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Farm Bureau / Delaying tactics to avoid payment of claim

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In March of 2005 I was rear-ended on the freeway in Atlanta, Georgia. I was passing through during traffic on my way to visit relatives. I live in Charleston, S.C. and had been on the road for about four hours when I encountered rush hour traffic in Atlanta. Traffic came to a complete stop and I had to stop quickly. After coming to a complete stop I was hit from the rear by a Ford Excursion traveling at approx 45mph. The driver was insured by Farm Bureau of Georgia. The driver of the Ford Excursion was sited and we exchanged information. I contacted my insurance company (Geico) and he contacted his. My 2000 Toyota 4-runner was smashed in the rear causing frame damage and complete destruction of the rear tailgate/tow frame and undercarriage, as well as buckling the right rear quarter panel into the wheel well. After making it back to Charleston, I contacted Farm Bureau and they stated that they had no offices for claims in Charleston and that I needed to have three quotes for repair by three different repair facilities. I proceeded to have this done. After submitting the reports, I was not contacted for two weeks, I called them several times and was instructed that the person handling my claim was not present. Finally, I spoke to one person that actually checked and found out that the lady handling my claim was out on maternity leave. This placed it at about three weeks. The gentleman that was taking over my case made sure to handle it quickly. I had the 4-runner placed in the middle quote shop and waited. They had to contact the Insurance company and state that the original $6800 quote was not sufficient, because they had underestimated the extent of the damage to the frame. They needed to send the truck to a third party that specialized in frame straightening. The amount increased to approx. $9k. After a couple more weeks in the shop, I finally get my truck back. Total time for vehicle repair 6 weeks. Now for the good part, bear in mind that I have had some back problems with pain and headaches, pretty much non-stop since the accident. I had seen an orthopedic surgeon and was being treated by a Chiropractor for soft tissue damage and spinal realignment. I was in treatment for about 6 months. During this time, I paid some of the visits out of pocket and the rest were put on a tab for Farm Bureau to pay. They haven't paid a penny. My total cost was $2500 for medical expenses. I lost $7000 in value for my paid off 2000 4-runner. (I traded it in after getting it back because I knew that the repairs could never be as thorough as is needed. I informed the auto company that I traded the vehicle in and so they would only give me 10k on the trade-in as opposed to the approx. 17k the truck was worth). Now it has been nearly two years and I still haven't seen a dime. I had to obtain a lawyer to even get Farm Bureau to correspond. They have just recently offered me $4500 for everything. After the lawyers take their cut and the medical bills are paid, I am left with nearly nothing. Which means I get nothing for pain, headaches, frustration and to top it all off... They had a claims service center not even 3-miles from my house. It had been there the whole time! My recommendation is to never deal with some corporation that has this kind of ethics. This is the same type of company that would short any one to pad their profit margin.

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  • Ap
      22nd of May, 2007
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    Wow! My wife's car was rear ended by a Farm Bureau insured on 5-15-07. I reported the accident to the Farm Bureau agent on the morning of 5-16. At the end of the work day, I had not received any calls (although the agent assured me I'd be contacted, later that day). I discovered the report was not even sent to the claims center. On the next day there still was no activity; so, I retrieved Farm Bureau's # from the internet. When I called THEM is when I was given the adjuster's name and number. The adjuster is a very rude, very unprofessional and highly uneducated woman. She didn't waste any time explaining Farm Bureau's philosophy: If their insured doesn't call in to report they claim, they do NOTHING. She said she had left a message for their insured, but she did not yet return the call. I did my own research and found their insured working at the Chesterton Post Office (it took me all of six minutes to uncover this information!). I passed this information onto the adjuster. We proceeded to set up the meeting with the appraiser, but she made it very clear, they would not settle the matter till they heard from their insured. I was told the appraiser would call me on Monday (this is six days after the accident), but she didn't know when. The appraiser is in the county of my home, not my office; so, what she was saying is that I needed to stay home and sit by the phone all day. I said that was complete nonsense; so, I asked that he call me at work. On Monday, I never heard the appraiser's voice; so, I called the adjuster. She said she had no idea where he was and had no idea on how to get in touch with him. This was a lie. Within minutes, I had found a # for that appraiser's office. He WAS at that office, but I was placed on hold for twenty minutes. I left my name & #. I called back in hour only to be told he had left for the day. When I got home I contacted the adjuster's supervisor. Although he did not believe how pathetic the claims service is, he instructed me to take my car to a shop of my choice, and the appraiser will inspect it there. That is where the claim sits at the moment. If this does not move ahead favorably, I will contact the Department of Insurance for my State. Lastly, even though my wife suffered a cervical strain and still has headaches, she still has not been contacted by anyone concerning her injury. Farm Bureau has to be one of the biggest substandard insurance companies in the industry! Wish me luck!

