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Express Credit Auto / Awful experience

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We bought a car from this company back in May of 2008. We were having credit problems and they seemed like they could help. All of their cars were the same price! We paid $14, 999 for a 2003 Nissan Altima with 89, 000 miles! We signed the paperwork and then found out it has the payment device! We were not pleased! We have had nothing but problems with this device even when the payments were on time. A month after getting the vehicle it wouldn't start and when it was running the transmission was messed up, it is an automatic and wouldn't shift from first gear, etc! Finally got them to come get it and put a new transmission in it! We got it back about six weeks later and had to make the payments of course without a car to drive! We got behind a few months later because my husbands work got cut back to 3 days a week! We were caught up until last week when my husband was off work a week. The payment is nine days late and they are threatening to come after the vehicle! They don't want to work with us saying that this is our last chance at financing etc! I understand that but nine days late and they are going to repo! We are going to make a payment in a week if they haven't come after the car, I guess we are stuck with it but this place is horrible and rude and would not ever go back there again! Would walk first!

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  • Th
      3rd of Mar, 2009
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    Maybe you should make your payment on time and you wouldn't have this problem. I don't see how this is there fault!

  • Ky
      19th of Jun, 2010
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    I agree with you completely, bought my car back in August 2009, and I havent had as much of car trouble as you buy they tried selling me a 2004 dodge stratus with the front fender falling off th car, they put a pin in it to hold it up then tried again, i refused that one, took a different car but same model. ive made my payments ontime everytime, there was one time i was unemployed for almost a month and i tried to see if they would help me out this one time, they proceeded to tell me i had til such a date and they would be turning the car off, i had til then to pay it, it was like 3 days before i would get the money. they call you continuously even after talking to them, and are very rude about it, they have called me the same day its due around 5-7pm its like i still have time. Will not be getting a car with them again

  • Le
      13th of Aug, 2010
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    OMG! We also bought our Dodge Drango at Express Credit Auto, back in Oct.2008. This truck (i thought was a great deal, at the time) was like "new" to use. The first 6 month was fine, then thats when all HELL broke out on this vehicle!! There was the "engine" light that was on when we got the piece of crap, the dealer said it w0uld go off after we drove it for awhile...will low and behold the darn light never went off!!! We live 2 hrs away from OK City, but made the trip to have there service department turn off the light, but to our suprise they said they had nothing to do with that light! It makes a aweful clanging and banging noise when it starts, the driver side window just fell outa the blue and of course Express Credit Auto said our warranty did not cover any of the problems this vehicle is having. WHAT DOES IT COVER THEN???? As of today, 8-13-10, it broke down on me and my 2 small kids, with the heat being 109 degress, with no AC. Now its just setting in my driveway. I am SOO angry with this company, I will never buy from them or suggest them 2 anybody! Its been a living HELL ever since then. We ALWAYS pay our payment on time, but Express Credit Auto will not be professional enough to handle bussiness like they advertise!! They are a sad company and I pitty all its employees for ripping all of us hard workers off that thought we were getting a great quality car from them!! What ashame! :(

  • Ch
      2nd of Sep, 2010
    -4 Votes

    So Leslie, you are mad because a used vehicle that ran perfectly for the first six months you owned it, started having mechanical problems? How exactly is this the fault of the dealership? Why are you not upset with Dodge? Did you not get a copy of your FREE warranty when you signed your paperwork? Was there ever any mention of your windows being covered? Did Express Credit Auto manufacture the vehicle or just sell it? And how exactly are they ripping you off? Are they suppossed to anticipate any and every problem your vehicle may have in the future, and then provide you coverage for such? How have you maintained the vehicle? Have they ever made you show maintenance records? I pity you for lashing out at the employees of a company (who you approached I might add) because you're mad that the vehicle you own has moving parts that break. Congratulations for making your payments on time; if you had done more of that in the past, you probably wouldn't have had to go to a special credit lot in the first place. What a shame! :(

  • Ca
      22nd of Sep, 2010
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    Free credit express - charges
    MQV freemcredit express
    United States
    Phone: 877-883-7821

    I was tricked into giving my credit card number for a so called free service

  • Cc
      30th of Oct, 2010
    Best Best Advice +4 Votes

    It is very obvious to me that the upper management in this company is not spending time on customer service issues to benefit the customer. They do, although, have ample time to post negative comments back to the disgruntled customers to cut them down for using their company to purchase a vehicle since their credit isn't up to par. This company has no problem kissing a persons butt to purchase a vehicle through them and once that vehicle is purchased, the company washes their hands of that customer even stooping as low as throwing out negative comments for having to use a specialized dealer cause their credit is poor. Heck, most of america has below average credit due to our poor economy. What this company is forgetting that its due to these customers that this company is still in business.

