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Hi, I cancelled my membership on June 28, 2011 which was within the 10 days of joining the Fitness One Malvern Inc. I haven't received my money back yet. I have gone there many times to inquire and all I get is you need to contact the head office. When I went there again on February 1, 2012, I filled out another form indicating the problem which I was told that it will be faxed to the head office. I have contacted the head office numerous times, even asked my Dad to contact but nothing has been done yet. It's been way too long now and I want my money back. I don't understand why it takes so long to even get my money back. Every time I call, they make up excuses like "We will send an email to the head office and they will get back to you." This has been going on for months now. Its been more than 10 months now! This gym is a big scam and they take women as naive and stupid.

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  • Ba
      30th of Sep, 2010
    Fitness One - asking for money
    fittness one

    I had cancelled my account one year ago and paid my owing to them. Last month I got a call from collection to pay almost $300.00 because they have not cancelled my member ship and the manager who cancelled my membership was fired. And I don’t have a copy of cancellation. These people are very rip-off and I never would suggest any one to go to fitness one.

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  • Al
      1st of Apr, 2011
    Fitness One - Balance owing after a cancelled contract
    Fitness One
    United States

    I cancelled my memebershiop after the 1 year contract in 2006. Now in 2010 Fitness One has sent me to collections for over $1000. They can not seem to find my cancellation form. Apparently seacrhing the web I found that I am not the only person who has been called from CSC collections agency for the exact same issue!!

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  • F1
      13th of Jun, 2012

    contact the ministry of consumer affairs and file a complaint.. make sure you have documentation. What they are doing is illegal - Know your rights.

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  • Ma
      5th of Oct, 2012

    Hi I joined the Fitness One at Malvern location the end of July 2012, and the first week of September 2012 I go and find out they closed down the gym!!! Like I paid more than $200 for a full year, and signed a contract with me!! I specifically asked them what happens if you close down or bankrupt when I joined to be safe, and they laughed and said not to worry at all!! I am extremely disappointed with their service i have called many location and head office and have not received any info. I want me money back now, i am a student a $200 is alot of money for me. They called my phone everyday for 2 weeks asking me to join and they left many voicemails about their promotion, and its been less than a month since a joined and they CLOSE DOWN THE GYM WITHOUT ANY NOTICE or reimbursement. Somebody needs to take action of them and give us our money back. cant believe things like this can happen in our country.

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  • Ga
      5th of Nov, 2012

    Hey guys...I actually worked in the Parkway mall location ( I know stupid me) for two weeks and guess what it has been 2 and half months and I have not gotten paid. This place is a huge scam. I honestly doubt they even have a head office. All they care about is money.
    Whenever somebody new came to join the gym the manager George and the girl who stayed with them the longest (6 months because she is friends with the manager therefore he makes sure she gets paid) Wani will suck up to potential customers so much but as soon as the people join they dont care about their customers...they were having a package sale that included (specific nutrition plan according to YOUR fitness goals and fitness assessments regularly) but guess what the nutrition plan was 2 page instructions copied from the internet which is the same for everyone...and there are no fitness assessments...they could care less about you and your fitness assessment...

    the entire 2 weeks I worked there all I got were complaints...people were getting overcharged...they werent getting their refunds...classes were getting cancelled (the gym wouldnt pay the instructors and when they asked for their pay checks the manager would yell at them and bully them) so naturally the instructors stopped coming...and then guess what they kept promising everyone that the instructor has exams and will come back soon...the class schedule changed EVERY single day...I know everyone thinks that it is so cheap so worth it but guess what by the time you are done with them you have payed double the amount that you would pay at an expensive gym...

    If the staff do not treat you right then it is probably because they are not getting paid...All my friends who worked there at the same time as me and before have not gotten paid...In the beginning we were all like it is is not the customer's fault so lets help them out but honestly after a while you just cannot work hard for a place that will not appreciate you or pay you...also nobody is trained there...I was left on my own in my first day in the front desk...on my 3rd day I was opening and alone for another 5 hours...this goes for everyone else if the staff are not able to give you any advise it is because they really do not know anything... most of the staff do not even know how to use the machines...the manager himself does not know how to use the equipment but he is really quick to judge others who do not know...he will try to sell personal training packages but there is only one personal trainer there who is also a instructor for some of their classes...anybody else there is not qualified to give you personal training...

    Most of the customers do not want to deal with the manger George because he is such a bully...he starts screaming and is extremely rude to anybody who disagrees with him...He is so not qualified to be a manager at an all women`s gym...Most of the women there are elderly and immigrants who are not that good in English and they get scared of him really quickly...If the owner John ever wants his business to become successful then he needs to fire George first...get a manager who will talk to customers calmly...but i doubt the owner himself cares about his customers...all he cared about was sales...he will call everyday and ask how many sales were made...

    I am so thankful to all the customers there for warning me and telling me to quit because I am not going to get paid...2 weeks is fine but more than that would be horrible...I am a student and I need the money badly but they could care less...All I got from the manager was excuses and now he does not even answer my texts...Shame on these people...

    In my interview the manager told me that the first month I should not expect any sales because they will be training me on how to make sales since marketing background is not necessary...I was asked to make sales in my 2nd day...and when I lost a customer I got a long lecture from George and Wani along with rude comments about my inability to learn...well guess what I never wrote in my resume that I have sales background...and I cannot act like a robot like you too and lie to people without feeling any remorse...

    In my 2 weeks I did not get ONE happy customer...

    Please everyone DO NOT get a membership at this gym and even if you do then please pay CASH...DO NOT give your account information to them under any circumstances...they are fraud...

    Also I hope nobody goes to work for are not going to get is as simple as that...and even if you do get a check it will just get bounced...

    BTW all there locations got closed except for the parkway mall one...the Dufferin one is not owned by fitness-one any longer...they sold it...

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