Farmer's Insurance / Refund of cancelled policy

1 12811 8th Ave. W.; #B-204, Everett, WA, United States
Contact information:
Phone: 425-438-0200

I cancelled my policy almost two months ago because, even though I've had no accidents, my rate INCREASED even though the agent, Nicholas Gardner, had promised it would reduce. When I asked him why he blamed his manager. At that point I cancelled my policy and was due a 133.00 refund. It's been almost two months now and I still haven't received my refund.

I called Nicholas Gardner and asked for his managers name and number but he then said he didn't have a manager (even though he had claimed one as an excuse previously) and he refuses to give me another number to call yet can't tell me where my refund is or why I haven't yet received it. The last time I called he hung up on me. Very unprofessional behavior.

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