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Without a doubt this is the biggest rip-off I have encountered. This elusive sales job advertises a...

Dazzle SmileUnauthorzed Charges from my Credit Card

I placed an order for a Trail order only. To my horror I have being charged 4 times on my credit card amount of $55.48 0n the 21 December 2009 $57.16 on the 22 December 2009 of $57.16 and 15 February 2010 0f $102.75 and 22 February 2010 of 100.00. This is not a trail any more this is a ripoff. I hope you can stop these people.

Charles Truijens

Dazzle SmileUnauthorized Auto generated order

I read an article that on teeth whitening. Supposedly from a customer that tried (2) trial offers in conjunction with one another that worked better then using them individually. For only the small shipping fee less than $5. I since went over my statement noticing charges beyond the trial shipping fee that was said that I'd have, monthly in upwards of several hundred dollars. I spoke with my Credit account company and they suggested to contact the customer service deptment to see if they'd refund the charges of the product monthly I didn't order. They mentioned that they were only able to cancel my subscription account. Only the last order could be returned for a refund within 30 days which is there return policy. Not to mention another bonus trial offer that you could opt to cancel only at the time the original order was placed. What a scam! Don't ever use a debit card for online purchases. It's easier for a credit card company to dispute charges than when using your own money from a debit card.

  • Ma
    Mannamama Jul 31, 2010

    I also got the article about using the two different products in conjuction for best results. I remember the assurance that there would be no obligation to continue beyond the first purchase. Just today, which is over a month since the first transaction date on my debit card statement I noticed additional charges from both companies and foreign transaction fees as well, adding up to over $280! I am notifying my bank of the disputes and will call the companies. But I wanted to see if there were other people complaining of the same scam before I did. I have only receive one shipment of each, so that makes it even worse if I don't get a refund. I'll be leary of offers from now on. That woman that was promoting this should be arrested!

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Dazzle Smileunauthoriszed charges

Dazzle smile cost me over 400$ in less than a month and charged with 3 different names on my visa at two weeks interval, number disconnected in one place, the other one the service customer said that I had 30 days to cancel but hadnt (*hadnot received sample either) said nothing could be done, brightsmiles.com, beautyclub, pristine health and dazzlewhite all the same company apparently,. Big time scam. And I had to cancel credit card immediately and will sue them to the extent its possible.. If any class action suit is filed I want to be the first to sign on it as well. I dont have 400$ to pay back that bill. Yes it was stupid and I learned something fom this. Free sample ad. But I will do all in my power so that they learn something as well.
This is a criminal offense

  • Ja
    Jason Asch Dec 08, 2009

    Meet the douche-bags behind all the scamms... please copy and save this pitcture and post it up everywhere you can to expose these criminals!!!

    Jesse willms - ugly dork on far right of picture
    Nolan pauquette - uglier dork on far left (one of jesse willms' partners in crime)

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Dazzle SmileScam charges

I got caught out on BT website (won't trust it again to carry legit adverts) Got charged for what I thought was the sample £9.49 but MBNA visa told me this is just the post and packing (comes from the UK by the way). Two more charges appeared on my statement on Friday. Phoned and cancelled card but that won't do any good as I unknowingly agreed to their terms. They have got me registered for other things too, like World Fitness which I have no idea what it is. MBNA were helpful and I returned one of the gels today and called the USA branch of DS|(visa put me through and paid the charges). I cancelled the membership and got a returns address for the gel so I should get at least one of the £54 charges back. I also got two other numbers to call and cancel via visa advice for two companies called Elite pack and Ezykit. They also had me down as a member for them whatever they are. Numbers to call are [protected], [protected] and [protected] (toll free|) and the Dazzle Smile which is [protected] but visa should pay for you to do that. I got a cancellation number and had just 3 days left to return the gel for a refund. I have lost out about £65 so far to these scammers. So wish i had checked the forums first. DHL the delivery people are investigating but giving wrong advice. They say to return gel to them. NO No, you won't get money back. Wrong advice. I am still reeling and still fighting and so ANGRY.

  • Ma
    Marcus_G Dec 07, 2009


    I discovered to my horror today that I've also been conned with this and that I've been charged up to £90 in total. I've ordered a new Visa card but have managed to keep the same ac details apart from the card number. Was just wondering why cancelling your card wouldn't work even if you were signed up for a 'contract'? The terms and conditions are so misleading that surely there is no way legally they could chase up for further payments if you've cancelled the card.

