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I have used this company for many years but starting last year, service and competence has gone down hill.

I made the mistake of giving them one more chance this year, starting earlier by two weeks. Not good enough.

They printed all 18 of them with my name in the blue border so it is invisible. Giving a gift without anyone knowing it is from me.

I was on the phone with them for hours yesterday trying to get this printed a 3rd time since the 2nd round, they only reprinted 3 of the 18 and those too all had the same problem as first batch! No one even looked at them before leaving their order center. They could not get any emails from me at either of two email addresses I used in case one was a problem - I happen to be a computer consultant so this is my area of expertise. They could not send me emails either or so they said they were sending as I never got anything from the supervisors or staff who wanted to correct the info.

They missed the cut off time to get me delivery in next two days so they might be able to fix it and get to me now a week late. I am hoping to get a refund now since I have no faith they can fix it and it is too late anyway.

Bottom Line: Most staff are nice but the company obviously has no clue on how to run a business anymore or do not care or both. You are asking for trouble.

RUN AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY UNLESS YOU LIKE PAIN, BEING FRUSTRATED AND CAN START OVER A MONTH IN ADVANCE OF WHEN YOU NEED PRODUCT. Totally unreliable, totally in over their heads with technology that does not work.

Find another solution for your gift needs like I am now forced to do. If you have had no problems, consider yourself lucky but the odds are you will and for a high tech company they do not know how to do the job.



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