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I feel really stupid now after reading another report about I had signed up on a free membership a while back and in late January/early February received an email saying that a casting director was interested in me. When looking to see what it was, it turned out to be for a local hair show and it paid $100. I was really excited about the audition and I looked up the company and they were legit. When I had called Explore Talent to get the information, they looked on my page and said, 'oh you're not a pro-member, I can't give you that information unless you sign up as a pro-member.' I asked how much it was and they had said something around $33 a month or I can get a 'deal' and pay around $70-75 for three months and that I'd have more of a chance getting more work with a longer period of time. I thought it was kind of weird that I had to pay to get information and told him I'd have to call back because my funds were low so I'd have to ask my boyfriend if he can spot me the money. He then said 'you have to ask your boyfriend?' So I then told him yeah and explained again because I had no money at the time. My boyfriend said to save money I should do the three month thing and when I had called back, the guy took my information and 'set up' my pro-membership and started giving me all these compliments like 'you have some pretty pictures' and even told me once that 'did you know you have other casting directors interested in you too?' I thought he meant I had others who had sent me emails that I hadn't gotten or something. So this made me even more excited. Well I didn't end up modeling for the one company that emailed their interest to me, but did model for another one I met at the show anyway. When I was looking at my 'pro-member' casting page, I saw that they had these pretty 'generic' casting that you would find in a newspaper or on a theater website or something. Another thing I found odd and I didn't appreciate was that the 'booking department' would 'submit' me for these roles that I didn't even fit! One that I remember was for an MTV True-Life that wanted lesbians and another MTV True-Life that wanted people going off to war or coming home from war. First of all, I see these castings already on the website. Second of all, I'm not a lesbian and I haven't been to war nor come home from any kind of war so I was wondering 'why am I being submitted for these?' I felt mad because I didn't know before reading the other response to this rip-off that they don't actually submit anything to anyone. I was thinking that they were submitting me to these and that I would be getting calls or emails or something and have to explain that no I don't actually fit their criteria they want. Another thing I didn't like was that they had me list three cities that I prefer working in. I live in the Midwest and had locations such as Missouri, Iowa, and Minnesota. I was getting casting calls for New York, Pennsylvania, Michigan, etc. I feel totally ripped off and wish I would've just turned down the offer to become a 'pro-member' so that I could get that audition information. I hope that something gets done about it like a class-action lawsuit or somebody puts their foot down that has a powerful say in the matter because Explore Talent don't care about their 'models' and just worry about how much money they can rake in.

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    I AM a Casting Director
    I have used Explore Talent numerous years to recruit my talent and I ALWAYS turn out satisfied with the talent.

    Regarding THIS particular complaint, there really doesn't seem to be any MERIT in the NATURE of her complaint. Maybe I missed something in her complaint but that what I DID read, made me think she actually DID get what Explore Talent offers - she was given an offer from a company (just not the company E.P told her about) and as a director, maybe once she appeared in person (if that were the case) she just wasn't what the company was looking for.

    This is the status of being an ASPIRING talent. You WILL GO THROUGH the status!
    You will get called to an audition if your profile meets the initial criteria and there is a chance you could make it in front of the casting agent or the director and you're just not what they expected. In my casting I've had some who aren't what they were in their profile - sometimes they're BETTER than expected and sometimes their in person appearance just isn't enough.


    If you don't put in the work, don't expect Explore Talent to do all the work for you!

  • Jo
      4th of Apr, 2015
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    Its a call center run in Cebu Philippines...Led by a CEO named Mikhael Cook...They have 2 offices, one in las vegas nevada and another in Cebu Philipines...the name of the call center is universal Tech.

    as i mentioned before ...what a big scam.
    Google the company yourself...attached are pics of Mikhael and the company flyer.

  • Jo
      4th of Apr, 2015
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    its such a big scam.. 2 offices one in las vegas on in cebu and flyer attached of ceo mikhael cook

  • Jo
      4th of Apr, 2015
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    name of the office in cebu...universal it if you like. rip off...i was once an agent for them for 2 weeks...couldnt stand the scam.

  • Mo
      4th of Feb, 2016
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    Great Article. suggestions - I am thankful for the details . Does someone know if my company can get a fillable a form form to type on ?

  • Cy
      3rd of Jul, 2016
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    I've never sought out acting or modeling gigs. Ever. I'm a computer nerd - a very security conscious type, too, who was not born yesterday - not an actor. I'm not even on social media save for a Twitter account I use largely as a news feed, using no personal face photos or other easily identifiable information in either profile or feed. I hate Facebook and would never use them for a personal profile. Ever. They are just as evil as Google.

    I guard my personal information like it was solid platinum and rare diamonds. Still, SOMEHOW these clowns - Explore Talent - got my very closely guarded second cell phone number that I do not give out for anything other than beyond-a-doubt legitimate business. "Tiffany" from 702-857-7435 left a message on this line that she was "following up on my interest in acting and modeling opportunities". Again, this is an "interest" I have never had nor expressed. Perhaps they have this number from a previous assignee. But my gut instinct is that my NOT BEING AN ACTOR OR MODEL along with my online research convinces me this is just an elaborate scam designed to aggregate personal information and basically steal money from the gullible. Imagine people from the Internet not being honest. :-/


    Always do your due diligence, lest ###s like these make off with your money and your identity.

    Viva Lost Wages, if you don't look out!


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