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A salesman came to our house, we were supposed to win a 17 piece knife set for watching the demo. We agreed to buy the machine, but my credit must have been denied because we never have heard from the guy again. When it came time to get our "prize" the salesman claims he was out of them and he would put it in the mail. We have never received it.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Holland, OHI was willing to pay the 3000 for the vaccuum. I wish i had better credit to purchase it. But we were left with no way to contact our salesman and he kept bragging that he was getting paid 20 per hour to be there. I would at least have liked the knife set to make up for him pouring dirt all over my floor and making me listen to his scam for an hour.

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  • Ja
      Feb 02, 2010

    hey i am very sorry to hear about your experience with that sales person- i do work for american filtration which does sell the system.

    He should of never done that 2 you and i apologize for that. If your still intrested in the system e-mail me at jdewitt.[protected]

    i can get you the full system for 1, 400 and 35 bucks a month regardless of your credit.

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  • Ki
      Jul 12, 2010

    I am very sorry to hear you were not satisfied with your experience. Please contact me directly to work with you on this issue. I can be reached at 800.760.4644 ext. 7816.

    Kimberly Wallace
    Customer Experience Director

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  • Ro
      Jul 19, 2010

    DON'T BUY!
    In my personal opinion it is NOT worth the ridiculous amount of money they want. $2, 600 is laughble.
    Apparently they count on suckers to buy these vacuums.

    Why not sell them at a reasonable price? Like closer to whathey are worth? Sales may greatly increase.

    At Goodwill I just bought a Filter Queen "Majestic" vacuum for $8.50. ($9.99 plus my 15% senior discount.)
    The filters are ridiculously expensive. No need to be so expensive.

    The power wire from the hose connected to the vacuum canister is very poorly engineered.
    It must make a sharp 90 degree turn to bend up to plug into its outlet.
    The wire jacket has broken because of the severe flexion needed to go around the locking collar.
    They could so easily design this better. Why not?

    This vacuum came with a paper cone filter labled "For Demonstration Only".
    Donated by a former con, I mean, salesman?

    Good suction.
    Good tough hose.
    Fairly quiet.
    Good wheels
    Tough flexible canister

    Small dirt capacity.
    Difficult to clean. Very dusty. I take mine outside to empty, then use a garden hose to wash it out.
    Power cord too short.
    Clamps difficult to open from ends. Must grasp from sides.
    Despite bumpers, metal clamps can hit and damage furniture or walls.
    Decorative grate on the top is needless and difficult to clean.
    How does one clean or change the internal white filter in the top?


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  • Pu
      Jul 23, 2010
    Best Best Advice

    I had a poor experience with Filter Queen last night. I received a phone call saying I had completed a survey online, been entered into a drawing, and won a vacation (I don't recall ever doing an online survey - they probably randomly pulled my name from the phone book or something). The woman on the phone said to claim the prize, my husband and I needed to listen to a presentation about two products that aren't available in stores. At the end of the 45 minute presentation, we just needed to give feedback on how the presenter did and what we thought about the product. I asked her if this was some type of market research and she said it was.

    Well, it ended up being a sales pitch. The salesman was 30 minutes late. The presentation was great and the products were cool. But we are on a very tight budget with no ability to buy a $100 vacuum at the moment, let alone a $3300 one. We thanked him for his time and told him no, we weren't interested. He kept pushing, asking if we liked the vacuum why we wouldn't buy it. We told him we didn't have the money and it was our policy not to go into debt. He got very argumentative and confrontational, asking us how we could let our child crawl on this carpet, questioning how much money we made (we refused to answer) and insisting we could afford the monthly payment. We told him it wasn't about whether or not we could afford $89 a month, but that financing it was not an option and this sale wasn't going to happen that night. He argued with us for twenty minutes. He slowly began packing his things up, and was obviously very put off. He didn't believe me when I told him that we were told this was market research, not a sales pitch.

    He used my paper towels to clean his vacuum and left the damp, dirty towels all over my floor. He left the small demo filters with all that "toxic" hair and dust and mite poop right on our sofa - didn't even throw it away. And what irritated me the most was when he was cleaning his vacuum up and putting it away, he DUMPED it onto our carpet, took out the filter and FLICKED all the dirt in it back into our carpet. I think he was just being vindictive.

    After he left, we examined the vacation voucher. It is not free like the company said. There is a $50 registration fee. And the company didn't fill out mandatory information fields required of the sponsor, thereby making the voucher INVALID.

    Total waste.

    The ironic part is this. I was REALLY impressed with the vacuum. During the presentation, I kept thinking that this is something I really wanted - something I knew would be expensive but I would save up for it because I saw the value. After the way that guy behaved, all bridges have been burned. I've called the numbers that called me to set up the appointment to discuss the invalid voucher with them - no answer.

    It seems all around shady to me. Which is strange because the product seemed so good.

    Just beware.

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  • Be
      Jul 23, 2010


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  • Ch
      Jul 24, 2010

    Bennie Mobley I once worked for these people and am right now trying to make rent then I'm leaving it alone. The deceive the demonstrators who spend more money in gas than what they earned in one 10% sale. When I realized how much I would spend constantly making an hour drive back and forth and that they do not find your appointments like they say in training, I started telling people the truth and in turn helped me fake the deceivers.

