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I was not that Smart to Google this company before i got Ripped off for $2800 Dollars from these scammers at Funding universe. They Charge me a $99 dollars to pull the credit report and then Jim Rampton The so called Senior Under writer Called me and said you have an excellent Credit and we can Achieve you $500k Funding for your buisness expansion easy all you have to do buy the Lender Prep Report, So it is easy to establish a Line of credit when banks see you are professionally orgnaized. So i made the Mistake and paid $2700 more. Then i was assigned with Daphne ramero to help me achieve my goal.And it was a waste of time because she would not return the Phone calls, emails and then Finally they emailed me to go to local banks and apply for the Loan. Here is the best part IF I GET ANY LOAN FROM ANY BANK WITH MY OWN EFFORT THEN I AM ALSO SUPPOSE TO REPORT TO THEM AND THEN PAY THEM 3% FEE ON TOP OF IT. So i was Stupid enough to pay these idiots A $2800 to get the local banks names, Where i go everyday to make the deposits. Don't make the mistake the one i made.

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  • Ju
      14th of Nov, 2010

    At the end of August 2010. I contacted Funding universe to help me get funding. I told them my current issue of why I was rejected by other companies. Immediately I was told that their company could help me with it. I went along with it and was told I would have to pay a fee of $99 to start it off. Then once I got funded I would be charged $2500.

    Shortly afterwards I was emailed a risk profile report. It had a list of things for me to do to work towards credit issues and to pay off %35 of my debts to get approved. I told them if I had that kind of money I wouldn’t have needed to go to them. I was assigned a coach to work with me and all she did was argue with me. I was assigned another coach afterwards because I complained the first one was difficult to work with. Shortly afterwards they said the first one was no longer there. Well the second one also argued with me and never returned my calls. I had to call others at the company to try to get him to call me. So I was getting nowhere just like the first one.

    Once I started looking over my credit card bills I noticed there were more charges being deducted from my account unauthorized by another company name that was also there company. I found that out once I researched it. My first charge came from RBSL for $99 then within a months time there was $500 charges 5 times that I didn’t authorize by Funding Universe. I also kept getting calls by an affiliate of there’s to work with for an additional $4000. At the end I was told if I got funded I would also be charged an additional %3. Even though I wasn’t told that in the beginning. After 6 months of hell and working with them I still was not qualified for a loan and very unsatisfied. I had to cancel my credit card. To make sure they don’t do any more charges on it. They were never upfront about their program and are money hungry. They are so adept at making sure that the items on contract that you signed with the are totally stacked against you...Good luck trying to get ytour money back from. All they are paper pushers and "advisers" and once they get their hands on your money, they go onto more people that they can latch onto their $3000-$4000, and good luck if you get any funding from them.

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  • Se
      26th of Nov, 2010

    Real lenders take out fees at the time a loan is approved. If the loan doesn't happen, the bank makes no $. Don't do business with anyone who does otherwise.

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