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Received notice that my current health insurance premium was being raised from 835.00 per month to 1448.00 per month for me and my family coverage effective 1/2/15.
Not sure how many folks can afford of $613.00 per month ($7356 per year) increase - please help me understand.
Called company and said it was due to health industry costs... Called fla dept of financial services consumer division to complain and they said bcbs rate increase had been approved by state (deemed reasonable)!!! Are you kidding me???
In addition no major health costs for my children and I never once went to doctor in 2014.

Jan 07, 2015
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  •   Jan 07, 2015

    Just remember one thing: The doctors, nurses and techs are making the same money they made 20 years ago - some, less, some as a result of doing twice as much work. That's a fact. So, where is this money going?

    Take a walk sometime through a community hospital and note how many administrative people you see wandering around. With a little effort, you can spot them. Do you realize they now greatly outnumber the people working with actual direct or even indirect patient care? Do you realize that they are paid (each one of them) an average of over $60, 000/yr - some well over $100, 000? Also look at the physical facility. Many (not all, but quite a few) hospitals and clinics have been turned into something looking like a 5 star hotel or a space age air terminal - and yes! you pay for that! You also pay for everybody else's health insurance because today, by law - it all for one, one for all.

    Of course if you ever get treated for something, you'll see essentially the same equipment they used 10 yrs ago (with few exceptions); a hoard of computers (which are no option - nope - required by law! and that's a whole big mega-expensive tech department, you understand), and, of course, your pharmacy bill, you'll see very often is "whatever price they care to charge." (a topical steroid I use went from about $80 a bottle to [get this] $325 a bottle in 5 years - same stuff you understand)

    Just don't ever get the idea its doctors, nurses, med techs, or radiology techs or physical therapists soaking you to finance their lush lifestyles. Nope. You are paying all the others I described above. I like to call them "cling ons."

    And then, of course (another destination for that all too common Business grad) the layers and layers of bureaucrats and their paper shufflers at the BCBS office which of course require the same manpower employed by each and every provider - just so they can make sure they get paid.

    It has been observed that between 18 and 25 business grads are now needed for every MD. or RN. So, you see, you're lucky it's just $1400 a month.

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