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FIDO / new subscription

1 Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada Review updated:

This is a copy of the letter which I sent fido in regards to treatment of a new subscriber!

Good day

I am writing to inform you that your customer service is pathetic to say the least.

On august 22, 2008 I took the plunge to be a first time fido customer, and signed up for a 3year contract with the iphone. On august 26, I discovered that my phone and all its services have been shut off.

I phoned 611 to discover that the fraud department has chosen me for one of their random checks. I had to send copies of my drivers’ license, passport and rental agreement to regain full fido services. I phoned the fraud department to question, but they were closed for the day.

The next day, I finally got through, and the gentleman who I spoke with was rude when I expressed my outrage. I asked "wouldn't this taken place when I signed up at the fido kiosk?” he replied with"no this s the fraud department, its totally separate". When I questioned his customer service skills, he informed me he that"this" wasn't customer service, it was the fraud department.

Following the conversation, I walked to the fido retailer where I purchased my phone and she advised this wasn't uncommon. She assisted me by photocopying my documents and faxing them to the fraud department. She advised me to phone within two hours, if my phone wasn't on, to make sure the documents were received.

Three and a half hours later, my phone still isn't on. So I once again phone the fraud department to check the status. They put me on hold, and told me my drivers’ license copy was too dark and my rental agreement was too light and I needed to resend those, but she would restore local service.

Now I finish day 2 without my fido services. Is this how you welcome new subscribers?? I have never been treated like this before! Pathetic!! Maybe I should not verify my address; you will refuse service making my 3year contract null and void. Thank you for welcoming me to fido!

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  • No
      11th of Jan, 2009
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    It is a bad experience for sure! I am sure FIDO doesnt welcome all customers like you..there should be a reason.
    I wouldnt be that upset as I know from a good source that sometimes, when you give your information to proceed with a credit check ...there might be some typos or slightly different information than what the credit bureau has on file and that triggers some kind of alert.
    I agree that the FRAUD person should have treated you different but the only thing I can think of is that you were not the only one at that time...everybody went nuts for the Iphone and that perhaps complicated the case, making it slow.
    As customers we can always make good or bad comments as per services received...Have you done it?

  • Th
      22nd of Jan, 2009
    +1 Votes

    Indeed Fido's Customer service is terrible and always has been.

  • Ke
      12th of Mar, 2009
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    It is a SCAM.. I already distrust Fido. They have already lost credibility and consumer confidence.. They will get no respect from me.
    As a matter of fact, I have already unlocked my Fido cellphones by myself (Yay!!) and I shall do more. (Tip: Your Fido phones are, sadly locked so can only use with this or Rogers carriers, which means if you attempt to use another carrier SIM card from another country when you're outside Canada. it will prompt you to "insert SIM" I heard from a AT&T user website in the States if you ask their customer support nicely by making some excuses like you are going on a trip to Europe...they will give you the unlock code to the unlock your branded cellphone so you can use it in any country. Wow Fido wouldn’t even have been so courteous.
    My next goal is flashing the original firmware (without Fido logo, screensaver or its internet options on it of course)
    This is already one form of protest.. I know that this can be a breach of contract or illegal.. BUT I don't care about Fido nor I am going to use their services anymore as they cheat, swindle us poor customers for their benefit, pleasure and advantage, its their fault for making customers very angry in the first place.
    Why should I honour the contract when they failed to deliver what the customer wanted, and always
    cheat, nickel and dime poor customers even in times of economic difficulty?
    Why does the Canadian government support the cruel and bullish behaviours of these Big 3 monopoly companies like Rogers, Telus and Fido?
    Also, I find it very interesting that only Western countries like Canada sell only locked phones such as the Blackberry, iPhone instead of unlocked ones? is this kind of manipulation on the customer and direct insult on the customers intelligence?
    Do you know in the Far East, you can buy the original unlocked cellphones like the Blackberry and Sony Ericssons for a relative cheaper price..
    compare to the rip off deals by those phone carriers in Canada. . Whats more, you don't have to worry about getting stuck to one carrier because you are given the choice of locked or unlocked phone of your favourite mobile brands by the retailers (talking about customer protection.. now beat that Fido!)
    One day Fido shall learn its tough lessons of cheating poor customers and their loyalty. They shall be bankrupt like what happened to the GM.
    If you have a Fido/Rogers phone, you have two choices, either immediately cancel it (without paying any crazy ECF), or just unlock it. (or get an experience tech to unlock it for you for a small fee)
    Do NOT, I repeat do not ever deal with this unethical company..unless you wanted to get a high blood pressure by those poorly trained CSRS. Canadians (expecially those who had been victims by Fido), We must speak up for the sake of a better tommorow for everybody.

  • Fi
      28th of Jul, 2009
    0 Votes

    I had a similar experience. I tried twice to order a Fido phone (Moto Z6W) through Student Phones and Fido refused to give me a contract. (I ordered a credit evaluation to make sure all was ok with my records, and Fido had not even requested a credit check on me at the time they refused to give me the contract.) I then tried ordering a Nokia 2760 through The evening I ordered the phone, I received a call from Loss Prevention - the man wanted to confirm that I had actually ordered a phone that day. He was also very concerned that I am not originally from the province I am currently living in. I gave my driver's license number when I ordered the phone from Student Phones - I think this is how Fido knew where I was originally from. (I'm a student ordering through student phones - what a SHOCKING idea that I might be from out of province.) I received the Nokia several days later, only to find that the SIM card activation failed. I phoned Fido to activate it, and found that Fido has no record of shipping me a Nokia 2760; the only accounts they have set up for me are ROGERS accounts. I never ordered a Rogers phone, although Student Phones suggested I try Rogers instead at the time Fido turned me down. (I said no, and apparently they went ahead and created tentative Rogers accounts for me anyway.) I also was informed that I have been flagged as having to present picture identification in person in order to activate my phone. I am a PhD student facing a qualifying exam within the next month and a half. I do not have time for this headache, not to mention the worry associated with Fido questioning my credit records, which they apparently never even bothered to check. I do not want to be treated like a criminal for simply ordering a cell phone. I am seriously considering going to the Fido store with all my paperwork and identification and cancelling my order in person. I am also worried that I am going to be billed for Rogers accounts I never wanted set up in the first place. Even if I do end up proceeding with my 2 year Fido contract, I will think very seriously before ordering from Fido again.

  • Dj
      30th of May, 2010
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    fido has the worlds worst coustmer service i have been with this for 6 years unfortunately and almost every month i an having to phone the out to [censor] at them for the [censor] service or randomly cutting off my phone or even when my phone stops working and they refuse to replace it 2 months after i got the damn thing with a 1 year warranty and right now my phone is cut off because i am out of work and they don't understand that some one cant get a job with out a phone but they wont reconnect it till i pay so they are refusing payment but they don't see it that was that turned out to be a pretty good yelling match too

  • Ro
      7th of Jun, 2011
    0 Votes

    I tryed today with Rogers they sent me to lost provention and funny I was ok with out deposit but I thin I will try virgin Mobile I was req a small fee I can afford. But today I asked for no contract to use my owne phone and sim card and activate sim card only still credit check was rew

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