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  • Pa
      Jul 26, 2010

    Just called the [protected] number looking for parts for our filter Queen and talked to a "Lady" who said her name was Toni. I felt like I was talking to an Attorney who was far less than helpfull. I asked for the name and mailing address of the CEO/President and she said they don't give out that information. I will eventually get what I was asking for but I thought it may be helpfull if I related my use of that number to the public

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  • Ex
      Aug 08, 2010

    Purplehay21, it sounds like you had the same demonstrator that we had. Very unprofessional person. Worst sales person ever. He did all the same things. He used our #1 consumer magazine rated Sears Kenmore with an extremely over filled and dirty bag. Yes it did smell and didn't do a good job. I guess I should have made sure it had a new bag in it before he came over. I told my son to throw away the filter patches, and the sales [censored] said no don't throw them away, he needed them for a contest and was going to win with these for sure. Yes, it did do better than my Kenmore, but how well would it do if it had a full canister. He offered me to do clean a different section with my Kenmore. I declined. He never even mentioned the cost, we said no, we were not interested. After the interrogation was over, he got on his cell phone and "called" his boss to find out what he did wrong. He was very loud, so that we could hear him. My wife left the room. I was doing something else in the kitchen. After the phone call, he took some of my paper towels and got them wet. Dismantled his equipment. Flicked the filter out on the floor, and honetly, I didn't see anything fall. But, it was still very rude. All I could think was, what a jerk. Wiped down his equipment and put it all away. Left the damp paper towels on the floor. Left the filter patches on the coffee table, he's not going to win the contest if he doesn't take them. Then he finished up with everything and brought in our gifts. The appointment scheduler stated a set of steak knives, like the ones at Outback, more like the ones from the 99 cent store, a BBQ tool set, also from the 99 cent store, and a vacation for 3 days, 2 nights and we could bring 2 kids. She didn't mention that the kids would be $50/kid/day. He didn't even say anything about the gifts, just layed them on the coffee table, near the filter patches. And she also stated that it would be about a 45 minute presentation, more like 2 hours. The appointment was supposed to be at 8:30 P.M. but he called my wife and said he finished with his other appointment early and could come over earlier, at around 7:30. I wasn't home from work yet and told my wife I would be home around 8:00, so she told him about that time. When I was turning the corner, I noticed a van parked in an area that isn't really for parking. Didn't realize it was him. So, he was waiting for me to get home, which was 8:00. After all was said and done, he left at almost 10:00 P.M. Before he came out, I did some research on line and we were pretty much prepared for everything. I also found these on e-bay for less than $300.00. Still not interested. Good luck if you invite these jerks over.

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  • Ex
      Aug 08, 2010

    Sorry Purplehays21, don't know where the 's' went.
    And, $5.00/kid/night.

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  • Ra
      Nov 13, 2010

    I know a little bit about Filter Queen because 6 years ago, I applied for a 'job' for a 'pollution control position' with a local company. The pay rate listed was about $14+/hr. No experience necessary. Will train. Since jobs were scarce, I applied, and started a 3 day training session. It was for Filter Queen Vacuum Cleaners and the Air Cleaner they also sell at about $2, 3000 a pair. We were also told that the $14/hr. was actually $14 per appointment, which could take 2 hours without the drive. We were also promised $200 draw pay a week, even during training. Much like Amway, they presented themselves very slowly, bit by bit, and I noticed a lot of 'reneging' on their promises about pay and other things, and many red flags. They fiercely denied their product was a 'vacuum cleaner', but what I learned on the first day was that I'd be a door to door vacuum cleaner salesman, and I almost bailed then. I went to the second day of training, and they reneged on the $200 draw pay, and stressed 'practicing' on friends, neighbors, family, etc..' but they really just wanted us to provide customers for them. Part of this early 'training' involved us telling the customer after demonstrating is "either the vacuum stays here or the dirt stays on the floor", so these salesmen mentioned above were leaving the mess behind like instructed, they just never mentioned it to the customer beforehand, like they were supposed to. It was a technique they thought would close more sales. They also said that they'd be generous and pay half the cost of a bond to cover the cost of the pair of appliances should we lose, damage, or steal them, so before we even starting 'training' we were asked to lay out some money. The whole experience was like a slow con game, and when I realized they had pretty much reneged, misrepresented, or LIED about the pay, hours involved, and compensation, especially the 'no draw pay', I split at lunch and never came back. There's also some multi-level-marketing going on, and there wasn't really a NEED for more vacuum cleaner salesmen - someone just was trying to build her own little pyramid or 'cell' up. I live in a peon area, hardly the area to sell volumes of high-end vacuum cleaners in. I kept seeing the same ad in the paper every month, and thought 'how can they get away with this?' And just think of how they'd treat a customer? The good side is that I thought the product was pretty good, but who's going to buy a $2, 300 air cleaner/vacuum cleaner duo during a recession?

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  • Ca
      Feb 22, 2011

    Micron Filtration/Majestic Filter Queen Warranty ~ I bought the vacuum because I was very impressed with it. As far as the yearly service I question that practice. They say the only way to warranty the vacuum is to buy the filters ($100) on a yearly basis and their salesperson comes to your home to do some minor adjustments. Yea right. They say to replace the filters on a monthly basis and the cone filter every 6 months. I am a single person and it's only me and kitty in the house. Why would I want to change the filter on a monthly basis? I still have approximately 7 or 8 filters left. It is my opinion they are only trying to bleed more money out of the consumer. I will be buying my filters on eBay and save myself some big time bucks.

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  • Wa
      Mar 22, 2011

    I worked for a filter queen distributor. This IS a total scam to those who would venture into that job market. They do not pay 20 dollars an hour. It is 20 dollars per visit and you have to bully your customers to get referrals. Many times you only are able to visit 3 people a day because of their locations. You use your own vehicle and end up spending more in gas than the commission you receive. Unless you have a upper middle class clientele they won't give you the time of day. The gifts that you are promised are bought in bulk and are low grade items at best.
    The product is actually very well put together, but only a select few can afford it.
    Job seekers beware of ads asking if you want to get into the respiratory business.
    You'll end up becoming a Air Filter system with cleaning attachments saleman (they'll never admit that it is a high end vacuum).

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  • Gu
      Mar 23, 2011

    We just bought the Majestic and 2 defenders I don't know if we were ripped off but we paid $3698.07 for all three machines. Please some one give me a response before 03/24/2011. Thanks Gullible in ND

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  • Ru
      Dec 13, 2016

    @gullible in ND You paid $3700 for an air cleaner and a vacuum cleaner and don't know whether you were ripped off???

