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i joined fitness 19 about month or so ago i go work out once a week for one hour or less in free left weights area just mind my on business don't talk to any one cuz i only have short time to get my exercise never had been told about dress code i go work out in between work hours so i get no time to change and like i say no one has told me about special cloth ware for work i almost ware the same type of pants every time even when i signed up i worked out the same day no one has says any thing to me but today i after i warmed i start my exercise and some trainer come to me tilling me i cant be working out with that type pants with Rudy sound pull the tough on me so i said OK now i know i minuet later another guy come till me i cant continue my exercise so i walked a way and i tried to cancel my member ship the first guy send me to gm the gm send another lady to make me change my mind they were know customer service but the trainer he was the one start all problem the only way to look at it he get problem with what u can called different the way he did the way he talked i didn't wanna start fight so i just cancel my member ship but i am still mad with the way they tread me the sure thing i am not going again and i hope you will have a good luck to found good place doesn't make you feel ac-word

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      Aug 23, 2011

    I son't think this is a valid complaint for two reasons. For one, you have to be at least twelve years old to have a gym membership and after reading this letter I don't think that's the case. For two, I seriously doubt that management allowed him in the free weight room.

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