Fusion HoldingsBad service

I purchased a Seiko perpetual calendar watch for $159.00 with FREE SHIPPING online from on July 23, 2008. Being a first time buyer to purchase a watch online, I did a little investigation (i.e. Better Business Bureau, BBB, online reviews, etc) of Fusion Holdings, LLC who owns and and the company looked good.

When I received my $159.00 Seiko perpetual calendar watch, the watch was not ticking/working, which was DEFECTIVE. Due to the defected watch, I requested for the return merchandise authorization (RMA) number and followed all their return policy procedures on the SAME DAY that I received the watch.

I did not receive the RMA after filing their online RMA request form and had to write and call them AGAIN to request for a RMA for the defective Seiko watch to return to them. After they received their defected watch, they wrote to me stating it will take FIVE (5) DAYS to refund to my credit card account, but nothing happened AFTER 5 days. So I had to write to them AGAIN, that I have not received my refund and one of their employee, RAYLENE writes back stating that their accountant is out of town and will SEE if she can do it (FYI: not like I have been waiting over week for my refund). So I wait patiently.

Finally, the accountant NIKI from The Time Zone writes back to me to let me know that I have been credited for the Seiko watch, which she breaks it down in her email that my purchase of the Seiko watch was $159.00 and MINUS SHIPPING cost, which I only get REFUNDED TOTAL of $151.05. WAIT, there must be a MISTAKE here when I first purchased the Seiko perpetual calendar watch it was $159.00 (FYI: checked my credit card account, charged $159.00 from Fusion Holdings, LLC) with FREE SHIPPING, which is stated all over their website and never being charged for ANY SHIPPING in the first place.

I double checked their return policy and wrote to them to explain that I should have been REFUNDED $159.00 of total value of the DEFECTIVE watch and there was NO shipping cost involved in the transaction. It has been almost TWO WEEKS and I still have not heard from them.


Unsatisfied First Time Customer

PS-I bought my watch at a local Seiko dealer where I can SEE it to make sure it is working and not having to deal with waiting for a simple refund where most reputable business can do easily. Bought the watch locally and gave it as a birthday day gift and he loves it.

UPDATE (8/21/2008)

I would like to update my complaint that Fusion Holdings, LLC did credited back my remaining balance for the defective watch to my credit card account on 8/18/2008 AFTER FUSION HOLDINGS NOTICED MY COMPLAINT ONLINE.

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