  • Ba
      28th of Nov, 2010
    +2 Votes

    I cannot speak for "Chest Rockwell", but I can tell you my name is Bacon Jennings that I do work for Express Credit Auto (ECA). My office is at the I-240 & Santa-Fe location, and my direct number is 405-516-2733. In response to "ccook60", let me first say that I can assure everyone the response provided by "Chest Rockwell" is certainly not a response from upper management, nor is it the attitude of ECA to berate disgruntled customers in online discussion boards no matter how harsh their comments may be towards to the company.

    In response to the other listed complaints: I am sorry that your experiences with ECA has not been good. It obviously concerns me that you would be unwilling to purchase another vehicle from us. I would like to address your listed concerns in an attempt to salvage relationships that we value very much.
    1. I can assure you that all of our vehicles are not the same price. We offer a wide selection of vehicles that vary in price, size, equipment and mileage.
    2. We would agree that using payment devices is not ideal, however we specialize in the high-risk credit market. The use of payment devices allows the underwriters the opportunity to loan money to individuals who otherwise may not qualify for financing. We did experience a number of problems with the devices we previously placed in the vehicles, so I do not doubt the validity of your statement. I can tell you that we have switched technologies and no longer use devices that require manual input of codes, or are even visible for that matter. This has significantly reduced the number of reported issues while still allowing us to qualify individuals regardless of their credit histories.
    3. I cannot speak to the mechanical issues with your vehicles, as I do not have the specific information available to me. If you would like to call me and provide this, I would be happy to address it in a more detailed manner. It appears however, that even though your vehicles had issues, we stood behind the vehicles and had the issues corrected. We do check every vehicle thoroughly before offering them for sale, in an attempt to ensure that we are providing the best possible transportation choice available. We do make mistakes, and we are not perfect. This is the defining reason behind our warranty. We all understand that cars are mechanical, and no matter how thoroughly something is examined or serviced, things will still break or go bad. We cannot control this; we can make every attempt to correct an issue once it arises.
    4. Even though we are a "Buy-Here Pay-Here", Express Credit Auto is not reponsible for, nor do we administer the loans offered for vehicles purchased on our lots. We work with a company called Auto Advantage Finance (most current or previous customers will recognize this) and they service the loans issued against the vehicles used as collateral. As a matter of fact, you will never see ECA listed as a lienholder on a title, as a payee on a vehicle payment, etc. This is no different than buying a vehicle from "XYZ Ford", and having the financing arranged through one of the lenders they work with, such as "ABC Bank". Auto Advantage Finance (AAF) maintains "branches" if you will, at all four of our locations. The decision to work with you on payments or to "come after your vehicle" is no more under my control than it is yours; the exact same as the experience would be at "XYZ Ford". Whether or not your vehicle is running properly is of no real consequence to the bank, as it does not change the fact that you would still have scheduled payments due that you promised to make when signing your finance contract. ECA's concern would obviously be with your vehicle's condition and getting you back on the road as quickly as possible . While I understand your complaints, I simply feel as if they are being directed at the wrong company. Again, you wouldn't call "XYZ Ford" and complain to your salesman if you had fallen behind on your payment to "ABC Bank" who financed the vehicle. You would of course call if the vehicle wasn't running properly. I acknowledge the fact that we have chosen to maintain and establish a close relationship with AAF, and I do take your concerns seriously. I will pass them along to the appropriate personnel within AAF.
    Once again, I apologize for any issues that we may have caused, and I invite you to call me at anytime to discuss your concerns further. Thank you.

  • Te
      27th of Dec, 2010
    +1 Votes

    I also purchased a vehicle through ECA back in November of 2009. When I purchased it they did not advise me that it could be turned off.If I would have know that I would not have purchased from them.I will not ever purchase one from them again or will I advise anyone else too. I had my vehicle shut off after I had made my payment that morning. When I bought the vehicle I told them that I got paid on the 15th and the 30th and they said that would be fine.I even made them a copy of my pay dates.Anyway I received a phone call on December 14, 2010 from Larry who works for ECA and I told him that I would be in on the 15th right after 9:00am to make my payment like I always do. He said that would be fine but if I did not make it the car would be turned off on Friday the 17th. I kept my promise as usual and was there at 9:20 am with my payment on the 15th. I went to start my car at 2:00pm and it would not start. I called my husband because I told him that I made the payment that morning.
    Well, I called ECA and asked them if they shut my car off and the girl on the other end was very rude. I told her I made the payment that morning and don't they check to see if the payment was made before they start shuting cars off. She told me because I was late with the payment that they turned it off.I told her that I spoke with a Larry at ECA and he told me that there would not be a proble if I brought payment in on the 15th. I told the young lady that I wanted to speak with a supervisor or vice president or someone else and she said that no one was available. This has been a complete nightmare every payday.If they say they will work with you and all you have to do is call and make arrangements when you will be able to bring your payment in they are not telling you the truth. The truth is I will never buy another vehicle from them or send anyone to them because of the way they do business!!! Upper management is not getting involved enough with the patrons that keep them in business. They need to realize that working with an individual will help them more and they could get more business that way.

