I ordered two pairs well before xmas.
I received notice one pair shipped under tracking no. FSC124508672485056
This number was not recognised by Royal Mail search engine.
The socks arrived well into the new year.
No shipping advice for the second pair so ai requested cancellation and refund by email.
Company eventually replied saying goods shipped. No tracking number.
I replied again requesting refund as nothing received.
They sent tracking number saying goods were at my local post was tracking number for first pair which I received.
I have emailled again pointing out the "error" and requested immediate refund.

Sadly too late I read reviews, everywhere is one star...that only because no stars isn't allowed.
I don't understand why credit card companies allow these scammers to use their facility.
Having seem the number of complaints I doubt anything can or will be achieved.

Jan 20, 2017

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