  • Ma
      7th of Dec, 2007
    +1 Votes

    I too have suffered at the hands of Farm Bureau Insurance. See my website, for my story, and possibly information you might use in your case. Lucky.

  • Du
      16th of Mar, 2008
    +1 Votes

    Just wondering how an uninsured and unqualified person can be given a roofing job over someone who is insured and qualified. I have done numerous jobs for your company in the past. In a recent bid, someone with no experience gave a lower bid than mine and was given the job. I understand that you take the lowest bid but I think you should look at the qualifications of the person submitting the bid. I always give a letter of completetion for the work I do for you. I think this job will probably not be done at all. If it is done it would not be done to standards. I think is falcifying records and may be why our insurance is so high. Please contact me with some answers. Duane Centers 202 n. Center St. Bardstown, KY 40004 502-348-6594 or 502-507-2863

  • De
      9th of Sep, 2008
    +1 Votes
    Farm Bureau - failure to pay claim
    Farm Bureau
    North Carolina
    United States

    I filed a police report on an unauthorized use of vehicle and theft of a $400 NEW radio/DVD/CD stereo. I then filed a claim and was refused payment on my claim. What gives. I am given the runaround...

  • Mi
      16th of Mar, 2009
    +2 Votes

    Each state's Farm Bureau is a separate entity so I cannot see a way that Georgia Farm Bureau would have a claims center in SC.

  • Du
      12th of May, 2009
    -1 Votes

    hi, i want to know can i find estimates online for my car(ford)

  • Ga
      14th of Oct, 2009
    -1 Votes

    I was with Faram Bureau for more than 10 years. I paid this insurance every penny without any hestation to them.
    In July 8, 2009. I filed a claim for roof damaged by hail storm April this year. The claim was file in July and the work was delay until October 2009.
    Obviously, Farm Bureau did not treat its client with respect. They are not too courtesy, they were mean to me while contacting. they make excuses, they other people problems into mine. They make it difficult to get my funds in order to get my roof done. This farm bureau branch is locate Winder, GA.
    They wrote me check, but also put wells fargo my mortgage in it. Tehy make me look wells fargo to sign the check in order to depost. Because no well fargo branch in GA, near where I'm located to sign off. I could not deposite it into my bank. And I knew Wells Fargo will sign this check, because it is no longer my mortgage anymore. So the check not able to deposited. I could not get my roof fixed for more than 3 months.
    This is really frustrated me, I was not sastified this service with Farm Bureau insurance at all. It is true how farm bureau treated its clients.
    those people whose currently insuranced Farm Bureau need to really pay attention this company. Should find new insurance. Some maybe get lucky few times, but most of all. You will not get polite services.
    After this claim. I will move to another Insurance, and trash FARM BUREAU INSURANCE!


  • Ka
      20th of Nov, 2009
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    If you are involved in an accident with anyone with Georgia Farm Bureau Insurance, do not speak to them without a lawyer. My truck sits at a body shop now ready to be picked up, but there is no check to pay them with. I was told 8 days ago that the check was processed and on its way. I put my truck in the shop. It is ready, but there is no money to pay them with. They told me that if my truck was ready, the rental had to be returned. So, I am supposed to go without a vehicle until someone figures out where this mystery check is. Ha Ha. The manager was rude. He told me he would extend the rental two more days, and that he was done! He then hung up on me. Lawyer up people!

