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EverBright Smilesno product, still charged

Purchased their "sample" tooth whitener, at their advertised price of $4.95. Produce did not arrive within 10 days that they advertised. When it arrived, no email address or phone number to cancel further product order. No other product delivered, but my credit card charged $168.00 further.

When I called credit card company, they gave me a phone number to call, but phone message said that message board was full.

There is no email contact for this company. They simply get your credit card information and then continue to take from your account. I finally had the credit card company cancel the number. Guess I was lucky that they only took $168.00 from me. It could have been more. These are not honest people.

  • Lv
    lvgirl52 Feb 12, 2010

    I ordered the sample and it did not come on time. I was charged the same but I put a hold on my credit card and it took two months to finally get my money back. Rip-off product

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  • St
    Stephen Feb 13, 2010


    This ever brite scam is being promoted by the following company:

    Eagle Web Assets / EWA Network
    Phone: 847 630 1550
    Ryan Eagle | President and CEO
    [email protected]
    Tom Eagle | Vice President
    [email protected]
    Address: Eagle Web Assets Inc.
    207 Willow Parkway
    Buffalo Grove, IL 60089
    United States of America
    AIM: nXo
    SKYPE: EagleWebAssets
    GTALK: [email protected]
    MSN: [email protected]
    Ryan Eagle on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/tacox

    Proof that they are promoting this scam:


    This company is promoting many many scams: teeth whitening, acai, govt grants, work from home scams etc.
    Proof: http://twitter.com/ewanetwork

    More about ### scammer Ryan Eagle :


    If you have been a victim of any of these scams report them to:


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EverBright SmilesMisleading advertising

These scammy ### invite you to a free trial that costs 89.92. They shouldn"t get away with this!! The

Phone # they give you is a u.K. # that goes nowhere. So much for white teeth, they haven"t heard the last of me

I intend to contact the board of trade, united states post office, internal revenue tax dept, better business

Bureau, internet complaints and protection, , , the list goes on

Beware and be careful and above all remember""you do have rights"" greg

  • Ra
    raychel woodhall Apr 05, 2010

    so whos the girl in the pic advertising this thing is she innocent or part of the scam. i was just about to order im glad i looked at this or id have been in yhe same situation, i feel sorry 4 all those who have been rinsed of their money. from raychel ...england

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EverBright Smiles&free trial& scam

After reading about 'everbiright smiles' home whitening kit on 'consumer tips weekly' website I ordered the product. When it arrived I prepared the products according to the instructions and after the gel came into contact with my teeth for literally no more than 5 seconds I felt a severe burning sensation on my gums. I immediately removed the gum shields and was horrified to see that my gums had been burned and turned white. To be sure that no other side affects will occur I logged on to find more about everbright smiles and am shocked to come across the fact that it is a scam. I read terms and conditions through before parting with my card details, but have now just cancelled my card. DO NOT PURCHASE FROM EVERBRIGHTS I CANNOT BELIEVE THEY WOULD SEND OUT SUCH A DAMAGING PRODUCT, EVEN THOUGH IT IS A SCAM! :-(

  • My
    Myshkin Feb 08, 2010

    Hello Sab123,

    Just in case you don't know, cancelling your card may not be enough to protect you from future attempts by Everbright to get more money from you.

    You must cancel your "contract" with Everbright Smiles or they will keep charging you as per their T & Cs, and your card company may not be able to do chargeback for any charges which hit your account prior to your cancellation date (with Everbright).

    This is a really nasty scam and lots of people are losing a lot of money.

    Best wishes.

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EverBright SmilesCredit card fraud

I just ordered a 99 cents free trial of teeth whitening and when I received it, it burnt my gums, luckily I took it off after 5 mins or I would've ended up in the hospital. It took me a whole week to restore my gums, they were so burnt up by the solution. Then after 6 weeks I just dicovered that they charged my credit card $158.27 for a charge I wasn't even aware of. I called the credit card and they put the amount on dispute, but won't know anything until March 9th. This is a big scam!!