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  • Ca
      Mar 24, 2011

    For Gullible in ND, here's my experience.
    A friend sells Filter Queen machines and insisted on lending me his own Defender because he was so "concerned" about the air quality in my home. I had told him that I could not afford to buy one. When I went to pick it up, he included the Majestic, even though he had not mentioned it before.
    After running the Defender for a while, I began to sense a dusty smell in the room, and I had a headache. I don't get headaches normally, so I looked more closely at the machine. Although the exhaust ports at the top were blowing air out forcefully, I couldn't feel any air going into the bottom part where the filters are.
    I took the machine apart and turned it on with the bottom part removed. I finally felt a bit of suction where the air would go into the top part after being filtered, but the suction was not nearly enough to draw air from the room through the two dense filters and then expel it out the top with the degree of force that was happening with the blowing out.
    It almost seems as if the top part just whirls the air around, so it might have been stirring up dust while nothing, or almost nothing, was going through the filters.
    Conclusion: I would not buy this machine for any amount of money - and, after that experience, I didn't even want to try the Majestic. I hope that they don't make it impossible for you to get out of the contract if you have a similar experience! All the best.

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  • Sg
      Apr 30, 2011

    All of you complaining are just silly.

    Any where you go there will be professionals and people who are not professional, thats just how life is. You can have an excellent waiter at Applebee's then a crappy one after that at the same restaurant, that doesn't mean the whole chain sucks. Don't take it out on an awesome product just because someone was rude to you.
    As for the ones who complained because they put YOUR DUST AND DIRT back on your own carpet... why should they take it with you? Is it their job to take that and clean up your nastiness? I think not. You should just be happy they got a good amount of crap from deep down in your carpet that your vacuum couldn't reach. It's not like they brought in outside dust and dirt and poured it on your carpet, its all stuff that was already there but NOW you can see it so you get upset that its there? Ha.
    I sold these back in 2005 and made plenty of money doing it. It is easy to sell something that works great and commission well made up for the amount of traveling I had to do. If you aren't a good salesman and made no money doing this... perhaps its a sign you shouldn't be pursuing jobs in sales!

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  • Ja
      Apr 16, 2017

    @Sgt Craig You are an ###

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  • 4h
      Jul 06, 2011

    My Dyson picks up a lot of dirt and after vacuuming with it, I notice my house is cleaner, so it does what i want. Yeah if my Dyson had more power it would pick up the dirt that is ground into my carpet that would never come out under normal circumstances. Yes the majestic cleans better but its 4x more energy used to get that power. I asked how much it would cost to run both on a regular basis and the salesman...I mean market research person said “that doesn’t matter if your health matters”. Well I am plenty healthy with my on sale Dyson at $115 and my on sale Honeywell HEPA filter at $100 and my Dyson picked up your “extremely toxic dirt and bacteria” just fine after you left; that he kept insisting that I touch. After he proposed a never before offer of $2000 for this system I told him no thanks and as everyone else has said, the begrudging and outrage of how I could pass this up went on as he slowly packed up. 3 hours later I was happy to see him leave and got a laugh that I could buy one on eBay for $400

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  • Du
      Aug 24, 2011

    No offense but any carpet replacement contract that you agree to will not cover their replacement or warranty policy when a dyson is used. The dyson has almost spike-like objects on their brushes that, yes do scrap up more dirt and dust, but at the same time rip up your NEW carpeting that I can guarantee after researching Empire Flooring on this very same website, cost you a freaking load of cash. Me, I do have the filterqueen, both the Defenders (3) and the Majestic. We have 3 kids, 3 dogs and my husband and myself, we have dirt, dust and everything else you can imagine, significantly the machines take out crazy amounts of crap I don't want my kids to crawl on, step on, eat stuff off of (yes you know twin toddlers eat all crap off of the floor, your dirt is in your baby's mouth!), walk on or whatever else may happen when I am not looking off my floors. On top of that, my husband and I only have the laminent wood floors and tile on our floors. It is gross the crap that comes out of our floor and in our air. I replace the filter once a year religiously for the defenders and as the canister gets full on the vacuum with the charcoal filter once every 6 months, I am not a ### and I know that charcoal only lasts 180 days max. We love our filtration equipment and appreciate the clean atmosphere. If you don't realize that you are in a dirty world, you are ignoring the reality of life. Come on people, the world is dirty. Either you have a bubble baby that gets sick once a year even in school for the entire day or you have a baby that gets sick a couple dozen times a year, replace you carpet over and over again and the warranty no longer applies (either way you spend a freaking fortune) or you spend the money now and save it tomorrow. I appreciate my retirement and am completely storing that away for tomorrow.

    Beyond that, please not be stupid and read your damn paperwork. Finance charges, regarding where you finance, are freaking stupid. Don't finance, put on a credit card or not know what you are getting into. People charge interest, that is how they are able to LOAN you money. Get over your complaintfest and realize that is how it works. If you can;t pay for it in CASH, don't buy!

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  • Bu
      Dec 04, 2011

    The whole system is a scam. The products are grossly marked up by up to 300 percent. There has been a history of internal problems from the top all the way to the down with not much accountability and plenty of excuses.

    I didn't have a problem selling them myself but after doing some internet research, I didn't see the point in selling them because I didn't see any integrity in the company at all. The financing is deceptive and puts more money into the owners pockets (not the sales person), the products when serviced were using inferior parts, and the sales presentations were covering places further and further with many people not being there at all.

    If the product was so good Best Buy and Walmart would carry them in the first place. Then this foolishness wouldn't be happening.

    A lot of these distributors and salespeople that talk about how they seem to be an exception to the rules aren't around to respond when they shut down or go out of the business. Please keep that in mind if they tell you how wonderful everything is two years from now.

    I've been working of consumer issues with the company for almost ten years and I do interviews with the media. It's the same thing just different faces.

    Its amazing how the negatives of Healthmoor outweigh the positives when doing a Google search.

    If you want one, buy one on the internet for $700 and save the hefty fincancing charges.

