Family Feudtv

Why is it okay for this game show to promote violence against men and degrade men to becoming the subject of any demeaning situations that would never be said to women?
I was watching this episode and question was something to the effect of "what can a wife do to make her husband feel like the house dog?", this is the most offensive and vulgar display of disrespect I've think I had ever seen on a tv show let alone a game show that used to be family friendly and entertainment for the whole family to enjoy.
Since they have hire Steve Harvey this show has reached gutter like status that Richard Dawson would have never stooped too. This show needs to be cancel or they need to fire Steve Harvey, if he chooses to be "Submissive" and like this form of abuse from women (or whomever!) let that stay as his own sexual perverse proclivities!
There needs to be a mass or class action suit against this show for mental abuse, and for the women that has been subjected to shameless sexual overtures while standing clearly a forced smile of uncomfortably, should also join in as being sexually offended by his constant comment a disgustingly physically sexual innuendos, if he was any pervert on the corner and not person of means, he would have tossed in jail or sued.
Why should he get away with these things when Bill Cosby and Harvey Weinstein are now being made to pay for them offenses, and let's not forget Family Feud because they are condoning everything that I mentioned!
What messages are we really sending to our sons and daughters, that's boys are made to be disrespected and insulted and girls are supposed to let someone stand in their ace and make uncomfortable overly sexual comments from an over 60 year old pervert and fake a smile and take it, "Come on, we can do better than that"!!!

Jun 05, 2018

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