Explore Trip / unauthorized credit card charges

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I recently purchased a flight from Toronto to Santa Marta, Colombia with Explore Trip. When I looked at my credit card statement after booking the flight, I noticed an unauthorized $72.25 charge to my account that is listed as AGENT FEE TRAVEL SERVCS. This is a problem for me as I do not remember being charged an agent fee while checking out and buying my ticket. Furthermore, my friend booked the exact same flight at the exact same time and did not get charged a $72.25 agent fee. Her credit card statement lists only the price of the flight. I'm very concerned that I have been scammed & am requesting a refund for the $72.25 that I was charged but am having difficult reaching customer service.

Update: I recently noticed on my card that I was also charged 9 dollars more for the exact same flight as my friend ($326 vs. $335). Is this how Explore Trip offers cheap flights? By scamming some of their customers? After contacting their customer service I received no real help & they continue to insist that they did not put those charges on my card. Either they took that money from my account or their website is poorly secured and compromised my credit card.

Sep 14, 2017

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