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  • Bk
      Feb 13, 2012

    I have a filter queen 75th anniversary and I have had problems with it from day one. First the wand would not turn on. then the hose had a small hole. I had them fixed after calling the company and complaining 6 times. Then the bumper kept coming off, now the engine or the wiring but the vacuum works only once in a while. The bad part about the whole thing is trying to get the service department on the phone and having anyone who works for the company care about their product. I will never recommend this product to anyone.

    dissatisfied customer

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  • Mi
      Feb 24, 2012

    I bought a Filter Queen Majestic 360 and air cleaner because my "college kid" daughter was lied to at the interview; worked her tail off for 3-4 weeks and didn't get paid a nickle... She had to do cold-calling door-to-door, etc, , , I felt bad, and out of love for her I bought so she'd at least get 1 commission before I suggested she stop. As a parent, it's a "moral wrong" when they lie to our kids to get free labor out of them...
    COMPLAINT: The vacuum has worked well, but Sept. 2011, the wand began separating. We called cust. service, and left msg's about (5) times before we finally got a call back (2) months later... We were told there is a re-call and they would send out (3) new pieces asap. Well, it is now Feb. 24, 2012 and WE ARE STILL WAITING FOR THE PARTS... It's not only "BAD" customer service; IT'S NO CUSTOMER AT ALL! IN PARTICULAR: the initial operator that answers the phone was "VERY RUDE AND ARGUMENTATIVE"... We have spoken to "nice people" (supervisor/managers) who reassured us our parts were "on the way". BUT the lack of parts being delivered is really frustrating ... no parts means vacuum cannot be used! I think I will NEVER buy another Filter Queen, not because of poor quality, but because of NO SERVICE!!!
    I hope they read this and get their "Customer Service" act together; it may be as simple as doing a "Lean" on their cust. service processes..
    Filter Queen: if you want to change and Excel with your customers, email me.
    Michael Carter, care of: [protected]

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  • Mi
      Feb 24, 2012

    Sorry, the email on my previous mick44 COMPLAINT WAS WRONG... Please change it to:

    Thank you!

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  • Ka
      Oct 22, 2012

    I'm still paying payments on a Filter Queen vacuum cleaner i wish i would have never purchased. The demo was so selling. I have a pretty big living room and it done very well. I gave in and purchased it to later find out it's so hard to get around the others rooms in my house and my hallway. I regret buying this cleaner. It's way over priced and not what it seems.So disappointed and still having to pay for this piece of garbage.Does anyone know what i can do about this situatio?. I'd be willing to send it back if they would knock off most of what i owed or a portion. I'm now left looking for a new vacuum cleaner and still owe $2, 000 on this one. I've learned my lesson. When salesman come to your house to sell things turn them away and don't be afraid to hurt their feeling because they only care about themselves..Kansadren A kandy.[protected]

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  • A Salesman came to our house, we were supposed to win a 17 piece knife set for watching the demo. We agreed to buy the machine, When it came time to get our "prize" the salesman claims he didn't have any with him, and that he would be bringing one out to us. We have never received it. I was willing to pay the 2800 for the vacuum. The salesperson told us that was the lowest they could go on the system, Told him i wanted 24 hours to think it over. He was to call me back the very next day. My wife and I waited all day for him to return call, we were gonna tell him we wanted the system. He never returned our call. We got the number to his company thanks to a google search, he never left it with us. today he said they would go 2600 on the system. I told him that would be fine, after taking some very basic credit info over the phone, he told me he couldn't make it back to my place for a few days due to transportation issues. then about an hour later he returned my call and asked if I had a cosigner that i could list on the loan because my credit app was denied. I am a homeowner, and small business owner. I haven't had to have a cosigner for anything in over 20 years now. I do not believe he even ran my credit info. I think he doesn't want to make the 90 minute drive back to my place. I would at least have liked the knife set to make up for him pouring dirt all over my floor and making me listen to his sales pitch was only supposed to be 1 hour, instead it was closer to 2 1/2 hours. Over all i think the product is very good. my parents owned one of these systems. Just wish their sales would be better...

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  • Cj
      Jan 09, 2013

    I worked for a distributer of Filter Queen back when I was 18yrs old. I was told that I'd receive a $2400/month salary for demoing "air filtration products which double as class II medical devices". Once I got there, I was told that the salary kicks in AFTER I demo the products 45 times. By the time I reached my 42nd demo, they simply fired me so that I wouldn't meet the 45 demo quota and therefore receive my salary pay. As for why I didn't sell anything? The leads were junk. Some of my "best" experiences were: 1) A trailer that literally had mold growing on the ceiling and the lady could hardly afford food to live; 2) A 2 bedroom apartment with a couple and 4 kids who were currently saving soda cans to cash in so they could use the money for laundry; 3) A hoarder couple in a disgusting dump of a house (I almost threw up). Not a good place to work for.

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  • I went to use my filter queen vacuum, and as I turned it on, it began to smoke and immediately caught on fire. I could not turn it off, so I pulled the plug, it was still burning causing my rug to burn, and scorching my lino. the plactic on my wand is melted the beater bar is completly ruined. about a year ago filter queen was recalled, i phoned the number from the letter i got, but when i told them my serial number and model, they said mine was not on the list for recall.I told them the beater bar was not sounding normal when turned on, they said sorry, i;m not on the list for recall. I think this is terrible service. would I buy another over prizes machine or recomed one for someone else, not ever

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  • Ki
      May 30, 2013

    We were taken in by a salesperson here in Spokane, Washington. We made it clear that we had just bought a house and couldn't afford the payments for the filter queen but she kept pushing. The sales person spent more than 2.5 hours convincing us to buy it, even calling her boss supposedly seeing what she could do to drop the price some for us. The unit was originally $2700 and I guess she got it down to $2300 but we weren't supposed to tell anyone and we didn't even get the full home system or whatever they were trying to sell, just the cleaner and 1 air filter. We also purchased a bottle of the eucalyptus scents which was as it turned out a used bottle that was clogged and we had to unscrew it to get some out rather than being able to spray it onto tissue to use in the filter and we paid $10 for the tiny bottle. She promised us that the filter queen was covered for the life of the unit but now reading the manual more closely because it's malfunctioning it states the system is only covered for 2 years and no longer. We ended up with a nearly $70 a month payment which she knew we couldn't afford. She came on a Thursday and we were told we only had 3 days to decide to keep it or change our minds. Well we decided Sunday that we wanted to send it back because no matter how we did the math the payments were just to much so I tried to call but got no answer and so I assumed they were closed. We thought it would be 3 business days but when I got a hold of someone on Monday which would have been the 3rd business day we were informed that it had been 4 days and that we had to keep it and make the payments. Now we are $140 behind in the payments, have damaged credit because of it and I tried to return the stupid thing a long time ago but they wouldn't let me. I really don't know what we are going to do now. I feel like we were taken advantage of by this sales person who claims that she wasn't a sales person but rather a health representative or some such nonsense. I do not recommend ever getting involved with this company for any reason, they will lie and do anything to make a sale. The sales person knew that my mother and I were both disabled and very poor and we feel like she preyed upon us as does everyone that we have talked to about the situation.

