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I signed up for an FSA in 2013 during open enrollment, during that time I had copays on medications and visits that I thought I would be able to use the money for. However, when we changed Insurances I no longer had any co-pays so there was nothing at all to use the money on. I called Wage Works to ask if I could use it on over the counter medication, the answer was "not without a doctor script." I asked "well then what can I use this money on because I have no deductibles, no co-pays and medication is all free?" They replied "dentist visits." So before the end of the year came around, since it is a "use it or lose it" situation I went ahead and made an emergency visit with an orthodontist to get my cap that I had been needing for over a year and kept putting off because of money. Well, I went to the Dentist got the work done and went to pay and the machine kept rejecting it. So I called and spoke to someone to ask them how much I had in the account and they gave me a figure close to $400. I got off the phone and told the office to ring it up for exactly how much was on the card thinking that was why it kept getting denied and it still didn't work. GREAT! I had to end up putting it on a credit card that I was not planning on using. When I called Wage Works back to see what was wrong they told me my card had been deactivated on November 1, 2014 because I had separated from my previous employer! I took another job in the middle of October, it was not made clear to me that this would cause an issue with my FSA since it was my money that was vested into the account. Granted 2 months would have been owed to my employer which would have been only $40 not $400! Wage Works instructed me to call my employer to has out the issue with them. Of course I gave Wage Works a piece of mind because how can anyone KEEP YOUR MONEY THAT IS NOT THEIRS???? I called my employer who told me that it is not them who is withholding the money it is Wage Works! So back to square one! I do not understand how it is legal to keep someone else's money that is not theirs? I've had issues with the HRA too in which they denied a claim that was a chargeable claim and kept the rest of money. How is this legal practice???

Nov 18, 2014

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