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Albuquerque, NM, United States Review updated:

I rarely give negative reviews because I know that isolated incidents can occasionally arise. BUT, having been exposed to torturous attempted buying experiences on multiple occasions to spend over $48, 000, the whole experience screams of frustration, obstruction, delay and a general attitude of incompetence. My experience started with a telephone call with patrick to get answers to some questions about a "pre owned" new Infiniti. After a straight forward conversation I made an immediate offer, $1, 500, i.e. 3% below asking and said that I was prepared to go to the dealership within 3 days, certified cashiers check to buy. Two days later with no response, I called back and got an immediate, "we were about to call you - NO, we don't accept anything less than asking - full price only" I asked why no counter and was told this rock bottom no discussion. "OK, well, let me know if you would reconsider"-" NO, we don't negotiate." 1 week later I got a price change alert that they had dropped the price by $1000 - which was 500 more than my offer! So much for no negotiation or price change. So, with some dread I called again and spoke with patrick. Offered their full asking price-just wanted to wrap it up. Patrick as a salesman was was only playing games. I again stated that I would buy with no conditions other than seeing the car and a test drive. I asked for a sales/ contract agreement to ensure actual price and car details, fees etc. so no surprises. Never got this. After another week of repeated e mails, texts, calls, and I finally speak with the manager to get things done, and he tells me the car is sold! I am crushed and explain my frustrations. he is sympathetic and takes charge, finds out the car is NOT sold, so we are back on track. Due to some stupid rules, I can't buy the car in Albuquerque without paying Calif. tax even though I reside in Colorado and will pay tax, registration title fees etc. I have to ship the car to NM avoid CA sales tax, which at 9% is three times my burden in NM!! So I ask can they ship and to the sales manger's credit he gets an email out and I get a fast quote, I agree with responding e mail, I will pay shipping, let's get this done. Next day I send another email and telephone follow up to salesman patrick. "Great, we'll get back to you with written contract." - Another day goes by and nothing -no written details, or even anything resembling a contract or even phone call... I call again - I said I would fly in to see the car and test drive, bring a check and get them to ship the car. What else can I do to twist their arms to sell the car with NO conditions or haggling? OK we will email the details. Great. 3 days later, no email. no contract, nothing! Cannot figure out what these guys think operating a business like this. I have spent almost 1 month trying to buy a car that is for sale with NO conditions, and it is as if I am causing this company an enormous embarrassment to take legitimate funds. What more do they want?? Who buys without any written details, let alone a sales contract? Why is buying a car so horrendously trying? What can this trial by torture achieve? As much as I have tried, I do not understand this mind bogglingly horrendous experience. I wish this was a fairy story or some type of April fools day experience, but it is a true recollection of actual events. I really would like to buy the car, but how can I - so am not going to endure any more torture. This whole experience may explain why the car remains unsold... I will, now, start again and if I pay more then so be it. At least I will buy a car instead of wasting huge amounts of time and energy!

I never recommended the manager of garcia, sales person and there team.

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    Patrick Hornef and Patrick Rich is the most corrupt and thief Sales representative, stay away from garcia infiniti dealer

Jun 16, 2016
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