    I know that there is no way that they are going to make this right by us. Heck I would be happy if they would just take the thing back and us not owe another cent and be done with it. I was just as happy with the performance of the Shark Navigator which I had for 3 years before it ever gave me even the slightest problem. The filter queen we have had less than a year and already we had the sales gal out to fix one minor problem and now the stupid red light keeps coming on and nothing I do seems to fix the problem and we can't afford to have it serviced or replace parts. From everything I have read and experienced though the unit is supposed to be covered for a little over another year they would just find a way to weasel out of covering any repairs to the unit, like find a way to blame us for whatever the problem is.

    I hate this company and this unit!

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  • Ki
      May 30, 2013

    This system sucks and the sales people lie to get a sale because it's probably the only way to make a sale. Sure it works great for a while but after 4 or 5 uses it starts picking up less and less just like any other vacuum and no matter how you look at it that is exactly what it is. We were manipulated into agreeing to buy this system despite telling the sales person that we had just bought a house and could not afford another monthly payment. The sales lady knew my mother and I are on disability and barely making ends meet as it is with a house payment, car payment, insurance on both, and all of our utilities let alone adding another loan to the mix. We told her no several times but 2.5 hours of listening to this woman go on and on about how great the system was we broke down and bought it. She went so far as to fake calls to her boss to get the price lowered from $2700 for $2300 and then forbade us from telling anyone about the price reduction. We are now paying $68 a month though we can't afford it and are actually behind by 2 full payments. We tried to send it back but were only given 3 days to decide if we wanted to keep it or return it. Day 3 landed on a Sunday and I got no answer so I assume they were closed so I called on Monday figuring it would be 3 business days as per most normal companies of any kind. Wow was I wrong, we were told it was day 4 and that we could not return it and that we had to make the payments and keep it. We started having problems with it within the first month of owning the thing. This company lies and scams just to sell an over priced vacuum cleaner and so called air filter which by the way doesn't do crap. The air in our house is no better with it on then it is with it off. I have to have a fan running at night to breathe so to test how well the thing really worked since it didn't seem to be making a difference and closed up the bedroom with the air filter running full power for a couple of weeks non stop and had cleaned my fan so it was spotless. Well after those 2 weeks my fan was just as filthy as if the air filter was not in the room. You would have though that I never ran an air filter in the room or cleaned the floors despite vacuuming the floors weekly and running the filter non stop. What a scam! I hate the system and the company!!! I wish they would just take the thing back and make it so that I don't own anything more. Heck they can keep the money we have paid in already for all I care with is at least $600 so far.

