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I feel really stupid now after reading another report about I had signed up on a free membership a while back and in late January/early February received an email saying that a casting director was interested in me. When looking to see what it was, it turned out to be for a local hair show and it paid $100. I was really excited about the audition and I looked up the company and they were legit. When I had called Explore Talent to get the information, they looked on my page and said, 'oh you're not a pro-member, I can't give you that information unless you sign up as a pro-member.' I asked how much it was and they had said something around $33 a month or I can get a 'deal' and pay around $70-75 for three months and that I'd have more of a chance getting more work with a longer period of time. I thought it was kind of weird that I had to pay to get information and told him I'd have to call back because my funds were low so I'd have to ask my boyfriend if he can spot me the money. He then said 'you have to ask your boyfriend?' So I then told him yeah and explained again because I had no money at the time. My boyfriend said to save money I should do the three month thing and when I had called back, the guy took my information and 'set up' my pro-membership and started giving me all these compliments like 'you have some pretty pictures' and even told me once that 'did you know you have other casting directors interested in you too?' I thought he meant I had others who had sent me emails that I hadn't gotten or something. So this made me even more excited. Well I didn't end up modeling for the one company that emailed their interest to me, but did model for another one I met at the show anyway. When I was looking at my 'pro-member' casting page, I saw that they had these pretty 'generic' casting that you would find in a newspaper or on a theater website or something. Another thing I found odd and I didn't appreciate was that the 'booking department' would 'submit' me for these roles that I didn't even fit! One that I remember was for an MTV True-Life that wanted lesbians and another MTV True-Life that wanted people going off to war or coming home from war. First of all, I see these castings already on the website. Second of all, I'm not a lesbian and I haven't been to war nor come home from any kind of war so I was wondering 'why am I being submitted for these?' I felt mad because I didn't know before reading the other response to this rip-off that they don't actually submit anything to anyone. I was thinking that they were submitting me to these and that I would be getting calls or emails or something and have to explain that no I don't actually fit their criteria they want. Another thing I didn't like was that they had me list three cities that I prefer working in. I live in the Midwest and had locations such as Missouri, Iowa, and Minnesota. I was getting casting calls for New York, Pennsylvania, Michigan, etc. I feel totally ripped off and wish I would've just turned down the offer to become a 'pro-member' so that I could get that audition information. I hope that something gets done about it like a class-action lawsuit or somebody puts their foot down that has a powerful say in the matter because Explore Talent don't care about their 'models' and just worry about how much money they can rake in.

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  • 87
      28th of Dec, 2010
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    I agree with the complains. I recieved several calls from that company and one time i talked to a guy who seem to be Indian, he had a an accent. All he kept doing was asking me " how would you like to pay?" He didnt even give me a chance to ask a couple questions. I was new and only tried the free profile they offer. I then told him, i would have to ask my boyfriend first. he then went off yelling at me, as if he was cursing at me. he was like " is it ur boyfriend who wants to be successful or you? and just alot of comments i found very rude. It was as if he wasacting like my father, he then cursed me out, telling me how he wasted his time, almost sound like a telemarketer. I was so shocked outta my mind! he then hung up, so from the start of the conversation to the end, i didnt even say much, i had no chance to...WOW! thats all i cud say. All they wanted was my account #, the number on my card. geeszz let me ask some questions please, but no..I THINK they are a SCAM!

  • Ma
      31st of Jan, 2011
    +1 Votes

    I have a strong feeling THAT THE PEOPLE HERE WHO COMMENTED GOOD THINGS ABOUT EXPLORE TALENT is just one person using multiple names and were either working for Explore Talent or paid by them. Why on earth would you go to great lakes to write something good about on a website about complaints against these [censor]? Why would you oppose the bad experiences of the people who were victimized by these website? Victims who were way overcharged and obtained overdraft fees and had most of their paycheck taken away from them for nothing. Any human being reading those complaints would be upset and compassionate with these people. Or maybe you are just plain stupid! I had a couple of friends who were a victim of Explore Talent as well. One of them had to pay fees to her bank just to cancel the monthly automatic withdrawal of Explore Talent to her bank account. I hope anyone who is planning on getting a "pro membership" from them would think twice and I hope the victims of this scam corrupted website would file a class action lawsuit so that they can't victimize anybody in the future..


  • It
      26th of Feb, 2011
    +1 Votes

    Okay. Well I read most of these reviews and I am skeptical. I know for sure Explore Talent is a fraud, but I'm just scared. Because I was filling out their cool-looking account maker, then exited off the web page and didn't finish it. I didn't know that they had already made me an account, and I wanted to cancel my profile ASAP. When I clicked on the "Cancel Membership" button, this is what popped up:
    "Dear Nicki, you are not being charged and you
    will never be asked for money for your free account.
    Therefore, there is no need to cancel, your account will be Free Forever,
    and you can for as long as you want, enjoy for free the many benefits of a free member."
    The reason I'm a little scared is just that I'm hearing a bunch of people saying that after their 7 day trial, they start to get charged with money. Do I have 7 days? If they say it's free forever, should I trust them with that? I just want to delete the WHOLE account so I don't have to worry. Any help?

