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B7 Dec 02, 2018 LaBelle, FL

Hello, I am a Ford Motor Company Employee of 30 years. My brother in law Mark Snyder honorably called me wanting to purchase a Ford vehicle since I have worked for Ford for 30 years, I told him that he could get an A plan discount. He lives in Florida, and he went online and found a Ford EcoSport SE on an internet discount price of $15, 600. at his local dealership... LaBelle Ford - 851 South Main Street - LaBelle, Florida 33935. [protected]. Owner : Doug Plattner . When he went in to talk to the salesman, as soon as he heard he had a code for the A plan discount he told my brother in law that the A plan discount would not be less than what the dealership offered. He said he still would like to see the figures with the A plan, when the salesman came back with a price of $20, 061. He said there was a mistake on the website and the price was wrong, but he was not even offered that price but the sticker price of $25, 290. My brother in law in turn asked for his keys back for his trade in, and left very disappointed. As soon as my brother in law left the internet special price was changed, but he has both offers printed out and may seek an attorney, as this is false advertising ! This is very embarrassing when you have worked for the company for 30 years. I would like you to speak with this dealership owner Doug Plattner to be sure he is aware of his salesman's actions, as this makes Ford Motor Company look bad. And will make the company I purchase from, and respect lose buisness ! Sincerely, Brad Carson If this is not the right forum for this complaint please send me an email of where to send it - to my email at > [protected], thank you ! I am including my brother in laws complaint letter >>>>
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Lehigh Acres, FL [protected]

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December 1, 2018

Ford Motor Company
Customer Relationship Center
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Dearborn, MI [protected]

Re: Complaint

Dear Sirs:

After many years of not buying Ford vehicles because of bad experiences at the dealer I decided to give Ford another chance. In 2016 I purchased the vehicle as highlighted above.

I decided I would see about trading up to an EcoSport. Plattner Labelle Ford who sold me my Fiesta had one on their website for a special price. I went yesterday and looked at the car and decided I would trade it today.

My brother-in-law got me an "A" Plan code and off I went to Labelle Ford. I test drove the car and they checked out my Fiesta.

Now comes the bad part:
When we sat down, before we even got started, I presented him the "A" Plan documents. The salesman said that the "A" Plan would not give me as much as the dealer would with the "Internet Special". I said, great let's see the figures. He came back first with the "A" Plan price which was only a $1, 000 discount off the "Sticker Price" and offered me a payment of $450 per month and an interest rate of 3.9%. I know I qualify for 0% financing through Ford. I told the salesman I wanted to see the "Internet Special" price and he came back from talking with the finance officer stating he would charge me the full sticker price and on top of that another $875 for the "FREE Oil Changes for life", I said well it's not free if you are charging me. The salesman said well that's what they charge. What a scam! My Fiesta has "FREE Oil Changes" too but you can never get an appointment to get one because they have no technicians to do them. The salesman said that the "Internet Price" was a website mistake and needed correcting. Even before Thanksgiving the "Internet Price" was $15, 061 because I'd been thinking of buying it. The salesman said the $8, 229 was a mistake and should have been $3, 000. I said well you need to honor the website price and he said "NO". I asked to speak with the owner Doug Plattner and he was unavailable so I left the dealer without a great experience at one of YOUR Ford Dealers. I called back asking for the owner and got a manager and she said that this type of thing happens all the time. I was speechless that the manager said that.

The salesman would only give me $8, 000 for my Fiesta so this tells me maybe I should no longer buy Ford if they can't hold their value? After leaving, I thought to myself that they will probably change the price on the website by the time I got home and that's exactly what happened. Luckily, I still had the website up on my phone.

I have enclosed photos of the prices and how it changed from $15, 061 to $20, 061. By the way I was not even offered the $20, 061 but the sticker price of $25, 290.

I am not a happy Ford customer! Perhaps you can explain to me why this happened?

The dealer is:

LaBelle Ford - Doug Plattner [protected]
851 South Main Street
La Belle, FL 33935
Sales: [protected]

These are pictures of the original AD…
This is what it changed to by the time I got home….

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