EverBright SmilesFraud

Recently I had ordered a trial tooth whitening product from this company which promised a Ten day Trial of their product and that the Order could be cancelled at any point. I was informed that the product would arrive after 48 hours but after 9 days of waiting I grew suspicious. When I tried to call their customer service line the number they had given me in the conformation email was not an actual phone number and I could find no way to get through to the company in order to cancel my order. After going to my local bank and explaining the problem they advised the best solution was to cancel my card completely to avoid any unauthorised transactions taking place and to just get a new card sent to me the following week with a new number and pin. This company and website was a complete Fraud and the only way to ensure my money was safe was really to go and talk to my bank so I advise that anyone else who had this problem to Cancel their card Immediately, I luckily managed to stop the first transaction of £87 also resulting in a loss of only about £2. You can also get your bank to dispute getting your lost money back for you if this company has not kept to Its contract and customer service. I seriously advise talking to your local bank, it really is the safest option as this company have been known to continue transactions after cancellation.

  • Sh
    Shanyn Jan 21, 2010

    This "trial offer" is a complete fraud. I agreed to pay $1.99 for shipping. I was sent an e-mail titled "transaction receipt". It consisted of the same order number I was given the day of the order and their list of "terms and conditions". The "terms and conditions" included their cancellation policy which informed me that if I did not wish to be charged $114.69 for their 1 yr. membership that I needed to call their customer service number and cancel within "fourteen (35)" days. Not only do those numbers not make any sense but when I called I was informed that I had already been charged $126 within 3 days of the order and that according to their contract their terms can change at any time without notice to the customer. All after my phone calls had been diverted to "supervisors" and was hung up on 3 times! My only option was to close my checking account and cancel my debit card.

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When searching for best prices for Wii consoles this website came up as one of the promotional sites in order to purchase the Wii console for $70. Turns out that it never even goes through that you are elligible once you purchase everbright smiles product for 99 cents. Under their terms and conditi0ns you may return the product within 10 days of paying the 99 cents. It also states on their website that it will ship in 48 hours and it took two weeks; so therefore you are charged for the full product within 48 hrs. I called the company and they were very rude and basically told be I was SOL and did not have a leg to stand on to return the product or get my money back. What kind of recourse do you have in this type of situation. There should be some kind of agency we can report this too so anyone else does not get scammed in this way. Please get back to me regarding this issue. Thankyo for your time and consideration.

EverBright Smiles — Fradulent charges

This company is a total scam. While browsing on their site, I entered what appeared to be a free trial. When...

EverBright Smilesscam, ripe off my money

I ordered the free trial for whitening teeth, which was only £4 and another £3, but after 12 days, I found out that my credit account appeared the £153 from them, I called my bank immediately, they told me this company is notoriously for scamming, lots people are ripped off by them, my bank had to cancel my credit card and give me another one, also put me through the depute, which will take 11 weeks intotal, but won't guarantee me to get my money back.
I also called +[protected], they refused to refund me and simply hang up on me.
I am praying that I will win the depute and get my money and my life back

  • Jp
    jptorr Jan 07, 2010

    agreed, i fell for the same bait and switch. do not try this anyone

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  • Sc
    scw0971 Jan 08, 2010

    the same thing happened to me and I can't get my money back right now.