  • Yb
      25th of Mar, 2011
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    Market yourself, go on Youtube(upload videos), go on FaceBook, go on and make an account for free, stop trying to get famous easy, it will not happen. Marketing yourself is a great way to get expore, met new people and really get some work done. I have tried and think i created a free account on, they still send me casting, and once i get those casting i google it and /or do my research to try to land on that casting without having to call the site or upgrading to a pro-membership. Everyone that wants to make it in the showbiz, just creat a portfolio of whatever your trying to do( Musician, Actor, Model etc...) and do some research and send you portfolio via mail, email and if you get lucky in person. STOP TRYING TO LOOK FOR A EASY WAY IN...! Good Luck!!!

  • Er
      19th of Apr, 2011
    +1 Votes

    I will give you some information, one of the owners of this business is Ami Shafrir, he and his ex wife (Sarit Shafrir) were involved in very shady business, where there is shady business there is shady people as well..., at some point they got into trouble, then was born the great story of the great fraud stolen Them $ 40 million, two crooks (Sarit and Ami) met two crooks (brothers Neishary) because they too big crooks, in all this turmoil, Sarit wanted to get money from Ami...bcz she was ###ed with one of the brothers...well all become a big ### and the brothers [censored]ed Ami and Sarit both... :)) well this is the shady business...and you can read about it need some more information and assemble the puzzle...
    now...Ami shafrir is a wise man, Very Intilgante, but!!! he is a big crook, very big crook, he was a crook befor(25 years ago)and he is a crook now, He has a way to recycle himself, he always keeps himself behind the scenes, he always sell you something not worth anything, and always feel like you're buying gold, that his talent.
    his ex wife sarit...well she is even more talented, she is clever.She always knows which side to choose, she can seduce you quickly, she will use every way of seduction...
    No need to add words, these are dangerous people, it is very important to be careful, because they really are dangerous people who can do very dangerous things, so be carefil.

  • Ki
      30th of Apr, 2011
    +1 Votes

    1. The entertainment industry DOES take hard work and dedication.
    2. Agents/Talent Agencies do NOT make money by hitting up their talent for a fee, they make money when talent is booked and gives them 10-20% of the pay as agreed upon in a signed contract between the talent and said Agent or Agency.
    3. ANY business and/or individual that performs UNAUTHORIZED transactions to or from a bank account is a scam.

    If I only killed 30% of the people I met, by a good deal of the theories being presented by people in support of this group, I would not be a murderer.

    Any percentage of people using this website who are not scammed out of their hard-earned money does not dismiss the people that have been.

    I am VERY happy I found this review after just having received a voice-mail from "Explore Talent; Hollywood" today (Oddly enough, from a number based in Clark County, Las Vegas, NV... like I wouldn't note the area code?) I'll be sure to inform them where they can shove their membership.
    THANK YOU!!!

  • Si
      24th of Nov, 2011
    0 Votes

    We called the better business burrow and asked if this site is real. It's not real!

  • Kn
      30th of Nov, 2011
    0 Votes

    Explore talent has been using the same model as these other companies that you have heard of in your area, Barbizon, John Casablnaca, John Robert Powers, and those scouting services that come to your local mall. They just do it in a more 21st century way via the Internet. But they all do the same thing. They prey on the uninformed, the fame seekers, and the stage moms. Pretty much they all say the same thing, " Wow, has anyone told you that you can be a model?" or if you are not tall enough "You look like you can be a movie star." All they try to do is feed your ego, get you vulnerable, then fast talk you into trying to sign-up for a membership. Back in the 90's to early 2000's this was a common thing with these talent scouts that patrol high traffic areas such as malls, and downtown. As a matter of fact I am sure there are still those approaches going on now. I'm sure every few to 6 months you hear the radio about talent scouts coming to your mall. Explore talent works the same way. They will get you to sign up for bogus stuff, then tell you that you will need to pay more for other features on their websites. Unfortunately these companies having been doing this for years, and the money they rake in is so much that they know that even with bad reviews that they will still make money. Even if they go through a lawsuit they will settle and still scam more people. So i just implore to everyone do your research prior to signing up. If you used a credit card, you can dispute it. But overall, if you used your debit card, more than likely you have lost that money. Horrible way to learn about the business, but in all industries, there are legit companies, and there are scam companies. Good luck.

  • To
      31st of Jan, 2012
    +1 Votes


    they lie about number of casting calls they offer, I have counted
    they send expired casting notifications via email..

  • Qu
      7th of Feb, 2012
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    I would like for everyone who has had a problem with this company to get back to me. I'm putting together a case against them but I need YOUR help. This is a great start though, good work!

  • Qu
      7th of Feb, 2012
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    PLEASE EVERYONE WHO HAS FALLEN FOR THIS TRICK, get back to me!! I'm putting together a case, but I need YOUR help. This is a great start, but I need more! Thank you!