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  • Al
      Jun 17, 2013

    There is nothing wrong with this vacuum system nor was this a scam in any way. Basically you could not afford the system, almost EVERYONE can get approved for this vacuum system even with poor credit. You must have bankruptcy or some VERY negative credit marks on your history and I do not blame this guy and the company for not selling this vacuum to you. I have a 580 score (rebuilding after an ex-girlfriend stole my identity and went on a $50, 000 shopping spree, yes she in in jail for a list of offenses but the credit reporting agencies did nothing to repair my credit) and I was still able to purchase one of these with $5 down. Also their sales tactic is to get you to buy the air filtration systems but I told the guy I just wanted the Majestic and that's it. I got the Majestic for $998 having to trade in my $45 Eureka vacuum I had from college with $5 down and make a monthly payment of $47. Oh and I forgot to mention that I won a prize as well but the salesperson greeted me at the door... with my iPod Touch 32GB. Yes I was one of the lucky few who won an iPod Touch at least in this area they were giving out much nicer prizes. They had serving sets and grill top sets as their normal give-away prizes but I guess I was lucky. Once he introduced himself, he handed me the iPod and asked if I would like to view his demonstration. He didn't even have any of the products with him, just his planner and the iPod. Of course I said yes, they gave me a free iPod! So I don't know where all of you guys call this company crooks or scam artists. Then after his demo we discussed pricing. I am no push over, I am very blunt and outspoken (I was a sales rep while in college). They wanted to sell it as a "packaged" deal, they started out at $4600 with two Defenders and one Majestic. But if I traded in my Eureka I would get a $1000 off and only pay $3600 with $330 down and $130 monthly at 17.9% APR. So I told him thank you for the gift but I wasn't interested. He then said ok well we can do one Defender and the Majestic for $2800 with the discount, $5 down and only $111 monthly. Again I said he's not getting the point, I do not want the Defenders at all because I have medical grade air purifying system built into my house. So he said "Let me call my manager and see what we can do" type of thing. He called his manager, talked a lot of pitch talk and all of that BS, he then asked what I like best and I told him again the Majestic as I was getting really annoyed at this time. So he wrote down a few figures and said alright we can do just the Majestic. What will it take to get the item today? I told him I would give him $600 cash, obviously he wouldn't take it. He showed me the numbers his "manager" said, it was $5 down and $49 a month and I don't start payments for 6 months and the unit was discounted $1100 to $1400. I simply said "Alright, this is what I will pay, I will pay you $900 and $98, not $99, for the lifetime warranty." He talked with his manager, then said came up with $5 down and $47 a month, $998 was the final price. Done deal. The Majestic is the best vacuuming system I have ever owned. It's not the companies fault that your lack the intelligence or the credit. They do not have to give you a prize. They are selling a great product, a product that will last a lifetime. My parents had a Filter Queen for 45 years and they have recently replaced the motor which cost $99 and I did it myself. There is no scam, people say the vacuum is only mediocre because of the price tag. Listen folks, I am a chemical engineer, I understand how this machine works, the point of having a filter that filters to .1 microns, and the importance of air flow. I own a Dyson DC24 Animal upright vacuum and I used to own a Shark Navigator (that was my trade in). Their HEPA filter works for really only .3 microns, Dyson .2 microns which makes a big difference in terms of your health or if you have severe allergies like I do. Also did I mention that my Dyson DC24, a $499 vacuum broke after 2 years, 3 months, and 19 days? Yes I checked the receipt that is exactly how long it lasted. The filter it uses is washable but once you wash it it is never as good as a BRAND NEW filter which is $30 a filter! I vacuumed two side-by-side high traffic areas in my house (I also have 3 cats) with the Dyson and Shark and then pulled out the contents and weighed them on a scale I have when I need to do work at home ($5000 scale). The contents from the Shark and the Dyson were near equal, sometimes more or less while using brand new filters. So anyone who says that Dyson is the best vacuum over anything else for the price is so full of it it's not even funny. You just fell for the well thought out marketing that Dyson feeds your mush filled heads. Now that I established the fact that Dyson breaks in a few years (a belt that will cost over $100 to replace as well as a $30 filter to replace monthly) has the same performance as a Shark vacuum that cost $129, I will tll you how much better the Majestic is. I vacuumed the same high traffic area, two sections side by side, taped off with painters tape separated by 3 inches, first with the Shark Navigator for 45 passes then the other section with the Majestic for 45 passes. The difference was incredibly noticeable. The Majestic picked up 2-3 times more, these were not weighed out at the time but it wasn't the cat hair that was noticeable but the amount of dust was almost non-existent with the Shark and the filter on the Majestic was covered in it (I live in Texas, lots of Cedar pollen and dust). I then vacuumed the Shark Navigator spot with the Majestic for 20 passes, and it picked up more than the Shark did with half the amount of passes. Yes the Majestic is quite expensive, if you can't afford it don't purchase it, it is as simple as that. If you need to think about "Can I make my car payment or put food on the table if I purchase this?" then you have no right to purchase something that you simply can't afford. ESPECIALLY if you will come to some website and complain that you didn't get some $3 gift for an item that you can't afford. You shouldn't come to a website and bash an amazing product that personally saved my carpets because you didn't have the business sense to beat the salesman at his game and get a better price and then complain you over payed for an item that you feel is not as good as a Dyson. Well I will get measured weights of the differences once I feel the need to repair my POS Dyson that I paid $500 for that broke. I mentioned before my parents had a Filter Queen vacuum for 45 years and the only money they put into it were filters and a new motor after 45 years. I get my Filter Queen Majestic filters for $5 for 12 cone filters I replace once a month. With my Dyson I replaced the filter every 2 months. Hmm, 50 cents for a filter a month or $15 for a vacuum that doesn't perform as well. Here is my last point, the Dyson ball system is heavy, my mother couldn't use it, she suffers from chronic pain, the canister system fits under furniture and anywhere you can think of. It works! Don't bash something you regret purchasing because you simply can't afford it. Don't call it a scam because you have terrible credit so much that they deny you when they basically approve anyone. This vacuum has helped my severe allergies and has cleaned my house ten fold compared to my Dyson and Shark. If you can afford it, buy it. As long as you maintain it, don't get stingy with filters and replace them monthly or every two weeks (use these filters they are just as good as the OEM filters, replace the Medipure cones, and don't beat the heck out of it, it will literally be the last vacuum you ever need to buy. Thank you Filter Queen for improving the quality of life for me.

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  • Ma
      Jun 17, 2013

    I have to post again after reading all of the comments. It is exactly how I put it in my last comment. The major complaint is the cost and not the durability or how well the machine performs. Again being a Shark Navigator and Dyson DC24 Animal owner the Majestic outperforms both, period. Here is the problem, 80% of you that are complaining simply CAN NOT AFFORD THIS VACUUM! If you can't afford it why did you even bother buying it? If you had a new house and were barely making due then why were you so stupid to buy it? This all comes down to how most American's live their lives. This is why we are in such financial troubles is because of people who are terrible with money, want everything especially when they can "finance" it and they could not afford it even with a low monthly payment. It is your fault! It is not the company who sold it to you, they did not sign the paper work for you! You agreed to pay for something, WILLINGLY knowing that you simply cannot afford the payments. Why on Earth did you buy something that you guys simply cannot afford? IT IS MAKING ME GO CRAZY to see the level of intelligence that the majority of America displays to the world. If you are broke or live paycheck to paycheck you have no right to purchase a $1000 vacuum if you cannot afford to pay it. The salesperson did their job, they presented it in a manner that it was affordable for most. But you should have a grip on your financial situation!

    As for RobertGift, how are these filters way over priced? Go visit this link: For a 6 month supply it is just under $34! That is a maintenance cost of $5.67 a month on top of my monthly payment that is $54 a month. The first paycheck I pay the $47 and wow, it's payed for the month. Here is what I do, I get a one year supply of cone filters for $4 here: Then I buy two charcoal filters here: for $24. For $28 I get a full year supply of filters for my Majestic. That is an maintenance cost of $2.33, how is that so overpriced? Are you just that dumb to not search around for better prices? You do know you have the internet right? Oh yes, you used it to make bogus complaints about a terrific product. You guys have no business sense or are terrible consumers. You just SEARCH online, you know use Google or Bing, and search for Filter Queen Majestic Filters and whoa! You find cost effective filters even for the Defenders which I agree with are a complete rip off. Here are filters for the Defender air filtration systems, and this was just a quick search:

    For $60 you get a filter good for a year and carbon filter @
    For $52.95 you get the annual filter @

    Smart consumers prosper, use your brains before you make a large investment. If you can't afford it you were stupid to purchase it. It's not the companies fault, it is their job to sell it to you. They didn't sign the contract, YOU DID. It is your fault, take ownership for your mistakes and and stop blaming others.