  • An
      8th of Jan, 2011
    +1 Votes

    I purchased my car from express credit auto march 2010 the staff is very nice at the place on 39 th st place in okc but there is a lot of things they dont tell you like that they have devices in them and that there warranty doesn't cover much or if you dont have full coverage insurance that they charge you 110 extra a month. This isn't anywhere in the the contact that I signed! The first month I had the car it kept over heating they finally got it fixed, they always call or txt me the day before my payment is due and I'm a dental assistant and I waitress on the weekends I make my $200 payment when its due and then make the 24 remaining bal by the 4 th day they always cut my car off b4 I can come pay it even after I have discussed this with the payment person and the account manager. The supervisor also called me and was very rude, when I purchased this car they told me they would help me if I was going to be late on my payment, they never do, they treat you like you are dirt its always the same answer with everyone you talk to they always say well your car will be turned off on the 4 th day, they would rather turn ur car off over 5 bucks and not let you drive it then let you pay them the 5 bucks in 2 weeks, I will never buy another car from this place or refer someone to them and in fact if I wasn't so young and trying to build my credit I would give them this car back and take my business else where where it could be appreciated and did not cost me so much for a 5 year old car! I am very displeased with the management of this place, I wish the management was like the staff I delt with!

  • Sd
      19th of Feb, 2011
    +2 Votes

    THANK all of you people because i my self have a poor credit score( 625) and looking for a vehicle. Due to the comments that i have just heard about this company i will no longer consider doing business with these people, EVER! 1 whole page and not 1 good consumer comment, '' COME ON''. My heart goes out to the 1's stuck with car notes.

  • Re
      5th of Apr, 2011
    0 Votes

    I agree with all comments on this company they are kill switch happy. My question to them is youre payment has to be 10 days late before you get a late charge so why are they turning cars off at 4.

  • An
      27th of Apr, 2011
    +1 Votes

    I as well WAS considering going through this company to rebuild my credit but after reading all of these reviews I dont think so. I once went through Autotrakk and they sweet talked me into a car (that was nice) but I paid $500/mo (including full coverage), and had I known what I know now they would not have gotten my money. Gas prices are too high, economy is BAD, they shouldnt do folks like that. Especially the ones that make payments on time. Hey atleast they give you a few days though, Autotrakk gives you NOTHING. I just applied today. Im much were your down payments?

  • Ch
      6th of May, 2011
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    Well all I have to say is that I'm buying my car from ECA because I'm only 18 years old and have no credit to speak of. If you want you car running right all you have to do is ask the owners (before you buy it) to take it to a mechanic and see it it runs well. If the mechanic gives the OK, then buy it. Also, finance it through your bank, not the car place. If you finance through the bank then the payments are easily a hundred dollars cheaper.

  • Gr
      22nd of May, 2011
    +1 Votes

    as a potential first time customer i have to tell you ... you people are scaring me !!! wheres all your repeat customers ??? all im reading is a lot of very serious complaints !!! and a lot of crap obviously written by roach type employees...i need a car now !!! Its none of the employees business nor is it their rite to judge me and my credit problems I understand your reasons for putting kill switches on the cars but i dont understand why you people at express have such a rep. for lying to your customer and i also feel like im watching 3 pathetic men, lying men waisting my time on the commercials.. remember brother jimmie the preacher man???? remember on national tv he said god i have sinned!!! well get on the tv all you nasty lyin boys and girls at express credit auto admit to us you have sinned !!! you have lied !!! yea get on the tv and tell us the truth for once !!!1 your customers arent crazy !!! its you !!!

  • Te
      27th of May, 2011
    -1 Votes

    I just bought a 2006 Grand Prix from Express Credit Auto... Today! I will have to admit some of what I have read here does bother me but My experience with them have so far been good! Granted I got my car at the Tulsa Lot and I didn't see anything in here referring to the Tulsa Lot. The Staff was all very friendly during our process today and I do have a couple comments about what other people have just said or should I say I have just read! They did tell us and show us a list of the items covered under their warranty! They did tell us that we had to have full coverage insurance or get liability and use their insurance and that it cost extra.. I do believe they said 30 a payment! They did inform us of the payment device on the car! My issue with what people have said about the payment device is they do tell you when you sign their agreement that your car payment is due on such and such dates... You do sign saying that you agree! So why is it their fault that something happened or you can't make your payment on time? For the one that complained that their car broke down and said that the check engine light was on when they bought the car... Well shame on them for trying to sale a car that had a check engine light on... but SHAME ON YOU for purchasing it!!! I know I would never purchase a car that showed ANY sign that their might be something wrong with it! You get what you pay for! Is my opinion! I was in desperate need of a vehicle because the one I had broke down.. for the upteenth time ( purchased at a different car lot) and they were able to help me out! They where very nice and friendly and their or not to many used car lots ( in oklahoma at least) that provide any kind of warranty on their cars.. not to mention they have BRAND new tires on their cars!!! So I would say that The Express Credit Auto in Tulsa is Ok in my book!!!

