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Looking at our bank acct statement today Sept 8 I noticed this company taking out 49.95 out of our account. This amount was removed on August 8 also. I looked further and on July 8 69.90 was removed from our account.

On June 24 a charge of 1.95 was removed from our acct. All say EZ1RATE is removing the money. We don't know where they got our information from and how. I am contacting my bank and having a stop put on and calling the person whose name I found on this site Adam Shorr and giving him a piece of my mind. This is almost 200 dollars he stole from our account. I am also having a problem with Discount travels and savings removing money and once again we don't know how they found out the information. I know we talked once to this company and told them to stop, but as I can see they haven't. They owe us almost 60 dollars. ONe thing I know if they don't use paypal, I won't be buying. Any phone calls I get where they want to give you gas coupons, etc... HANG UP. I have always told them no but is this the same group? Why are the banks not made aware of this EZ1RATE company and have their customers made aware of a scam company taking money out of their accounts?

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  • Sh
      Nov 05, 2008

    I Totally agree!I fell for the $300 of gas for $3.97 and now I have not only 2 charges of $3.97 on my account but I also have one for $29.97 and one for $49.33.I have 4 phone numbers I have been calling for a week and I get the same response for each {all our agents are busy estimated wait time 7 minutes, even after an hour.HELP!What should I do?

    Sharon 11-05-08

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