Family Dollar / Manager Norma Moyahome decor pictures

Hl Nov 27, 2018 Pasadena, TexasPasadena

I bought some pictures at Family Dollar located on 4118 Fairmont Pkwy, Pasadena, TX 77504. I went the next day to return them because they did not match my interior decor. Manager, Norma Moya refused to return them she stated that she don't return home decor pictures.I went to a different location and spoke with the manager. Elizabeth, stated that since they are in the box I should not have a problem returning them. Elizabeth contacted the store where I originally purchased my pictures and spoke with cashier and said that I was going back to the Fairmont location to return items. When I arrived the cashier calls the manager, Norma and she said "give her money back and tell to NOT COME TO MY STORE AGAIN" I think this very unprofessional of her telling me not go to her store again and treating me like I was a thief. I need upper management to resolve this issue as customer I felt very mistreated and embarrassed due to fact that other customers were around listening to this so called manager.

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