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Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
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I bought a queen bed and mattress and put my order on 20th march, I asked sales person about the availability and he told me end of April but when he wrote down the order he mentioned to be in safe side lets make it mid May . I accept. Mid may passed and I called them the sales person told me about an unexpected delay and assure me I can receive it by mid june (to be fair he told he will deduct th e cost of delivery and I checked their catalogue at time and the bed I ordered was even less than what he gave me as discount for this delivery issue but I didnt complaint) . now I am calling them again the person who pick up tell me end of june, he doesnt even apologize and he is very rude. and when I ask how can I be sure about end of June he only tell me this is what he knows nothing more.

I wonder if there is any kind of law to protect customer from this kind of behaviors. I understand unexpected delivery but not more than 2 months and half from purchase time + this kind of behavior from sales person when they have my money and I am trapped.

Any suggestion?? I think we need to stop this kind of behavior with some action.

Very poor customer service and delivery

Jun 11, 2015

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