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I recently Started the Process of Refinancing my house on Feb 20th 2010. I kept getting a lot of phone calls because my credit was pulled by Wells Fargo, who i originally inquired with. I picked up the phone because I was tired of the calls. I spoke with a young lady who actually made me think about a lot of things. I immediately googled FFG and saw this report about how the company was a rip off. The young lady had me go to the BBB website to assure that this article was about one person who had a bad experience and that Bank Of America Services their loans not Wells Fargo nor ASC. This objection was clarified in the 1st call. I must have spent 40 minutes on the phone. I was told that they can close in 15 days or less and Wells told me in about 2 months but wouldnt guarantee me a closing date. I decided to pick FFG because the young lady I spoke with actually cared about my goals with refinancing. After I got off of the phone with her I called Wels and I couldnt get the same person I originally spoke with on the phone. This concerned me. The next call I received was from the young lady's licensed loan officer who was absolutely on point. I received accurate numbers the same day and ordered the $490 appraisal fee the same day (a little bit pricy) but it was well worth it. The Appraiser came out the next day and I was now guaranteed a closing date on paper. I started with FFG on April 7th and Closed April 20th. Only 13 days total from start to finish. Now Bank Of America holds my loan and I went from a 6.375% interst rate to a 4.875% and paid off my credit cards. All in all I saved $382 per month and I definitely would tell someone not to be discouraged from working with Foundation Financial I would go out of my way to recommend them to any perosn who doesnt want to deal with the Refinance Headaches. They made it simple, fast and the rate they initially gave me did not change. Thank you Foundation Financial for helping me even though I too was skeptical at first

Johnathan H.
Pinola, PA

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  • Al
      23rd of Aug, 2010

    Yeah, we were contacted by Foundation Financial Group too. It was really weird, because we were almost expecting it lol. A friend of ours got the call from them about a year ago and told us the whole story back then. It was crazy because we looked them up (just googled Foundation Financial Group). There are a ton of complaints and stuff, and we really thought he was getting scammed. Even after all was said and done, we still thought he was gonna end up screwed. but he didn't. And, he is now paying a ton less monthly.

    So anyway, we've been dealing with our bank over the last few months. My wife and I had this running joke...wonder when Foundation Financial Group is gonna call us lol. Turns out they did and we got down to 5.875.

    I think there is some sort of criteria you have to meet because they never called my wife's sister and she was in a more similar situation to our friend than we were, but they never did. Foundation Financial Group must have relationships with certain companies or something.

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  • Al
      23rd of Aug, 2010

    I forgot to mention that when Foundation Financial Group called me we were working with Wells Fargo too. But my wife's sister was not. I'm not sure about our friends. I'll see and try to remember to update my post.

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  • Je
      30th of Aug, 2010

    I can agree with this 100%. I like WF, but they just weren't able to help me and my husband and Foundation Financial Group was. We couldn't handle the 6+% they wanted, and were really in need of help when John lost his job. My husband is Alton1982 by the way.

    Even worse though, is all the negative reviews we see about them even on this site. I let John handle most of this stuff because I was working 2 jobs at the time, but I can tell you that they were nothing but very helpful and professional to us. Whatever else people have been through, or think they had been through with Foundation Financial Group is well, that's for them to figure out. But most of the "scam" complaints were due to them calling out of the blue. HELLO! That's what they call selling.

    But whatever. Foundation Financial helped us, and our friends down the road. Actually, my sister was called, but she didn't meet a few things that they needed. It doesn't mean they are a scam, it means they are smart business people with intelligent people working there.

    Again, thank you Foundation Financial Group, and to all you wondering who they are, just give it a shot. You won't regret it.

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  • Mi
      23rd of Sep, 2010

    lmao it is clear these two ppl above work for FFG. There is an Alton that works at foundation financial group as we speak. Call them and ask to be transferred to Alton and you'll have no problem hearing his voice. and The original message from Jonathan can also be found on another site.

    Lol now who in the world would go to multiple complain sites to defend a company you don't work for? So lets see...the original message is seen on other complain websites, a guy named Alton works for the Georgia location which is the location questioned on this thread...and then Alton's "wife" gets on here to write after him? The original message doesn't get specific with names...just a lady. If someone helped me out...i definitely would name they would get more business if I am taking the time out to go on Multiple Websites to push this company. lol...come on FFG. Dan Iglesia, Ray Grant guys can do a little better. Keep sitting in your office sending e-mails with dumb pictures and "motivation" and use that as practice for your lies.

    So take this response and use it for your next Rebuttal Ball Session.

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  • Sa
      8th of Nov, 2010

    Strange to find a 'complaint' like this on what is clearly a site for those voicing real, serious, complaints not kudos! I don't believe a word of it.

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  • Sw
      3rd of Mar, 2011

    I am a true customer who just refinanced my mortgage a couple of weeks ago with Foundation Financial Group, and I believe in doing the right thing so YES, I will write KUDOS on here. I was called (lots) by Tamera at this company. I finally gave in. Then I did research (on this site) and got scared. I really liked Tamera so I gave them a shot. They did a great job and they delivered on everything they had promised. By the way: I contacted Chase (my old mortgage co) first, and they FINALLY called me back last week... after this company already had my loan closed. I think that the world would be a better place if there were people giving praise for a job well done.

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  • An
      13th of Oct, 2011

    I worked for FFG for over 3 years and I can personally attest to writing on this board (and numerous others) with FAKE comments and was told to by upper management. I enjoyed working for the company at first, but management creates a very cut-throat environment producing some of the highest employee turnover in the industry. Again, many of these stories are written by the loan officers, or team leaders at FFG.

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