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I placed an on-line order with Figi's for a smoked pheasant to be delivered as a Christmas gift on 11/21/15. Shipping expenses are crazy, but I placed the order anyway. On 12/02/2015 I called to cancel the order, and spoke to a customer service rep. who first asked for my phone number, then my address, and said she couldn't find my order. I gave her the order number and said I wanted it cancelled. She asked why and I said because of the shipping expense and I found another company where I could get the same item for a lower cost (Burger's Smokehouse). After approximately 30 minutes on the phone with her, I was told all had been cancelled. I asked it the charges that were made to my credit card would be reversed and was told yes, all had been cancelled and taken care of. On 12/12/2015 I received a email saying my order had shipped! I again called customer service and spoke to someone else who said there was nothing in the system showing my order had been cancelled, and there was nothing they could do because the pheasant comes from another place and Figi's just has drop shipment from that place. He said he would "try" to see if he could stop it, as the order had not yet been sent, only the shipment notification was sent to the USPS. The order was never cancelled, even though I was told it was, and I had to pay full price for Figi's poor customer service and failure to do what they told me was completed and done. I will NEVER order from this company again.

Dec 17, 2015

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