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  • Ja
    Jason Asch Dec 08, 2009

    Meet the douche-bags behind all the scamms... please copy and save this pitcture and post it up everywhere you can to expose these criminals!!!

    Jesse willms - ugly dork on far right of picture
    Nolan pauquette - uglier dork on far left (one of jesse willms' partners in crime)

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Dazzle SmileTotal scam

This is one big scam! Not only did I not receive free trial sample within the time limit, I was billed for a dazzle tray which I never received. I cancelled everything within 24 hours but 2 sister companies had my credit card details and have been billing me for 2 months for products I have not received. Any refunds I do recieved are underpaid - apparently to cover admin charges!!! I have lost over $100 and wasted about 7 hours of my time attemtping to have all my records deleted. Just to-day again I have been charged for another product I never received. PLEASE do not be taken in by the word FREE - it will cost you a lot of time, money and stress...

  • Ch
    ChadValiantJnr Nov 17, 2009

    And yet another sucker here.
    have just had my bank account wiped out by these people, (not much in it anyway) but it has put me in overdraft and with the fees it'll be well over $100 lost.

    The terms and conditions as stated by the idiot above are not situated on the order page but in a link right down the bottom.

    I re-read the order page and we have to agree to the terms and conditions. Unfortunately it states in the terms and conditions that we get rebilled every month till we cancel it.

    I'm going to cancel my subscription, notify my bank and keep the first lot i got billed for ( if i get it)

    Pack of ### these people are.

    Its a learning curve that unfortunately sucks in people like us.

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Dazzle SmileReturn Address

I also ordered the trial online. And they will put you on a automated shipping order if you don't call and cancel before the trial is up. I made sure to cancel when I was ordering. I also checked the BBB and they are not certified. Because of that I decided against ordering. However they will not let you cancel the first shipment which is the trial. So if you like me used your debit card, I would cancel and cut up. Get re-issued another one. This way if by chance they try to charge the full price after shipping, they won't be able to. They will go ahead and charge for shipping. So I wouldn't cry about trying to get that back. Some folks have said that even if you cancel the auto ship they will still charge you full price for the trial one that is shipped if you don't send it back. I hope this helps some of you.

Now I will say this, the folks I have talked to at this company were were pleasant and courteous. No one was rude. Here is the return address to send the product back. Just know kindness to others goes a long way.

Dazzle Smile
22100 East 26th Ave. #100
Aurora, Co. 80019
Be sure that you put your order # on the box with address.

  • Tr
    Tragdienne1982 Nov 03, 2009

    I've had nothing but trouble with this company. I saw the offer online and began to fill out the order form when I noticed the tiny writing at the top about being subscribed to some club that would cost me $87.62. I decided not to continue and didn't order. Surprisingly a few days later I got a phone call from one of their representatives who (for over an hour) convinced me that if I was unsatisfied by the product all I had to do was cancel and I wouldn't be charged anything other than the postageof $1.95. When I recieved the product it made my gums bleed and burn, so I called to cancel only to find out that I had to return the entire "trial product" as or I would be charged the $87.62. I returned the product as instructed by yet another representative. Today I got my credit card statement an there it was, a charge of $87.62. I called yet again and the woman on the phone told me that I should have put a number on the outside of my return package, when I explained that I was never given any number she insisted it would be in my "return information" which I also never recieved. Then she told me it should be in the e-mail they sent me.. which I also never recieved. Her answer to this entire scam was that "If you did send it back, then when they process your package you will be refunded your money. This should only take a couple of days." When I explained it had been over two weeks already her next excuse was "Well they have a really high workload, so I don't know when they will be able to get to your package." I'm guessing I will never see my money again, and obviously a lot of other people are sending their products back as well, hence the "high workload." Do not fall for this scam.

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Dazzle SmileTerms and Conditions Rip Off

Company puts out fake articles luring you into a "Trail offer", where you only pay shipping. This is another one of those Teeth Whitening scams. Buried in their Terms and Conditions and NOT made clear in the offer is the fact that you must return the product within 14 days or they will charge $80 for the product. Not only that, but they will put you on an autoship and automatically ship and charge you every 30 days for $80.

