Firestone Complete Auto Caremy ongoing nightmare with firestone.

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My complaint (below)

Time line:

• Left Jeep Patriot in the am. Was informed later in the day they could not get in that day. Left it overnight.
• Got call at the end of the day. Tech stated alignment could not be done due to ball joints. They needed another tech to look at. I did not do an inspection myself but took Tech at his word
• Car dropped off. Tech confirmed ball joints needed to be replaced before alignment. Quote for parts and labor 292.58. Decided to do myself. Right and Left control arms/Ball Joints parts 110.00. While installing, realized ball joints were in fact good. Did not think much of it.
• Went online to scheduled appointment for 2 new ties and alignment. Appointment was for 8am. I ended up dropping it off at 5am and used a different vehicle. Secretary called at 1pm to verify progress. She was informed it hasn't been worked on due to the key not being in the correct location in the drop box? (I was informed in my later call that this was my fault?) She was informed the records from the previous visit noted the ball joints and tie rod ends needed to be fixed before the alignment could be performed but that the tires would be put on before the end of the day.

I decided to call myself so I could better understand the situation. Tech informed me the Tie Rods needed to be replaced. I told him it was recommended, but was not the reason they rejected service on the alignment (verified via invoices). Tech then informed me I needed different tires due to size mismatch. Despite the price difference, bad weather was coming and I needed tires and alignment so I agreed to the tires.

• Our first major snowfall occurred the previous day. Drove slow on the highway into work due to possible ice on the roads. Jeep was still all over the place. I figured it was due to road conditions. Left the office at 4ish. While on highway 64 the Jeep was again all over the place and I almost hit another driver. The roads were in excellent condition at this point and no reduction in highway speed was needed. I pulled over to do a visual inspection of my Jeep. Nothing looked out of place or any tire issues.

I called Firestone and was informed the alignment was not done. I asked why, and why I was not informed. The only reason I bought the more expensive tires was due to needing them for the alignment. I was informed it was again the tie rods. In a calm but stern voice, I informed the Tech of my dissatisfaction with my service. I also brought up the ball joint which Firestone wanted to charge me 292.58 were not bad and could have easily went another 10k miles. The response from the tech was, "oh." The Tech put me on hold. When he came back he informed me the issue with the Tie Rods was actually a loose nut on the ball stud (driver side). I asked why it was not tightened (takes 2 seconds to do). The Tech told me they were not authorized to do so?

Being disturbed that Firestone wanted to charge me for both Ball Joints and Tie Rod ends that in fact were not bad (parts and labor = 615.76), I asked for the corporate number so I could file a complaint. The Tech told me he did not know. He said it's on the back of my invoices.

I called the Corporate Office and talked to Megan, case# 2336682. She was very nice and helpful, if I get a survey she will get high marks. I told her what had happened which after our conversation she summarized. I was told this would be sent right up the district manager.

I jacked up the Jeep in my garage and tightened the bolt. It was only 2 thread marks from the other one.

Went online to schedule appointment. Confirmation was received and my Jeep will be dropped off in the morning.


• The Jeep was worked on in the A.M. They were called by my girlfriend to let them know to put the keys in the Jeep since I would not be there before close.

The invoice said the alignment was done, but was off a bit due to a shifted Sub Frame. Also it stated the right inner Tie Rod is slightly bent. I have not jacked up the Jeep to verify. It is a very uneasy feeling when every time they touch the vehicle, something else needs to be done.


• I called the corporate number back to follow up about my complaint (#2336682). I talked to I believe Casey, she was nice. She told me I should have received a call. She said she would escalate it, but it will be another 24 to 48 hours for a response. I told her I typed up the incident and would like to send it in for review for the call. She informed me she did not have that information. I told her it wasn't a big deal; I can send it in once I talk to someone.

I called the Jeep dealership to set up an appointment to look over Jeep. After my experience, I have a strange feeling someone might have done something to retaliate. Talked to David. I told him the experience I had with Firestone. He responds, "that's Firestone for you." That statement makes me think this is not uncommon. I will drop it off Friday 11/30/18.


Another 48 hours has passed. I am now filling the complaint with the Better Business Bureau.

Course of action:
1. Corporate call 11/13/18- No call back as stated.
2. Corporate call 11/15/18- No call back as stated.
3. File complaint with BBB-In process.
4. File complaint with Missouri Attorney General- N/A as of right now.

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