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This is a notice that as of 08/22/2008, I James Craig am no longer associated or employeed by Girsh Alarm Co Inc. I have not given permission to Girsh Alarm Co Inc. or any Girsh Alarm Co Inc. representative to use my licenses or certifications to obtain municipal licenses or permits for any security, fire, electrical, card access, cctv, fire certifications or any other installation or certifications associated with security and electrical business in any of the 50 states of the United States.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Jenkintown, PA

I think it takes alot of guts to copy my certifictions saying in case they need them. Well you won't need them. I have notified the proper municipalities that I am no longer employeed or associated with Girsh Alarm Co Inc. So don't try to use my name for your business. If you do I will prosecute criminally and civilly. I have made arragements with the municipalities that every time my licenses or certifications are used I will receive an e-mail. Philadelphia Electrical Division and Commercial and Industrial Fire Division will contact me by cell phone and e-mail. Your are forbidden to use any of my licenses or certifications.

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