was surprise why he telling me even before the account will not be open, , , any way i gave him all the required documents and he told me to wait few days, , suddenly one day he told me compliance said no, , like he knew before, , funny, , , i ask what compliance looking i can provide more peppers if they need, , , he said no reason can be given, , , no papers are needed, , , i was surprise, , , i feel little suspicious and like this matter to be deeply investigate because fulfill all the requirement for opening a non resident account, , , regards goher

Nov 16, 2016

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