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Feature Films For Families / Relentless phone sales tactics

1 5286 South Commerce, Murray, UT, United States Review updated:
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Phone: 801-284-7386

My mother ordered movies from Feature Films For Families to try and steer me and my sister in the right direction when I was about 12 or 13. We got a few movies and learned that only my mother watched them. No more movies ordered. Now I am 31 and these people still call her house ALL THE TIME. I have answered and told them to please stop calling, just to be told that they had to hear it from my mother herself. That call happened 5 years ago. About 5 minutes ago I told them that I was my mother and interrupted his pitch to tell him that I was incredibly busy at this moment and to please stop calling. Wrong. It went down like this:

'Hello?' -me

'Hello Mrs So And So?' -them

'This is her.' -me

' (pause) This is Jeff calling in conjunction with Feature Films For Families, this isn't our normal call this...' -them

'You know what, actually I am extremely busy right now, could you...' -me

'OK then I will just call back at...' -them

'NO, just don't... -me

'...another time.' -them


'Have a great day!' *click* -them

' *sigh*' -me

What a bunch of crap. Every day. Nobody is even interested in watching the movies. Maybe I am wrong. Maybe, and just maybe, stick with me here, my mother and father will have a 13 year old child sometime soon. I hope it's a boy, I have always wanted a brother. If that happens then I will apologize to Feature Films For Families, but until then I will curse their existence at the sky.

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  • Mo
      7th of Sep, 2009

    They called me too! You were talking to a recording set up to respond to your answers. A way to save money on telemarketeers salaries. I think it is sad that you considered the movies only appropriate for children based on the fact that it has no sex, nudity, foul language, or violence. l wish you would have watched the movies. Your heart may have been touch. We have several of these movies and they all have been great with a message. A big shout out to a company trying to put GOD back into our lives. Our family would like to see more clean movies. I wish you a more open mind. Have a great day.

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  • Kn
      9th of Sep, 2009

    They should not use the "recording", once you figure it out you somehow feel violated. They should tell you up front that it is a recording with voice activated responses, then you wouldn't be so frustrated that they don't listen to you. Next time they call I will try something like Mary had a little lamb, and see what happens. I have asked them to NEVER call me and they still do. Even if they put out good products, they should care about their marketing tactics.

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  • 2c
      3rd of Dec, 2009

    I have worked for this company and can tell you it really is a good company. FYI, it is *not* affiliated with any religion. If you simply tell them 'no', they won't keep calling every day. Some customers simply say "she's not here", etc and thus the return calls. The atmosphere in the company is positive and they really are passionate about getting positive entertainment out there for families. If you aren't happy with the calls, you should call their customer service @ 1800-326-4598. They are happy to know what the customer's thoughts/opinions are so that they can change if needed.

    My two cents

    PS- you are talking to a live operator the whole time

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  • Bi
      25th of Jun, 2010

    Feature Films for Families is a great company that does what it can to ensure customers are treated with the utmost respect. All requests to be canceled or taken off of the calling list are COMPLETED HONORED. Also as a company FFFF records and monitors employees interactions with customers on a daily basis. Employees found disrespecting customers or doing inappropriate things on the phone are dealt with immediately. Of course the company cannot catch all problems but they do what they can to minimize the number of issues. As for the “recording” spoke about, Feature Films does use a recorded message to communicate with its customers, however a live employee is always on the phone with each customer. The reason some employees use the recording systems is because with a prerecorded message management is able to control what is being said to each customer. If an employee is having a bad day, not feeling well or even if they have speech impediments or heavy accents, the program still allows for customers to get the same clear and concise message each time. Feature Films for Families truly is a great company that provides a needed service to communities across the country. Biased statements like these from a disgruntled former employee should not sway anyone on the good this company is doing for our nation!

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