This might be OK if the product actually works, but it does nothing. Save your money and buy Crest White Strips or something at the drug store. It's companies like this that make consumers distrustful of online shopping.

  • Ni
    nikki meyrick Oct 26, 2009

    It has been awful dealing with Dazzle Smile - trying to sort everything has been a nightmare. You need to contact them on a Saturday or Sunday via their 'live chat' and state firmly that you want to be taken off their automatic shipment and that all other companies that they have signed you up also be cancelled immediately. If they say to phone the relevant companies firmly say no and state that they must do it. Wait to receive your cancellation numbers and inform your bank of the cancellation numbers so that they can get your money back if they continue to charge you. Have now done all of the above and am waiting and hoping that this is the last of it. I haven' even received the free trial yet so am hoping it will arrive before the 14 days so that I can post it to their UK address - (UNITED KINGDOM OFFICE, UNIT 1, 15-17 CALEDONIAN ROAD, PO BOX 159, LONDON ENGLAND N1 9DX

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  • Sd
    S Dizzle Nov 20, 2009

    Dazzle Smile is a complete scam!!!

    Their terms and conditions were NEVER CLEAR nor were they ever clearly disclosed to the consumer, hence why no one is aware of the subscription they automatically sign you up for. Just do a search on the internet of them and you will see everyone's testimony.

    Because they deceptively lead you into believing you are signing up for just a free trial and all you have to do is pay shipping, they take your card number and automatically sign you up for all sorts of things you are never aware of.

    You as a consumer never provide express consent to any of this, hence making it a violation.

    Im waiting for the class action law suit, its inevitable.

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Dazzle Smileovercharged

Shipping was supposed to be $1.95...when credit card accepted and receipt appears it is for $11.90. At this point I called the company (http://www.ws6alert.com/index.php?ntrk=KIRK) to cancel. They cancelled the trial edition but I would be reciving this product monthly and upon returning the first month's supply, I will no longer be charged, but now I know the shipping to Canada will be prohibitive. I had to call my credit card company and since the charge had yet to go through I could cancel it by cutting up my card, which I did, and cannot have access to my credit card for about a week.

  • Di
    dillbob Oct 07, 2009

    Best thing to do is cancel your c/card and get a new one. That way they can't take any more money from you. If you don't and you don't cancel with ALL the bogus companies taking out of your account, you WILL continue to get stolen from.
    Cancelling with all the other companies is impossible, I tried, I was given wrong numbers time and again. Even if you do get to cancel with them all, there is no certainty they won't use another company to withdraw your money.

    If you do manage to read a copy of the terms and conditions, there is a clause in it that says they reserve the right to change the terms and conditions without informing you. I.e. letting other 'companies' have your c/card details.

    I can't stress enough, close your c/card and get a new one. Fully inform your bank of what has happened and hopefully they can recoup funds for you. At the very least, Dazzlewhite and its many guises will not be able to extort another penny from you.

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  • Wh
    whingeymonkey Dec 04, 2009

    Yay for AT&T Universal Card! At least for now.

    When I got caught, I called them right away, sweetly told them that I did not authorize the charges and to please take them off, and they said they would! I'm getting a new card, but that's a minor inconvenience that I'm happy to go through. It'll be a lesson to me, I guess.

    My rep, Aiza, noticed that Dazzle Smile and Total White had small charges on my previous statement, and asked about them. I said that I wasn't disputing those charges; they were shipping charges that I legitimately expected and agreed to pay, and DS and TW were welcome to them, but no way was I going to allow the $87.62 and $76.82 more they wanted. She got it right away, laughed knowingly, and used the words "online scam" before I did.

    And she was a doll about the whole thing.

    I guess the cc's are getting lots of complaints about this. What's really too bad is that legitimate free trials are probably going to be obliterated by scams like this one. No more free samples. Too bad.

    BTW, I was a scam virgin before this happened. If I weren't so disgusted, I might be a little impressed.

    If my card doesn't follow through as Aiza promised, I'll be back, but for now I'm happy.

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  • Ja
    Jason Asch Dec 08, 2009

    Meet the douche-bags behind all the scamms... please copy and save this pitcture and post it up everywhere you can to expose these criminals!!!

    Jesse willms - ugly dork on far right of picture
    Nolan pauquette - uglier dork on far left (one of jesse willms' partners in crime)

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