Family Dollarrude manager treated a customer

I would like to make a formal complaint about the way I was treated by one of your managers at (Family Dollar 11520 Quail Roost Drive, Miami Fl 33157)
On December 8th, 2018 approx 4:30 pm. I visited the above-named store with my mother and had a rather misfortune argument with the store manager Yaneris. To start off I would like to say that the store is one of the messiest I've visited in a while, which lets me believe that it definitely reflects the personality of the store's manager. As I was paying, by mistake I withdrew my credit card too early and according to the store cashier she said that the machine got stuck, she immediately called Yaneris (store manager) who told me because of what happened I had to stand aside and let the machine reboot, which I understood. So she opened another cashier and instead of the process my purchase she started taking everyone that was on the line after me, living me to stand and wait for the other cashier's machine to reboot.See the Top 10 Worst Companies in Miami, FL When I asked her if she could take my items and ran them she said she had to process all of the other costumers who were paying cash first, when I questioned her she said because it was my fault that the machine jammed, almost like a punishment because I did something wrong, I still didn't understand her concept of not processing my purchase on the other cashier machine. She then proceeds to tell me in front of all the customers and my mother in a very rude manner that she was "doing me a favor" by even helping me after what I did. I was appalled that she would even speak to me in that manner, I felt disrespected and her treatment towards me was totally uncalled for, she and I got into a back and forth situation and finally I told her I would be reporting her to corporate and she even had the nerve to remind me that she was the manager and could do whatever she wanted.
Needless to say I was extremely embarrassed by her behavior and the way she treated a paying customer. I will not visit that store again and will encourage my friends and social media not to patronize that store due to the lack of professionalism and customer service.
I thank you for your time and would like some feed back if possible and hope that this person gets some sort of reprimand and much need customer service training.


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