  • Am
      6th of Jun, 2011
    0 Votes

    Horrible, Horrible company to deal with. Known to be involved in discrimination lending and charging 200-300% interest to people who don't know better. When customers become upside down, which they will, their law firm Robinson & Hoover are crooks continuing to overcharge them by using deceptive means. Love the comment from the owner, Bob you were wise to run.

  • Di
      13th of Jun, 2011
    +1 Votes

    I helped my daughter purchase a car from there, , i-240 and santa fe location.. There were several mechanical problems that happened during the warranty period and they were never resolved.. They kept saying it didnt happen when we drove it.. But never really looked into the problem. Also my daughter had her car turned off before after the payment was made on time.. Times are tough and it is hard to get into a car but i would never recommend them to anyone regardless of your situation. They are getting bigger and bigger by ripping people off.. Sometimes situations occur when you are late and there is ntohign you can do.. But they will not work with you in any situation.. My daughter had a child die. and money had to go to that and There were like well you got two days and we are turning the car off.. Even though i was with them over a year.. wouldnt give a 3 day extension..

  • Ar
      21st of Jun, 2011
    +2 Votes

    I was seriously considering this company until reading these comments and reviews. I darn sure ain't buying any vehicle with any kind of kill switch/"payment device" in it. That's INSANE and a definite deal breaker right there. Plus these people sound like your typical loan sharks/scammers, preying on vulnerable people with bad credit. Disgusting!!! I'm out...

  • Ap
      27th of Jun, 2011
    +1 Votes

    I bought a 2004 Pontiac Grand AM from ECA in July 2009. I have made $199 payments every 2 weeks since then. I lost my job in Dec 2010 and my fiance' took over the payments. We fell behind on our rent because ECA wouldn't work with me on lowering my payments. We finally stopped paying for the car and got caught up on rent. Doc called us on one particular occassion and very rudely told me that the car payment was more important than my rent and groceries for me and my children! Really?!?!? A car is more important than a home and food? He threatened us with reposession of course and after many hateful phone calls from him, I asked that my acct be turned over to another rep. Kat called me next and was very helpful. She set me up with an appt to speak with Jay, the financing supervisor. After a meeting with Jay and Doc, I was told that if I paid $100 good faith payment (since my payment was 23 days late), they would give me a code to be able to drive my car and would lower my payments to $149 every 2 weeks. Sounded great! Until...I called when I had money in hand and to make sure the deal was still on and Doc told me that everything was still on EXCEPT they would NOT be giving me my code to drive the car until I paid $249. I told Doc that that is NOT what I was told in person with him and Jay. Doc said "that's how things go, you should have brought a witness with you!" Seriously?!?!?! Needless to say, after paying over $14, 000 for this vehicle with about $2, 000 left...I'm letting the car go back. We "thought" they would work with us, and KEEP THEIR WORD, but apparently without a witness, the deal wasn't the right one! The car has now been sitting in my driveway for 27 days, just staring at when they say "after 10 days, it will go into reposession" it really takes longer than that BUT always have someone with you when you go to speak with DOC or JAY! We will never buy or refer anyone to ECA.

  • Ti
      16th of Jul, 2011
    0 Votes

    While looking for a newer car, my husband and I stopped at ECA just to get an idea of what type of car we could "afford". After being told that we could only afford an older, high mileage car at between 3-4 times the value, we politely walked out, and on down the road. We chose to do business with Ben's on 39th, and not only does he have vast wide variety of newer, mileage cars, he only charged us 9 percent interest. We payed off our first car within 15 months, and are now driving our new 07 Caliber, with payments half as much as ECA charges, and we'll only be paying on it for 18 months! We didn't get a warranty at Ben's but on our first car(Volvo S80), the a/c went out, and instead of telling us no dice, he fixed it free of charge. The parts alone would have cost us hundreds, let alone finding a mechanic that would work on a Volvo and not charge us an arm and leg. The reason I'm even posting is that I had a very close friend go to ECA this week, and she seriously considered going with them. I pulled this complaint board up, and begged her to try Ben's. I beg all of you with bad credit to not sell yourself short and try Ben's. He won't treat you like a criminal!

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