    For the intelligent consumers, the Majestic is the best vacuum I have ever used. Make sure you talk your salesman down on price. They will bring the vacuum down to a $1000 with low monthly payments. Don't accept their first few offers because they want as much as they can get for them. Use this website to get your filters:, you will save a lot of money and when you maintain your Majestic it WILL last forever. AGAIN IF YOU CAN NOT AFFORD IT DO NOT BUY IT, IT IS YOUR OWN DAMN FAULT YOU GOT INTO A SITUATION LIKE BEING LATE ON PAYMENTS. Don't say it is a scam WHEN YOU SIGNED THE CONTRACT. This is a better vacuuming system than the Dyson ESPECIALLY for pet hair and dander. I am not a sales rep but just an annoyed consumer and annoyed that I live in a country with people so unintelligent that they blame others for their own mistakes. It's sickening!

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  • Ja
      Aug 26, 2013

    It's funny reading your complaints; these units are intended for individuals who suffer from UPPER RESPIRATORY issues. They have been proved effective ABOVE HEPA AND HOSPITAL standards, why would you want to pay for a crappy one at Walmart and have it last maybe two years, and use those crappy pieces of paper they call 'filters.' FilterQueen units are for those who suffer from dirt, dust, severe allergens, mold pores, bacteria, and any other type of floating air particles that are harmful to the human body. If you just want an air filter for your living room/bedroom, go ahead and buy a cheap $130 one, but when you buy FilterQueen, you're buying the BEST and it's PROVEN through university research in the United States AND overseas. The company doesn't lie about any of it's productivity, they don't need to. And for buying the replacement filters/cartridges, yes they are a little more than your standard filter. FilterQueen filters are manufactured NIGHT AND DAY differently compared to other companies. They are made with a special materialized filter, and are hand-dipped in a special procurement agent. TRYING TO BE CHEAP AND BUYING KNOCKOFF FILTERS FROM WALMART OR ONLINE WILL MAKE YOUR UNITS LESS EFFECTIVE; it's so stupid when someone thinks they can wash out a filter and think it's clean. When you wash one of FilterQueens filters, you wash away that special procurement, essentially making your high-end filter a piece of paper that will overheat you motors and not get anywhere close to the efficiency of a treated one. ONLINE FILTERS ARE GENERIC FILTERS WITH A STAMP ON IT, so obviously if you put a cheap piece of paper, or wash it like an CHEAP IDIOT, it won't work well (YOUR FAULT). The Defender cartridges are the same thing; any cartridge not from FilterQueen is not FDA approved (The Government comes in and inspects the units, that's why the FDA and Government approved the Defender as a CLASS 2 MEDICAL DEVICE.) Go ahead and find air purifiers that are FDA approved at the Class 2 medical level- you can't, and that's why IF YOU BUY GENERIC CHEAP REPLACEMENT CARTRIDGES ONLINE, THEY ARE NOT FDA APPROVED, AND ARE NOT MADE TO WORK WITH THE UNIT. GENERIC CARTRIDGES WILL NOT CATCH ANYWHERE CLOSE TO THE 99.98% of airborne particles in the air. ONLINE/GENERIC FILTERS WILL BURN UP YOUR MOTOR.

    So if you want the BEST AIR PURIFIER/SURFACE CLEANER, don't expect to cut corners and use crappy replacement filters and expect everything to be OK. I actually had a great sales representative who provided me with all this information and more. I call their headquarters every year to get my supplies (filters/charcoal wraps) and yes it is pricey, but I've had no issues with my units and they run GREAT BECAUSE I TAKE CARE OF THEM, SIMPLE AS THAT. It's like buying a high-end Lamborghini and taking it to Walmart to get serviced. IF YOU PURCHASE A HIGH-END PRODUCT, TREAT IT LIKE ONE, STOP BEING A CHEAP and then you'll realize that they money you spent was well worth it.

    Anyone who complains about a FilterQueen unit is just ignorant and cheap.

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  • St
      Nov 22, 2013

    I can't particularly afford to spend 4 thousand dollars on a sweeper and air purifier, however I did anyway because I have 9 month old son as well as my badly sick grandma living with me, as well as 2 dogs and 3 cats. I was sick of smelling animals and so disgusted as to what my son would be climbing threw on the floor. I bought a brand new top of the line scrubber that just wasn't cutting it. A few years ago I bought a kurby sweeper which turned to ### asap. The majestic not only cleans all the junk out of the bottom of my carpet and furniture but the defender has removed the odor of animals and old people from my house. It smells 150 times better in here and the air is so much lighter and easier to breath. After running the majestic then scrubbing the floors the dirty used water is as clean as it was coming out of the sink. I am very happy. Don't want to spend 4 thousand but I had to do what is right for my family which comes before money.

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  • Sm
      Apr 09, 2014


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  • Sw
      Jun 27, 2014

    My husband and I had just purchased a restaurant, and was in another town, renovating, cleaning, things of that nature. We are doing it little by little, and are on a tight budget, as we have just enough to get it completed. We get a call that we have won a prize, its a air pressure wash system, and its coming by purolator and we had 30 minutes to get home and pick it up. We drop everything, to meet the "purolator." Instead we get two salesmen trying to sell us the Filter Queen. I knew exactly what it was and how much it would be before he even came in. However, it was not $2300, but $4500, cash, or $8500 after three years if you went month to month.

    We told him we were not interested, several times. We did not have the cash to buy it, and we did not want our credit tied up for a vacuum we didnt need. (Our restaurant is all wood floors, no carpet.)

    He was very pushy and demanding. I am soft hearted, so I finally gave in. But I didnt give all my correct information, and I wouldnt give a void cheque. He said he would bring the machine the next day, and for me to get the void cheque, as the bank was closed.

    Right after he left, I called the cancellation number. They said they can't cancel. I said they didnt have my money, or bank information so they could do whatever they wanted but I wasnt paying for it.

    He called me right back, was very rude. I told him I had told him ten times we couldn't afford the machine. He said I wasted his time... Wasted his time??? HIs company lied about why we were rushing home, and we didnt even get our gift for watching the demonstration.

    I was just as happy to be rid of him. He was vulgar, talked about sex, and I didn't like his attitude. When you sell, you not only sell the merchandise, you sell yourself. The darn thing could have been made of gold and diamonds, and I still wouldnt have bought it. I have to laugh he was charging twice what everyone else was, or more!!

