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Farm Bureau / Dropped My Collision over $25

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Farm Bureau drafts my account monthly for my insurance premium. I did not know that I needed to pay a $25 membership fee from last year. I went into the office over the summer and they said nothing to me about the $25. On Sep 1st of this year, Farm Bureau dropped my collision On Sep 1st of this year but I was not notified. I was in a wreck on Oct 20th and totalled my car. Farm Bureau has denied my claim because I did not have collision. The accident was my fault. Is there anything I can do???

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  • Ca
      15th of May, 2007
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    Farm Bureau did the same thing to me. Thank goodness it wasn't an accident that brought it to my attention. I found out when I was unable to renew my registration until I paid a fee for lapsing in my insurance. I thought I had somehow not gotten a premium payment in on time, but when I called, I was told that it was because I had not paid my membership fee on time. (This didn't stop them from accepting my premium payments.) I don't know what your options are other than talking to an attorney. I have made a complaint with my state's Commissioner of Insurance.

  • Ap
      17th of May, 2007
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    Farm Bureau is one of the biggest scammers in the insurance industry. Their claims handling is shameful at best. Without evidence, the Dept. of Insurance for your State will probably not do much good. You will be wasting time and money with an attorney. You need to contact the Department of Consumer Affairs and the Dept. of Consumer Fraud. Also, it wouldn't hurt to initiate a story on this incident with your local television station (that usually gets action because no company wants bad publicity). I hope this helps. Farm Bureau needs to be held accountable for their incompetence.

  • Ma
      7th of Dec, 2007
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    I am in a four year fight with Farm Bureau over a denied fire claim. See my website, for my whole story, and much other info on Farm Bureaus bad claims practices. Good luck to you, Maurice Gash.

  • Ro
      27th of Jul, 2009
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    Farm Bureau should be severely chastised for their policy of cancellation over the membership fee; a sneaky business tactic that is in direct violation of the American spirit. They either don't bill it or let it slip through the cracks so they can cancel your coverage. Most agents make enough money off the premiums that they could take it out of their pocket and pay it for their good customers.

  • St
      12th of Oct, 2009
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    Farm Bureau canceled my insurance on Oct. 1st without notification. I was scheduled to make payments around the middle of the month, but they changed that several months back and I still pay it around the middle of the month with a $10.00 late charge each month before it cancels on the 17th. However, this month, I went in on the 9th and told I was canceled on the first. I asked how could they cancel me on the first- what about my grace period. The Supervisor stated I was canceled for not paying my annual membership fee of $55.00 (They went up on me). I asked how much this was going to cost me and she stated that she would have to re-write the whole policy and give me a quote. I was floored and of course upset that my insurance had been canceled without my knowledge. Due to this, I went with a new insurance agency and had to pay more because of the time lap. It would have been worse if my license would have gotten suspended due to this. I think for certain I would have had to fight it. I had continuously made my payments, even though late at times, but always made the ate payment and always before the cancellation date.There was never any notice that was claimed to have been sent. Also, when I went in on the 9th, she tried to state I was being canceled due to a month unpaid. However, I went to my vehicle and got the receipt. She then tried to state it may have been another month. I told her that I had paid every month and had any receipt she cared to see. Then it went to the point it was a renewal, but at my last payment the agent told me since it was not past the grace period, that it was not a renewal, to continue to make payments as I had been. The Supervisor on the other hand said it was in renewal and I was only to be given a 5 day grace period after the 1st. Well if that was the case, then I should had not have been canceled on the 1st. When I brought this to her attention, she then stated that I was canceled because I did not pay the annual membership fee. My payments were suppose to go down after renewal and I have a good driving record. Therefore, I feel this was an attempt to have me resign in order for them not to drop my rates. Anyhow, it backfired on them, because I now pay less for another company, about half of what I paid for Farm Bureau and I will spread the word. I have friends that also have insurance there.

  • Na
      25th of Jan, 2010
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    well on friday the 22 2010, i call ga farm bureau finding out that i no longer have insurance as the 23 o f janurary. Not one single letter had been written and told me about this. My car was in a wreck in 2009 that no one was in fault my car were total out. but i found out that they paid the other driver over 25, 000 of bodily hurt when they truck only had 3000 damaged why they didnt fight that no tickets nor citiation were written, but i been with them over 10 years not one single ticket first wreck on my record, and they do this/ I want to take action and if any one know what i need to do please email me {} thankis so much

  • Lo
      25th of Apr, 2011
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    I have had both homeowners and car insurance w/ Farm Bureau of NC. However, each year I forget about the membership dues because they have never taken the dues seriously about mailing notices out and receiving payments in a timely manner. In fact, I forget about the dues and ususally I am reminded of them when Its time to renew my homeowners or car insurance and they ask me to pay them. But just last week --April 17, 2011 when I called to report that I had tornado damage to my home, they informed me that they had cancelled my insurance on January 1, 2011 due to the nonpayment of the membership dues of 25.00. However, I was so taken aback I have not had a chance to research the validity of not having paid them. But I went on to tell the agent, that I had not received a cancellation notice on either of the two properties I had insured with them, nor had I received a cancellation refund. It was not time for either of the policies to renew, in fact they will not expire until June 2011. I feel this is directly related to them not wanting to pay out for my damages and have FEMA pick up the cost. My thoughts are that whenever you are cancelled from a premium, you will receive a pro rata share back. Since they did not send out a check for a pro rata share of the policy or send a cancellation notice to me I feel they mislead me with the intentions they still had me insured to keep the balance of the policy, and were planning to get the fee once I renewed again, as they always did. Since they conducted themselves in such a greedy manner they should be admonished. I would like to get some suggestive ideas of what and where you think is the best place to start reporting Farm Bureau's fraudulent behavior. (LOSSES IN NORTH CAROLINA)

  • To
      14th of Jan, 2012
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    pleas contact me as our adjuster seen our contents in our freezer which has been unpluged for 3 days and i tried to save what i could as food poision would kill my spouse which is living on 1/3 of his heart.i admit it has been so hectic it makes me think of beetlejuice which his head spinned.we feel like that now .but all was getting there except for three things, my dentures.[NEED THEM] THE DIFFERENCE IN POWER BILL AS WE KEEP IT AROUND $100 AND I THINK THE INS, CO. NEEDS TO PAY THE REST AS WE ARE HEATING WITH ELECTRICITY AND THERE IS NO WAY WE COULD PAY IT, WE ONLY RECIEVE $1098. A MO. BUT WANT MY BILLS PAID, .AND WHAT DOES HE MEAN BORROWING.TRIED TO GET AN ANSWER BUT HIS PHONE KEEPS INTERUPPTING.WE NEED HELP AND WHY IS MY 14 YR. OLD WHOM I HAVE GUARDINGSHIP BEING LEFT OUT ? THANK YOU AND LETS FIX THIS AS I WANT TO KEEP YOU AS OUR INS.CO. may god bless you all

  • Di
      4th of Apr, 2016
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    I found that my auto insurance policy, which I had carried for 8 years as well as a homeowners policy, had been cancelled when I called to make a premium payment. They said I had neglected to pay a $30 Membership Fee (which is totally worthless. Have not used it one time!!). The clerk took my money. Then told me that my policy had been cancelled because I still had not obtained my divorce! I was livid! I have not received a courtesy call even though I have left several messages. I also plan to cancel my homeowners insurance and go with a competitor. Nor will I recommend this company to anyone. Consumers beware! You can find similar coverage without the rudeness and ridiculousness of this company.

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