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First Choice Power “motto” is “The Customer comes first” that is a Lie and a Joke. Unfortuanly due to me being off work with disability and later laid off. I was unable to make two of my payments on time. In December 2008 I was out on disability from my job, it took a while for my full disability check to come in. I applied for assailants with the Food Stamp office they gave me a list of agencies that would help me with my electric bill, every agency that I called said they were unable to help because First Choice was not listed with them.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Arlington, TXI called First Choice and asked them if I could have an ext until the next week, they told me they couldn’t pass the extented date they gave me, so I had to do a check by phone, it returned once, by that Friday I paid the bill. The next time in May I had unemployment coming in. I asked customer service if I could get an ext until the next Tuesday, they told me no since I had a return check in December. I had to do a check by phone again, the next Tuesday I paid the bill in full. On both times Thank God my lights were not turned off!! The company has since added a 400.00 deposit charge to my bill because of the two return checks. I know paying my bill is my responsibility! However, if the “Customer comes first“, you would think they would have some type of Hardship program or something if you were trying to pay your bill. CUSTOMER COMES FIRST!!! YEAH AT TXU, DIRECT ENERGY, RELIANT etc…..

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