    The whole company is shadey and they should be shut down by the BBB.

    My two cents.

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  • Cu
      Sep 24, 2014

    I saw a demonstration. The vacuum blew our minds. They are very pricey. My parents owned a Kirby, which was about the same price, but over 10 years ago, so I was expecting the FilterQueen to be expensive. We bought and enjoy the machine. No regrets. The only issue I have is they call every few months to remind us about filters, which can get annoying. I guess they are doing their job. Having said that, we have never run out of filters, so I guess the calls work. We never had warranty issues. Our dog did chew our hose once when he was young. We sent it in to get fixed. We obviously didn't expect it to be covered under warranty, since it was our fault. To our surprise, we weren't charged for another hose. The manager just asked us to recommend us to our friends, which we did. The salesman was young, so he wasn't as informative as he should have been, but the machine sold itself. He was pleasant though. I would recommend the FilterQueen, if you can afford it. It is a great investment

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  • Ro
      Feb 08, 2015

    My comment is for jaxso213, glad you like your system. I hate mine due to the fact it made my family sick. The salesperson said I had 16 days to review the units and that we won a prize of which I have not seen it. The manager will laugh at you for trying to get out of the contract when you tell them this. These units are not for handicapped people as it states in the booklets but guess no one reads them. I purchased another vacuum that works better and does not make us sick nor is it on a recall like the Filter Queens.

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  • Ro
      Feb 08, 2015

    To AlexMajestic glad you like your vacuum. Guess you did not know they sale used units of which by the sound of the price is what you got. As a package deal you were supposed to get 1 air cleaner & 1 vacuum of which the air cleaner is said to be the $1000+ off price not for you trade in of your old vacuum if you purchased the units together & at the same time. Hmm looks like the joke is still on you even after you praise them so highly. Not worth the high price or the monthly/yearly expense for filters. Not for handicapped people either as some here have written stating they were sold the item.

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  • Be
      Feb 27, 2015

    I purchased my Majestic and Defender back around 2012. Worst thing I could have ever done was to let the salespersons into my house. They talked about getting a gift just to watch the demo of the product. Sure, why wouldn't I? So after the demo they went on to tell me that they would give me my money back after 90 days if I wanted because I really didn't want to spend that kind of money. I agreed to the terms and the 90 day "policy". After about 1.5-2 months it started acting up and I really didn't use it as much as needed so I called the company to come get it and receive my refund. They said they would have to find the salespersons with the paperwork to make this happen. Apparently the salesman quit or got a new phone number because the company couldn't get ahold of them anymore. I asked how we can make this right and they said they would figure it out and keep trying to get ahold of the salepersons. After 2 months I got a bill in the mail stating a delinquent payment, so I called the company back and asked why this wasn't resolved. They further went on to tell me that they knew nothing of the conversation and that my 90 day "policy" has expired. I still haven't used either one since that day. I have been in an ongoing battle with the loan company they provided since then as well but everyday I refuse to pay, my credit is receiving damage. I have finally contacted my attorney to help out so hopefully it will get settled soon but the damage to my credit can't be fixed. I am in the business of customer service and this is appalling! Not only is it impossible to get rid of these products but when you finally think you figured everything out it's too late! This is ridiculous! This whole process has been a nightmare. My advice is to not even let them in the door for your own sake.
    [protected] - Iowa

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  • Bo
      Apr 11, 2015

    I had worked for a distributor in the Bremerton area of Washington back in 2008. I needed a job desperately and they offered mountains of money if I could sell multiple units. I am still sold on the product because of the science of the technology. I do NOT like forcing someone to buy something they can not truly afford. The product is great and wish I could own one, but I travel too much with work now that it seems pointless to own anything expensive and have it sit in a storage unit. The product is hands down the best thing you can have for your home and health. That being said, I did not approve of the tactics they wanted me to use with "convincing" people to buy these products. I always cleaned up after myself and never tried to force anyone to buy anything they could not afford. When I would call the boss with my lack of sale he seemed to not care about the situation that people were in. The tactics are more like scare tactics when selling these things. I can convince anyone to buy anything, if they have the means to do it. I would rather not degrade anyone in order to close a sale. I still tell people that if they want the best home filtration I recommend the Defender. After a week with no sales and having to pay for my own gas, I called it quits. I find the bait and switch tactic used in the initial meeting was used. The hours spent promoting a device that was well out of the affordability of those that I demonstrated too was poor marketing on the part of the pyramid owner.

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  • Wh
      Apr 30, 2015

    Received a card in the mail that I won a prize, my wife called and all we needed to do was fill out questionnaire for air filtration unit demo and we would get some prizes this was from Western Health System, 1250 S Parker Rd, Ste 100, Denver, CO 80231. Short story we wasted about 1 hour and never got any prizes as the guy took off. Long story a guy showed up and showed us a filter queen air filter system, then showed us a filter queen air vacuum. Then went on pushing how we should not live in this type of dirt. He talked about how great the company was, and if we traded in our old vacuum we could save $1000 making the price for both ~$3600. We told him we did not want it, he asked for wet paper towel to clean up and left dirty wet paper towel on the floor. Then said he would be right back with the prizes, but instead he loaded up his car and took off. So it was a bait and switch.

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  • Tu
      May 20, 2015

    Bought a vacuum and air defender 3 months ago. $3300. I then get a letter to sign up for filters @ $199 for 6 months and warranty will not be honored if I didn't sign up. I have gotten several calls since saying they are missing warranty info and to call back. I started searching for info There is only my husband and I and a very small dog. I only vacuum once a week and don't need to change cones once or twice a month. After spending so much for the vacuum having to buy filters from them at such an outlandish price to keep the warranty in effect is a ripoff. I wasn't given this info during demo. Also was told we would receive spray and filters in the mail as all he had was open packages. 3 months later nothing except a letter stating price of filters and warranty would not be valid if the filters weren't bought from them. So I don't know if it would do any good to call back about the warranty if I am not going to spend that much for filters.

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