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  • Dr
    Driller Jan 22, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    bought a free sample for small amount, due to weather or whatever I never recieved it for at least a week, was out of town, when I returned on the 11th day from ordering and called the company I was told too late we are chargeing you card, thats when I read the terms and conditions and now understand that the 10 days start the minute you order the product, when I did the order the terms and conditions would only flash on the screen. After ordering I was able to bring up the terms and conditions after many tries I was able to read the terms, later that day a repersentive called me to congrate me on buying the product, I told her I wanted it canceled, she said she could not do that and I would have to call back after I recieved the product. Please beware buying from this company

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  • Tu
    tuneman7281 Mar 01, 2010

    There are tons of these companies out there, ripping people off daily. I am one of them. I have been scammed by EverBrite Smiles, Owned by Bright Star Smile CORP, as well as Celebrity White Teeth, owned by Avayo Media, LLC. These companies need to be brought down. Do yourself, and the world, a favor and fight them. I may have won with Celebrity White Teeth, but i cant even contact EverBrite. Good luck, i hope you found this before its too late.

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  • 1l
    1Lala Mar 09, 2010

    Everbritesmiles ripped me off as well. I'm reporting them to the IC3 Internet crime division (complaint.ic3.gov)
    and suggest you all do the same! I've been trying since January to get a refund on monies they debited from my bank account ($88.17). I've had to cancel my debit card and start over. I really wish I had used Pay Pal for THIS transaction... Pay Pal would have reversed the money immediately. Stupid me! Never again!
    I've also contacted the Better Business Bureau in Florida and suggest the same for you if you really want these
    frauds to be shut down:
    Trade Specialist/Trustlink Specialist
    Better Business Bureau
    101 SE Ocean Blvd. #202
    Stuart, FL 33020
    Also... contact your local Sherriff or Police Department and report fraud... which is exactly what they are.
    Good luck to you all.

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EverBright SmilesWatch out

I heard about Everbright Smiles while watching a show...unfortunately I can't remember which one it was. The website offers a "free trial" for their teeth whitening product. I sent in my information on 12/12/09. AST I gave them my CC info for "shipping." The product did not arrive until 12/24/09 ... the day before Christmas. I worked on that day and didn't pick it up until after 5 pm. On Dec. 25, I realized that my bank acct had been debited $158.00. I tried to call but they were, of coursed, closed for the holiday and also the weekend. I did send out an email to them as soon as I was aware of what had happened. On Monday morning, Dec 28th I spoke to one of their representatives who told me that there was nothing that they could do. She offered me 25% off. I told her that I wanted to speak to someone else and was told that someone would contact me within 24 hrs. This morning I spoke with a representative from the company. She said that according to the "terms and agreement" I should have contacted the company if I hadn't received the product within 4 days. I explained to her that my father had been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer on December 18th and I certainly wasn't thinking about whether or not their product had arrived. "not her problem" was her response. Bottom line: my shipment didn't arrive until "after" my 10 days was up and they were totally unwilling to help me out. There is NO WAY that this product is worth $158!!! I consider myself pretty savy when it comes to scams but this one really caught me off guard. Customer service representative was very rude and product is not anywhere close to being worth what they are charging.

  • An
    Anthony6697 Mar 10, 2010

    Same thing happened to my wife when she ordered the sample on 12/21/09. And they were also rude to her. I put in a dispute with my credit card company. They claimed the merchant will not reimburse without having the product back. Today I am sending it back certified to prove they received it. The credit card company assured me that the charges would be reversed if I have proof they received it, so hopefully, they pull through for me in the end. As you can see, this is a long process, but if I get my money back, then it'll be worth the wait.

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EverBright Smilesdeceptive/fradulant practices

I clicked on my friend facebook posting, and didn't know his profile was hacked.
It appeared like he posted it and said that he tried it and that we should do so too...
I can't believe I fell for it!!

I ordered the trial thing 2 days ago, and after I read your comments I called my credit card. They say that the 99 cent charge appeared and if there are other charges in the future that were NOT authorized by me I will not be charged.

To be sure I am calling the cr card people again and see if I can intercept all the headaches and change my acc #. I was told that even then they can post a charge???!!!

What's scary is that I finally found their Terms and Conditions (which they didn't show in the checkout area) they say that if I decide to reverse the payment they will not only charge me for the original (bogus) charge but will charge penalty AND give it to the collection agency... Is that true? and legal??

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