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This company is a TPA (Third Party Administrator) and has various names. The state of Florida is an "AT WILL" state which means employment can be terminated for any reason within the law. Most companies believe in the fair treatment of their employees and will make their employees aware of any problems. This company does not and has a long record of hiring people, even if employed by other companies, and terminating them without warning. Then denying their Unemployment. Do not risk losing everything to work here unless it is a last resort and someplace you choose to stay temporarily while looking for a more suitable company. Companies like this will continue to damage the U.S. economy and increase suicide rate as individuals lose all hope. Please Beware!

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  • In
      Jul 19, 2011

    I am guessing you got fired for no reason, I bet they have another side of the story as to why you were fired. Late, cell phone use…

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  • Pa
      Jul 29, 2011

    intellex58, do you know me? Do you work at Freedom? Have you ever or do you know anyone who works there? By your comment I know you don't or you would know what I said is true. It is better to warn people than to let them give up a job with a decent company to go there. I have seen this happen to too many good people. Granted some of them were not the perfect employee, as I am sure you are. But they did not deserve to be fired. Just because you use your cell phone, go to work late and think you are so much better than everyone else doesn't mean everyone else is like that.

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  • Pa
      Jul 29, 2011

    intellex58 I just read the rest of your comments and I feel bad for you. You must have such a miserable life. I hope you find someone to be supportive of you so you can mature and learn how to be supportive of others. Or at least know the facts before you judge everyone else. By the way, things are a lot different in the U.K.

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  • Di
      Oct 06, 2012

    Its true. I worked there for. About a month and left. They speak Spanish and talk about you right in your face assuming you don't know what they are saying. They yell at you, even though you've done nothing. My computer didn't work for the whole time and every day I kid you not they asked why I wasn't taking calls (answered but had to transfer couldn't perform any tasks) and this happened about 3x a day mind you. I've never seen anything like it in my life. Beware is right. Not only are you attacked by supervisors verbally, the area is not safe and a couple of people were attacked walking to their cars. It truly is horrible.

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  • Cm
      Aug 08, 2013

    Having worked in call center's in Pinellas County for 15 years during the "call center mecca" days, I will agree with PA's Alerts about similar concerns and terminations. But I will also say that since Florida is an "At Will" state, it is unfortunate that all employers can and will terminate an employee simply because they don't like them due to a personality conflict, or a manager feels their job is threatened by a subordinate's high performance, or an employee changed their hair color to something that their supervisor finds inappropriate but changing one's hair color is not stated in the SOP as a company violation. So many stories I have heard like this as a supervisor. Employees have been terminated for "trumped up" reasons, also. It seems that management will force them into a situation that causes them to do something against policy just so they can terminate them. It's awful the things I have witnessed but could do nothing about. I complained to my director, but nothing changed. I did prevent one termination when the company thought the employee was an alcoholic because fellow employees complained to HR they smelled alcohol on his breath. Turns out he was a diabetic. I guess some diabetics have a breath smell like alcohol. I attempted to save another employee whose wife was terminally ill and he was working two jobs to support his family. He was occassionally late to my shift, but I overlooked it because he was fixing his sick wife something to eat between jobs. My boss wanted me to terminate him and I refused. So, they terminated me instead for insubordination. Then they terminated him for excessive tardiness. The senior manager of customer service that terminated me was terminated shortly after that as well as his boss who hired me and when that happened, the other supervisor in the dept called my former employee back and rehired him. I thought that was awesome! Florida is a difficult state to work in due to the "At Will" law. I despise it. We the call center union here badly. All call center employees should be protected under the CWA, Communication Workers of America. Their website is: Call center employees need more money, better benefits and the knowledge that they will be treated fairly at work and their job won't be taken away from them on a whim. The heck with the "open door policy". "My door is always open for you". I always hated that statement. Good luck to all.

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