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We purchased a $480 franklin legacy lift chair from costco for my 83-year-old mother in 2013. At christmas this year, the hand controller stopped working for the down direction. The warranty on the controller was for 3 years and would expire on 12/27/2016. I promptly called the company and was directed to kim's voice mail. I explained that it was urgent someone return my call as the warranty was going to be expiring. No one did. However, I wasn't worried. The voice mail should serve as evidence that we reported the issue well in time. I called again the next day, and this time there was only a recording saying the staffing was at minimum for the holidays, but all would return jan. 3rd. I left another voice mail. January 3rd came and went with no return phone call from two voice mails. My husband tried calling twice more. He spoke with kim, who said the chair only had a 1 year warranty. My husband pointed out that the company's book with the chair stated a 3-year warranty on that part. Kim said she would have to refer the matter to someone else who would call us back. Of course, there was no return call as promised. He called again, and entered kim's extension. The call went to voice mail. So, he immediately hung up, called back, and asked to speak to a supervisor. He was transferred to kim, who, lo and behold, answered immediately. It was clear that the company had no intention of honoring their warranty, so in order to get my mother the use of her chair back, we went ahead and purchased a new remote (Not the same product, by the way) for $32. This company lacks integrity, and contrary to their own words, they do not stand behind their products nor do they offer the best warranty in the industry. Their way of providing customer care is to avoid the customer. I will be reporting this experience to costco who is a stand-up company. I am sure they would not want to be associated with such standards.

Franklin Furniture Corporation
Franklin Furniture Corporation

Jan 13, 2017

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