  • Jk
      21st of Jun, 2012
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    I too was curious about this company. Never being one to be fooled by scams, I did kind of wonder how they got my number and address, and sometimes I look at sites like these when I am bored so I was curious, thinking maybe I did sign up for something at one point. During the conversation, the rep on the phone kept complimenting me and tried to get information about my physical appearance and if I had younger kids or siblings (I assume to poach them as well). Then he wouldn't shut up, like someone trying to hard. Lastly, he told me that this movie was starring ben affleck and was not being filmed in Cleveland, my major city, but my small town. So an alarm went off in my head. First thing I did was run home to check out Ben Affleck on IMDB and see if he was indeed filming a movie with Jessica alba like this man said. He in fact was not. I then checked the greater Cleveland film commission, which gives details on all filming or industry news in Cleveland and the surrounding cities and there was nothing listing this movie. So my words of advice are, trap them. Ask so many questions that the person on the phone just can't answer them any more. No one calls people up randomly for extras because everyone wants to be a star, so casting calls are never begging for more people, especially in a small city where a filming of any kind would garner big attention. Just trust your gut and never, ever give out your account information over the phone to anyone. Always ask for something to come in the physical mail. If they want you, they will comply.

  • Ta
      28th of Jul, 2012
    0 Votes

    wow so i lost $200 buck with this company! damn they call me too and told me the same ### that have told u guys and i was so stupid that paid the $200 dollars that they ask me to to go Pro, member! [censored] can believe this ### :/

  • Ge
      3rd of Aug, 2012
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    I agree with the complaints, sadly. I tried calling them back several times to cancel the pro-membership. I cancelled my credit card as well so they won't take any more money out. They haven't returned my calls or e-mailed me back once. Their customer service just takes me to voicemail during regular business hours. This is totally a scam!

  • Wo
      14th of Sep, 2012
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    Legally the only person that can take money from you is a talent agency that you become contractually bound with. Casting directors go through agents to avoid any legal hassle that could arise from using non-union (non-SAG) members. This places the burden upon your agent to ensure that all parties are represented correctly and all interests be considered before an offer is made to a non-union member. Anyone that solicits money for any casting is in direct violation of applicable laws per state but are hard to prosecute since these are third party entities and you act in the capacity of self representation when you are dispatched to an audition.

  • Tu
      14th of Sep, 2012
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    i got to admit that also i have not work for them but i got a call as well and they said i'm gorgeous to be a model and they don't understand why i'm not one yet and tried to get money from me they almost got me untill they ask for money that's when i hanged up the call...

  • Gr
      16th of Jun, 2013
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    Explore Talent lifted the text right from my CraigsList ad, put it on their website, then responded to my ad to say that they can help me fill the singing role I'm advertising for. I didn't even bother replying to them. So wonder what they'll do if someone on their site responds to "my" ad? It does sound like they are not totally legit, but you don't need to pay anything to read Craigslist and respond. I don't see the complaints out there about the legit agencies, nor do I see posts from those companies scrambling to counter public opinion like they have here. I didn't get scammed and I haven't lost a cent...just want to make people know about how they were trying to work my ad (I'm advertising for a singer for a band and I guess they thought I was someone important). Beware folks...lots of slick packaging and not enough law enforcement against it!

  • Ma
      12th of Jul, 2013
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    they call u 24/7 & harass you to give them $70

  • Mo
      17th of Jul, 2013
    +1 Votes

    im against exploretalent there was a child predator on their and young girls were falling victim to him and i called and told them and they said we do not interfere with are talents. Later i was bullied by a fifty something woman and she reported me and i woke up to see my page and hard work gone. Waste of time. I was trying to be a good person and in this business theirs anough bullying and hate to go around that you have to put up with, without it being where im trying to get help. Quite honestly the traditional meet an agent in person is the only 100% way to get better life long results. Explore talent operates on time for money. If you think about it look honestly at the talent on there you can tell that anyone can be on their, meaning anyone and everyone will be given " casting oppurtunities", not because they have an actual chance but to keep you on there website. They had nothing against me to take down a 15 year olds profile because a fifty year old woman became intimidated by a younger girl because how quick i recieved votes in there little contests and stuff, and oppurtunities. Total crap i could have been spending my time hanging out with friends like people my age should but no i wanted to better my career but thankyou explore talent for all the awesome things you have to offer, whatever, Ok someone not right for a part and not talented can be "submitted" to a transformer audition, Now lets think dont you think that for such big auditions they already have in mind people already famous for the parts. Big movies get big actors, to make Big money because when you see you favorite actor in a movie you want to see it. Explore talent is glorified craigslist. At least craiglist knows theirs few morals but exploretalent llike to put out that their the most respected online talent site. RESPECTED SCAM.. Also if paying a company for your talent is seen as the number one sign of a Scam what makes you think that sign is different online... i apoligise for spelling and grammatical errors my keyboard isnt working correctly sorry.

  • Hu
      1st of Aug, 2014
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    Having been in the entertainment business at one level or another all of my life, I am familiar with this scam. One of the posters made a very good comment. Never, Never pay an agency to book you etc.

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