  • Tr
      9th of Jul, 2010
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    Farm Bureau Insurance, before anyone gets this company they need to meet with the adjuster and find out how many times they have stood by you when the going gets rough... do they care if you are sued as an individual as long as they can keep their money in their piocket

  • Bl
      29th of Jul, 2010
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    I agree that the Ga. Farm Bureau Ins. Company is very difficult to deal with, and seem to not want to pay a fair value for a claim; even when the person insured by them, is determined by them to be totally at fault.

  • Di
      2nd of Nov, 2010
    +1 Votes

    I to have been a victim of Farm Beureau Insurance in Utah. I was rear ended in August by someone with FBFS. I called that night and put in my claim. No called back with in 48 hours so I called back they had cancelled my claim because the insuree had called and said they wanted no claims on thier car but they were at fault so pay for mine. Not one person mind you had called me. They reopened the case gave me an adjuster I called that adjuster phone disconnected within 24 hours of no contact I then called again I received a new adjuster no call 48 hours called again then I recieved another adjuster no call so 48 hours I received another and final adjuster. So the adjuster was actually a nice guy told me do not miss work no one came and looked at my car I got my car in to 3 different places to get estimates. I had said from the begining on their recorded message my alignment is off, trunk is off, bumper is cracked, light is getting moisture and my gas neck the metal thing is missing where you pump your gas. My engine light is going on because of this. I changed out my gas caps and the light went off but still I expected it to be fixed. Acura sent us to the Nissan Body shop for repairs on the body they said they did not do body work only the gas tank and alignment. The adjuster told me it would be done. Well I get thier claims guy calling me up and actually telling me I am being fraudulent on my gas neck. I was shocked I told him you know what I can go through my insurance Farmers and they will pay for it to be fixed and come after you guys. I want my car fixed the way it was before the accident he hung up on me. WHAT KIND OF PROFESSIONAL HANGS UP ON A CUSTOMER. I then called and got his bosses phone number. I called but they all are in kahoots no one is responsible there. He then the next day asked me how much I was looking for I told him I have never asked for money I just want my car fixed to how it was before the accident. He hung up on me again. Now it has been one week my car sits at a body shop I am in a rental and they will not and refuse to pay for an alignment and my gas valve. Finally his boss called me today and said they would pay for half the damages. What is that it was 100% thier insurees fault. I feel for anyone that has this company. They are a shady crooked company.

    BEWARE I would never do business with these people and if your hit by someone who has them go through your insurance save yourself the headache yes the deductable is a pain but it is better than the headache and lost time on the run around phone. Your insurance will go after them and you will eventually get your deductable back. Trust me I would have never went through them if I knew what was going to happen.

  • Ch
      21st of Apr, 2011
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    I am a farm bureau customer, you think as someone in an accident FB would take care of you, well I am a customer and they could care less about me, over 10 yrs, and they almost cost me a refi for a flood insurance certificate they would not send to my bank.
    regional mgr was also useless, lots of lipservice, NO action

  • Jg
      14th of May, 2011
    +1 Votes

    I can certainly sympathize with you as I have found Farm Bureau to be just as bad as you have. I have come to hate Kentucky Farm Bureau after being a satisfied customer for 30+ years. Last year we had a claim on our roof and they have tried every run around in the book to keep from paying. A year later and they have not yet decided if they are going to pay or not. If you ever have to deal with them you will get the most ignorant, discourteous people on the planet. They will lie, stall and treat you like dirt. I don't know where they find their employees but it is appalling how many sorry people work for them. I called once and asked for an agent and some dumbo answered: " She ain't here. I don't know where she's went". No offer to leave a message either. We did run into one nice, intelligent adjustor but like the rest she said she would let us know something and two months later we have not heard a peep from her. Farm Bureau used to be a good company but I think they are in deep trouble now. I don't know if it's the economy or the management but something is seriously amiss with them.

  • Fb
      26th of May, 2011
    0 Votes

    I certainly agree with everyone's comment on this page, Farm Bureau is not the company to choose to include Tennessee Farm Bureau. I had tornado damage on April 27th, 2011, I filed the claim, no one contacted me back but sent me a check for a 10th of the cost to have the repairs completed. They never follow up to see if their customers has been taken care of. I intend of hiring an attorney to force them to pay what I have paid premiums for almost 19 years, then I'm securing another insurance company. STAY AWAY FROM FARM BUREAU INSURANCE.

