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gemb lending inc. / lost check and bad customer service

CA, United States Review updated:
Gemb lending inc. has horrible customer service. I have been making my payments on time for my rv loan for over seven years. I recently seen my credit report and it showed late payments on my account. I found out over two years ago they lost a check I sent, always to the same address. I now have over $700 in late fees. I was never sent a statement or called about the late fees. I tried to call customer service but because I have filled bankrupcy in the past I am not allowed to talk to customer service, they tranfer me to the bankrupcy department who never awnsers the calls.


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  10th of Nov, 2008
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GEMB Lending has no customer service (I stayed on the phone for over 30 minutes) and no way to contact on web. Pony express is only way to contact a real person I guess. They won't finance anything else for me.
  24th of Nov, 2008
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I have been on hold on the phone for over 30 min. waiting for customer service. I started at 0800 & finally gave up. I can access my automated information but I need to speak to a live person. This is nuts & a very poor way to run a business.
  2nd of Dec, 2008
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Unbeleivable company to deal wit. Cannot even get the automated system to work. Call the number and get hold music forever. NOTHING... NO WEBSITE NO NOTHING!
  22nd of Jan, 2009
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  11th of Feb, 2009
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I have 2 loans one on a big boat which i have no problem and one a jet ski and the jet ski side which is crap. They are about to lose my business along with the big boat clubs and jet ski clubs that I am apart of. Nothing good to say. Both loans where taken through good companies and then bought out by these sady characteres. Not good.
  11th of Feb, 2009
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Gemb bad company. Do not take loan from.
  13th of Feb, 2009
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I have a small boat loan with this company and I'm occasionally late, but always pay a late fee and I'm never 30 days late. Due to the economy, my business has slowed down and it's been hard to make my payments, so this past January of 09, I made my payment 3 weeks late. I called a few days later to make sure the payment was being processed because I didn't see it come out of my checking account and they explained that everything was ok and my payment was accepted. I told them I did not want anything neg to be sent to the credit agencies and they assured me the payment was ok. About 5 days later I get a call from them explaining the payment was returned, when I asked why they explained it was their error and they keyed in a wrong number. I asked them if this was reported to the credit agency, because now it was 30 days late and they explained that it was reported to all 3 agencies. I told them that since it was their fault they needed to corrected and they said it is not their responsibility because it's my credit. They refused to credit my account for the January payment and said the payment would be credited toward the February payment. So now my January payment is about 45 days late. But they still have not deducted any money from my checking account. My question is: Are they trying to show a big loss for this year so they can get in on the stimulus? And are we the consumers a pawn in their game? I'm starting to believe it.
  14th of Mar, 2009
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These comments sure have me worried! We have had an RV loan for about 10 years with THOR Credit with out a problem. Just received a letter from GEMB Lending that they are taking over the loan. Thanks for the heads-up. I'll be sure to watch this account very closely.
  20th of Mar, 2009
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Have you ever found anyone to talk to about your concerns? I call and call, no one will return my phone calls. I need help to find someone to talk to about their manager lying to me. They have taken more money from me than they should have and won't return the money. I need HELP!! GEMB is the worst company I have ever dealt with.
  27th of Mar, 2009
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I have had my RV loan with GEMB for three years now. I am NEVER late! I travel and I pay my bills on the road.
This month 03/09, I sent my payment in prior to the 28th cut off for late payment. I started receiving harassing phone calls days ago. I cannot believe these people.
With this economy, they had better appreciate good paying customers. I could just quit my job and let my RV go back if that would make them happy...
The nerve of them calling me at work!!! I will not tolerate it.
Debi Pruitt, Huntsville, Alabama

I will never use them again!!!
  23rd of Apr, 2009
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My husband has been out of work since November. We have been paying on our RV for 3 years at 10.25%. We called to see if we could get a break on the interest rate to help lower our payments, they were extremely rude. When my husband told them the Rv would be the first thing to go, they told him it wasn't their problem and they would get their money regardless. They have never had good custmer service and have taken up to 16 days to process a payment making us late twice (2 days and 3 days). We believe they are holding payments on purpose to get the extra fees. We will NEVER deal with them again. Where are the government watchdogs when you need them!
  23rd of Apr, 2009
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Does anyone know how to contact a government and/or consumer group that can investigate GEMB?
  29th of Apr, 2009
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I have a rv loan with them. I sent in a payment just for principal only. I sent it the right address and found out that they took their intrest payment out (3/4 of the payment) and did not apply payment as requested.
And yes they have VERY BAD customer service.
Maybe we should get a lawyer and file a lawsuit.

Mary in California
  30th of Apr, 2009
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GEMB Lending failed to send Release of Lien on RV loan paid off two years ago. I am now trying to get the Release of Lien from them. All I get is the run around from the Customer Service Dept. They won't even give me the telephone number of the Titling Dept. so I can talk to a representitive. CS gave me a fax number but when you send anything the number does not answer. I guess we Americans should expect this kind of treatment from big business especially General Electric. I cannot express in this Comment what I think of GEMB.

