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Extreme Fitness / Membership Renewal

1 North York, Ontario, Canada Review updated:

Long story short,

my wife has 'Perpetual' membership with Extreme Fitness signed up on March 9, 2010 and as it states on contract, completion date is March 9, 2011.
On March 9, 2010 the initial payment was processed, and starting May 1, 2010 until January 1, 2011, the remaining 9 payments were processed.
Knowing these scammers would try to take money out, I stopped the payment on January 2, 2011 so that no further payment can be processed.

My wife went to the gym on February 8, 2011 and was rejected entry due to 'non-payment' and that when I spoke to the general manager today (Feb. 9, 2011) I owe them payment for the month of February 2011 and threaten that I will hear from their collection agency.

I am acknowledged with 14 days cancellation notice and I am willing to send them out a letter, 14 days before the contract completion date, which is MARCH 9, 2011, however according to their contract, (where I do not see a section), I was supposed to give them written notice 14 days before February 1, 2011, which in their record, is the next payment date. (I found out with the bank that I did try to take a payment out of my account on February 1, 2011 but was rejected as to my request)

My complain is,
1. Where in the contract says that 14 days before February 1, 2011 was the last day to give them the written notice of termination? Does anyone see it there?
2. They froze my wife's membership, probably as of February 1, 2011 when their payment withdrawal did not go through. Isn't the membership good through Mar-09-2011 anyway?
3. I never received a letter from Extreme Fitness, (30 to 90 days before the COMPLETION DATE) for renewal or how much my month-to-month membership would cost. In the contract is says that CAN increase the monthyl membership fee up to 10%. Was I supposed to agree to it without any written proposal?
It clearly states on the contract that my wife is obligated to make 1 initial payment and 9 monthly dues payments, not 10 or 11.

I do not really care about the membership anymore. I will probably stick up my third finger to them everytime I drive by any of their locations. The fact that the general manger threaten that I will hear from their collection agency in regards to the February's payment bothers me.

Attched is the copy of the contract with all names and addresses, info removed. I also submitted a complaint to BBB Canada. Will they help me?

Extreme Fitness

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  • Mo
      9th of Feb, 2011
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    Here's a link to the contract:

  • Jj
      1st of Apr, 2011
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    As a fellow employee from this horrid company and will tell you that you are not alone, however legally you are entitled to cancel your membership AND be refunded February. I can tell you that Extreme fitness DOES NOT mail out renewal notices and by law they are required too. Sure they will probobly say that they mailed one, but they are liars. NO ONE receives notices of renewal because if they did the companies cancellation numbers would be thru the roof. If you would like to receive some justice and attention I would recommend sending an email to their investors in the States. They have no idea how poorly their company is being run (to my surprise). Google Falconhead and send an email explaining the situation to all of them. Im sure people will pay attention to you then. Sad but most of the general managers in this company are just puppets and do what they are told.

  • Ey
      12th of Nov, 2011
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    How was the result with BBB? Because I have the same situation in the same location as well.

  • Mo
      12th of Nov, 2011
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    I did receive a response from Exteme Fitness in September of 2011, through BBB, half a year after my case was filed.
    BBB received a simple sentence from Extreme Fitness saying, "membership will be recalled from collections and cancelled with no balance owing "

    Easy to say so..

    Well, I just didn't want to spend my time arguing with these mofos, so that was the resolution to the case.

    My wife is now well, at the same time, I also signed up with another gym, Good Life and I am doing well with them. No troubles yet.

    After all, Extreme Fitness just lost $1000 / year membership because of $50 bux for good. and for all my friends.

  • Ph
      18th of Nov, 2011
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    we also have same problem wit my friend. we just went to extreme fitness and want to try the 10 days free trial we just went once and one representative get all the details of my friends credit without knowing that we are already signing for a membership for a year. Now I buy a coupon for 2 months as i did know that they confirm the one year contract. How should we go about it as they don't want to cancel the contract. They are already debiting the credit card of my for 2 months even if we have not come to the gym. Thanks and hope for a feedback.

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