  • Re
      16th of Jul, 2011
    +1 Votes

    Farm Bureau of Tn is useless, foot draggers when it comes to aneing up on claims. I have my home owners and vehicles with them. After a recent storm in April, it took them 2 1/2 months to even send an adjuster out, and when he did finally come, he did a drive by, leaving me a door tag as evidence of his visit. I was stunned! I was promised he would set up an appointment and would go each item. When I called him, he accused me of being a thief when I asked why he hadn't made an appointment. He claimed he could see from the street my roof was damaged. A blind could have done that also, since pieces of my roof were in the yard. He missed the siding, the gutters, the broken birdhouses, chimes, the destruction now going on inside the house due to the long delay of them coming (the dining room, living room and some of the upstairs ceilings) were now being damaged from additional rains. I called his supervisor, who claimed this was not how they do business and put me in touch with another claims adj. He was nice, but USELESS. Took an additional month to get the 1st check and several calls more to get the second. What foot draggers! I am looking for another company to do business with!

  • Tr
      8th of Aug, 2011
    0 Votes

    Same here. 32 days since the guy totalled my car, and it was his fault. Nothing but delays from Farm Bureau, always waiting for some sort of paperwork. And no rental car! How am I supposed to get to work?

  • Ya
      16th of Aug, 2011
    0 Votes

    They found a loop hole for me too. Now I am homeless, and disabled. I paid them but they didn't have to pay me? And they filed a 3, 000 dollar claim on my record! How can they do that when they did not give a single fkg dime?

  • De
      5th of Feb, 2012
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    Farm Bureau - hail damage
    United States

    have had three roofing companies look at roof each one says i have hail damage, when it rains water drips out of my door facing in utlity room. farm bureau says i had no damage. im going to get two more estimates to see what they say where is the water coming from now if i dont have damage.

  • Be
      1st of May, 2012
    0 Votes

    I too have had nothing but problems from Farm Bureau in Powells Point NC. My husband has our homeowners through them and has never had a problem so I switch our auto to them approximately 2 Yrs ago. The very first visit when I went to sign the paperwork for the auto insurance the agent Michelle ran a payment of almost $400 through on my debit card instead of the $179 down payment. They could not give me my money back there so I had to wait almost 2 weeks for the money to be deposited back into my account. Then the next time my payment came do they took it out early and overdrafted my acct. same thing the next time it came due. So after that a nice lady named Jane that worked there suggested that I come by the office a few days before it came do and pay through the office. I did this from then on and everything has been just fine. Then on April 15th I was listening to my bank statement over the phon e and there was a draft of $199.80 taken out of my acct. I had received no previous statement from them or my new policy and still havent to this day.I called Michelle and ask her why I received no bill of statement and she said she didint know but they took the payment out. I was so furious that I told her to just cancel that policy and I would go elsewhere. Two days later I received paper work to cancel and dropped it off by her office. A few days later when I still did not receive the money back into my acct. I called and ask for Michelle and was told she was out to lunch so I ask the secretary if she could tell me when my money would be back in my acct and she said I would receive a paper check in the mail whithin the week which I did not. I called again today and spoke to Michelle and she said it would be two more weeks. I told her this was redic ulous. They always get there money on time so why should I have to wait almost a month on getting mine back? When I cancelled my policy they should have mad sure I got my money back. They arent insuring me so what do they need with my money? This is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard of and should not be allowed. I have had my own insurance since I was 18 and now I am 55. Never have I encountered anything like this. Nothing but problems from day one with this company and I would never recommend this particular branch to anyone. Their policy should be looked into from someone. They got theirs on time without so much as a bill or a new way this should be allowed now I have to wait almost a month to be re-embursed...ridiculous.,

  • Ma
      11th of May, 2012
    0 Votes

    Better get ready to sue...they suck royally. Had hail damage to my vehicle...NC FB SUCKS

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