Roger Smith, Lakeside, Montana
  11th of May, 2009
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I have a loan with GEMB that has been in good standings for 77 monthes now. I am going through a divorse and am in dire need of having the loan rewritten with my name only. They won't even discuss it with me. I guess I'll just want away from it and they can eat the $40 net from what is owed on it to what they'll get for it. I understand that I will have to pay the consequenses with my credit hit and possible resoration, but I just dont understand why they wouldn't want to work with a consumer, instead of working against them.
  12th of May, 2009
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I just got off the phone with GEMB... 877-554-8467. Even got to a customer service person quickly when I selected the option. It is quite odd how they don't have a website to check account details, get payoff info, general account stuff.

Maybe I listen to the phone selections closer than the rest of the group here, but it seemed quite easy to get payoff, next payment date, loan details, etc.

Kevin, TX
  13th of May, 2009
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I called GEMB in an attempt to refinance our RV loan to a lower interest rate due to interest rates being at an all time low. I held on the telephone for the requesite 20-30 minutes; when someone finally came on line, I was told that the finance department was closed. No more financing, absolutely no refi! I then requested to talk to her management, was told no, requested again stating that I needed to make arrangements from someone to come pick up their RV--and she hung up on me. Soooo, a few days later, researched and found they still advertise on the internet for RV and boats financing. Called that number just to see if I could get through to a finance department posing as a potential new customer (and catch previous customer service rep in a lie)--but the joke was on me. The telephone number was no longer in service--guess they really are closed for business. Only the business in collecting all of the money they can--whether by hook or crook! I WILL NEVER to my knowledge use GEMB again.

Based on this website post from bconner, 59 days ago when they took over a loan from another company, it appears that these yahoos just recently stopped/closed their finance department. It is my belief that they have no of Code of Ethics regarding Business Conduct and should be put our of business. Guess I need to research and contact regulatory agencies to attempt action versus just complaining.

Joan, Reno, NV
  13th of May, 2009
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Funny, but the easiest time I ever had talking to GEMB was last Monday when they called to ask where my payment was. When I gave them the confirmation number given to me on friday when I paid over the phone (because they have a tendency to lose mail), he had to put me on hold. To my surprise, they had overlooked it! Thinking that he would feel guilty (and I was actually talking to a live person) I brought up the refinancing again. After being told it was not his department, I told him I would hold until he transferred me. 12 minutes later, my phone suddenly had something like a busy signal...quite strange.

Kevin, you are either gifted or affiliated with GEMB, either way, I doubt you will convince the other 99% of us that GEMB is anything but bad news!

Joan, would be more than happy assist any way I can. Please keep me up to date if you find out any info. and I'll be happy to do the same. Camping World said they are still using GEMB but when I asked for the number, they said I would have to go through their financing department. I asked for a return call, that was last Thurs. The payments are still going to GEMB, someone is taking advantage!
  21st of May, 2009
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ontheroad, I am not affiliated with GEMB, nor am I trying to convince others on here to give them more chances. Just wanted to let the group know the phone number (which I had a hard time finding online) and let y'all know there is at least 1 nice person there :)

My loan was purchased by GEMB after Thor Credit sold their division of financing. I'm still pretty unaware of most of their practices, but I'm hoping to pay off my trailer loan very shortly... Then I won't have to worry about any of their practices until I get my title in the mail.

Nonetheless, I still feel obligated to say they have at least 1 good person there. I still need to get updated mail payment information from them, so it will require another call (not looking forward to it though).

To point out to others on the board, try to setup automatic payments through your bank online. You will be given a confirmation number over BillPay and you will have something to take to GEMB if they say they did not receive payment. I've been using the system for quite some time now with only 1 or 2 companies having an issue (which was cleared up with the confirmation number).

Keep your heads up and stay on time with your payments though!! If I have updated information to give to the group, I will surely let you know.
  22nd of May, 2009
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I had my identitiy stolen by a lady named Susanne in Pennsylvania. Billpay is not an option. I only pay directly and since you can't pay GEMB online and they lose payments by mail, I do it over the phone so I have a confirmation number. Somehow they can mange to overlook that too as I recently found out. But, like you said, I had a confirmation number to back me up. Unfortunately, there is a fee by phone.

I tried the 877-554-8467, it is the same as 800-404-2647. I went through the automated system which did not recognize my account number even though we've had the loan for 3 years. Actually, that was probably to my favor since I was told to hold for customer service. Just as I thought I would finally get a live person, it asked me to keep holding that "all of the representatives were busy." This time I could only hold for 6 minutes since I had to hang up when my husband's Dr.'s office called in.

I've tried to work with them for 3 years. They are hands down, the worst finance company I have ever dealt with.

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